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Crossover Symmetry Resistance Bands Review

Crossover Symmetry Individual Package – Resistance Band Set

Crossover Symmetry Individual Package – Resistance Band Set

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Crossover Symmetry resistance bands provide you with plastic, foam covered handles along with steel carabiners on the other end. This allows you to attach them to fixed objects and use them in ways that you can’t with most band sets. The chords are sheathed in a scrunchy sleeve to make them safer and more durable. They also come with attachments for the wall, door, and squat rack.


The door straps that come with the Crossover resistance band set do not allow for a standard thirty-inch door to firmly close. This set is also quite expensive.

Bottom Line

The Crossover resistance band set is among the most complete, versatile, and durable home workout systems out there. It’s also backed up with plenty of support in the way of programs and online videos.

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Your shoulders, due to their wide range of movement, are the most mobile joints in the human body. However, because of this, your shoulders are extremely susceptible to injury. In order to repair the damage, resistance bands are widely used for shoulder therapy. In this Crossover Symmetry resistance bands review, you will discover the benefits of resistance bands on your health, as well as the different Crossover Symmetry packages available. Also, this review can help you decide whether these resistance bands are the right choice for you, along with the performance improvements you can reasonably expect from using them.

Crossover Symmetry Resistance Bands Review: The Go-To Product For Professional Athletes

Crossover Symmetry resistance bands, due to their excellent design and effectiveness, are the choice of many professional athletes. This product is used by over 20 teams in the MLB, 10 teams in the NFL, and about 75% of universities that are part of NCAA Division 1. It is even used by players participating in the PGA tours. However, athletes aren’t the only demographic for this product. Crossover Symmetry resistance bands are also used in military training, by fire departments, and even by the police.
This product is also widely trusted by rehabilitation clinics, recuperative therapists, and recovering patients. Crossover Symmetry training is very efficient when it comes to strengthening your shoulders, and it can help you recover from muscle soreness. Crossover Symmetry bands are enclosed in a durable, high-strength sleeve, which prevents them from snapping and causing injury to users. Thus, it’s not a surprise that these bands are used by countless rehab clinics for resistance band training.

Widely Trusted By Rehabilitation Clinics (Image Source: Shutterstock)

These bands can be easily adjusted, which means that you can customize these bands according to your individual strength and needs. Hence, you can choose the strength package that best suits your requirements. The Crossover Symmetry System has been developed in collaboration with top rehabilitation experts. It can be used to strengthen weak muscles, and it can also be effective in dealing with chronic pain, building coordination, and developing motor functionability.

The Perfect Crossover Symmetry Package

If you are tired of unrelenting pain and are looking for a resistance band product that could bring you relief from muscle soreness, then Crossover Symmetry can be a very effective product for you. Crossover Symmetry bands come with a training guide that can guide you in identifying the root cause of your shoulder problems. The guide can then help you target major muscle groups with the right exercises for correcting the underlying issues that lead to shoulder pain.

Strong woman using a resistance band in her exercise routine. Female athlete exercising with resistance band in studio.
The Innovative Design Allows Them To Be Attached To Fixed Objects (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Crossover Symmetry package also includes premium access to a web-based training zone and a great exercise chart. Both of these features can prove fruitful during your training journey or rehabilitation process. When you get the Crossover Symmetry package (novice, athletic, or elite), you will get two sets of varying cords, depending on what package you have selected. However, if you opt to get the deluxe package, you will get 6 sets of cords. When purchasing, you can also choose between a squat rack, wall mount, or door belt attachment. The door straps can fit any sized door and are extremely easy to install.

The handles of the Crossover Symmetry bands are composed of steel carabiners that are covered with durable plastic foam. Their innovative design allows them to be attached to fixed objects, which isn’t possible with other band sets. You can even attach these resistance bands to your car doors, thus making this product extremely convenient. The rack straps are very tight and made of hard-wearing fabric that prevents them from sliding off of the door frames and wall hooks.

The chords of these bands are sheathed in a high-strength protective sleeve, which makes them safer to use and protects them from snapping. Other than that, along with this package, you also get a sturdy and heavy duty drawstring bag that you can use to carry your bands along with you. Hence, the Crossover Symmetry package is the perfect Fathers Day wellness gift, for those of you who have been looking for a useful and affordable present for your dad. 

Potentially Amazing Performance Improvements

Crossover Symmetry resistance bands have been designed by medical professionals and are said to improve athletic performance and shoulder health. Athletes that play sports that require shoulder strength, flexibility, and mobility—such as swimming, golf, CrossFit, or baseball—should invest in these bands. These bands can lead to a substantial improvement in overall movement, reach, throwing power, and stamina. The hard-copy training guide also includes many muscle recovery tips that can help you in muscle rehabilitation.

Portrait of muscular woman in sportswear exercises with resistance band. Fitness female model doing stretching workout.
Crossover Symmetry Resistance Bands Have Been Designed by Medical Professionals (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Some of the most common soulder problems include the following:

  • shoulder instability: a condition where the ligament and muscles are stretched beyond their limits
  • frozen shoulder syndrome: a condition that occurs in individuals in their 50s and 60s
  • muscular strains: a condition caused by intense stress that can limit flexibility

Crossover Symmetry resistance bands have been said to be effective in resolving all of those medical conditions. Thus, their claim that their product guarantees performance improvements is likely to hold true.

As an athlete, you’re constantly putting your body through strenuous activities in order to reach the fitness goal you’ve set for yourself. However, it is important to take a step back and strengthen the muscle groups that are more vulnerable to injury. Thus, according to experts, it is crucial to take some time to focus on your shoulder muscles in order to strengthen overall shoulder health and avoid injury. Crossover Symmetry bands will help you strengthen these vulnerable muscles and will promote faster recovery.

Here is a 7-minute Youtube video with some amazing shoulder conditioning exercises you can do with your resistance bands.

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises with a Resistive Band – AskDoctor Jo

Final Thoughts for this Crossover Symmetry Resistance Bands Review

In conclusion, Crossover Symmetry bands are a highly durable and effective product that can be used during both training and rehabilitation. They are optimal for shoulder exercises, warmups, arm care, and rotator cuff exercises. The manufacturer also gives a 100% money-back guarantee and claims that, if you don’t see any improvement within 30 days, you can get a full refund from Crossover Symmetry.