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Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Foam Roller Review

Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller

Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller

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Rating: 5 out of 5

The Epitomie Fitness vibrating massager has four easily adjustable settings to provide a range of massage intensities. You also get a pulsing mode for deep penetration massage. An innovative honeycomb design decreases your recovery time. Your purchase comes with a USB cable, carry case, and training guide.


This vibrating massager is quite noisy. Those with deep, intense pain may not be able to find relief.

Bottom Line

The Epitomie Fitness vibrating massager provides an advanced form of myofascial self release combined with deep penetration massage. It has a unique surface design that makes it even more effective.

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In this Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Foam Roller review, you will discover the benefits of foam rolling and whether this foam roller is a good choice for you. Essentially, VIBRA is a product which promises therapeutic rehabilitation after vigorous exercise, and can possibly be the answer to all of your muscle-related problems.

Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Foam Roller Review: What Makes it Unique?

In order to recover from muscle soreness, you need a product that is both powerful and dependable. Epitomie Fitness vibrating massager comes with four adjustable settings, thus it is the perfect product regardless of your preferences. It can accommodate those who need a firmer pressure as the penetrative strokes can reach the deeper layers of muscle and relieve problematic muscle knots. It can also be adjusted to give lighter massages to those who require a gentler touch.

Female doing foam roller exercise and posing in modern bright fitness center using Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Foam Roller.
This Foam Roller’s Deep Penetrative Reach Helps Your Body To Recover The Oxygen That It Lost During Exercise (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The innovative honeycomb design of the VIBRA as well as its powerful pulses make this vibrating massager perfectly equipped to handle any sort of post-workout complication. It also helps reduce the lactic acid that builds up as a result of rigorous exercise.

According to research, lactic acid is a chemical that causes muscle fatigue when you fail to properly recuperate after exercising. Thus, by breaking down the lactic acid preserves in your body, VIBRA acts as a catalyst and helps accelerate your body’s natural healing processes.

Furthermore, this foam roller’s deep penetrative reach helps your body to recover the oxygen that it lost during exercise. By helping your body recover not only oxygen but also myoglobin, ATP, and glycogen, VIBRA helps your body to heal. 

VIBRA is equipped with a formidable engine that is also rechargeable. This powerhouse of a battery lasts up to four hours, and comes with a USB cable for easy portable charging. The best part? Unlike many other products, this foam roller comes pre-charged, so you won’t need to wait, and can quickly apply it to your aching muscles as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to understand how to operate it, don’t worry. You’ll also receive a training guide with your purchase, which includes just under one hour of videos that will teach you how to foam roll every muscle group. In fact, the training guide is so good that anyone can use it. So, consider it as a Father’s Day gift or for some other special occasion.

Medically Proven Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial, or self-massage, release technique that can help alleviate a wide variety of muscle-related problems. It proves effective in countering issues like muscle stiffness, tightness, soreness, inflammation, and inflexibility.

Happy sportswoman doing relaxation exercises with foam roller in fitness center.
Effective Foam Rollers Like VIBRA Also Help In Reducing Back Pain And Tension In The Spine (Image Source: Shutterstock)

You can include foam rolling in either your cool-down or warm-up regime. As the muscular system is an intricate mechanism, so you must be careful when choosing a foam roller. 

An unsafe foam roller can result in muscle tear and breakage. VIBRA, with its customizable settings, protects the user from such injuries as it allows you to adjust the pressure according to your needs.

Many experts, in their muscle recovery tips, advise athletes to include foam rolling into their lifestyle. Foam rolling makes your body more receptive to stretching and thus helps in easing muscle pain. 

In a recent study, it was discovered that foam rolling after a workout can help reduce inflammation and soreness. The study not only showed that foam rolling decreased their delayed-onset muscle soreness, but it also showed that they performed exercise better than those who didn’t foam roll at all. 

Effective foam rollers like VIBRA also help in reducing back pain and tension in the spine. VIBRA’s intuitive design helps ease neural tension, which allows you to move your back freely and without constraint.

Foam rolling can also help in increasing range of motion. By stretching your muscles, foam rollers increase your body’s flexibility and mobility. Some rolling products also claim to help loosen your fascia, which is a connective tissue that contributes to the accumulation of cellulite in your body. Thus, heavy duty rollers like VIBRA, whose roll out is better than many of the roller products available on the market, can help you battle against unwanted cellulite.

Self Care With Epitomie Fitness

According to experts, delayed-onset muscle soreness is a normal response to working your muscles. Although this pain is an indicator that your muscles are getting stronger, post-exercise soreness and stiffness can be a nightmare at times, making it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. Painful muscles can severely affect productivity and hamper your exercise regimes, thus it is crucial to take steps in order to minimize this pain.

Male athlete relaxing leg muscles after gym workout, using foam roller.
Even The Slightest Of Pains Can Evolve Into Debilitating Lacerations That Can Affect And Consequently End Entire Athletic Careers (Image Source: Shutterstock)

With VIBRA, you can enjoy the fruitful benefits of massage therapy within the comfort of your own home. VIBRA, with its penetrating reverberations, can help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic and nervous systems. Also, its use has been associated with reducing the discharge of stress hormones, increasing joint mobility, and overall flexibility, improving skin texture, and recovering soft tissue injuries.

VIBRA’s deep tissue massage design also aids in improving sleep patterns by applying pressure on stress trigger points. Its powerful pulses decompress the muscles and promote sleep by targeting spinal erectors and muscles near your spine. A healthier sleep pattern will not only positively affect your physical health but will also boost your emotional well-being. By focusing on certain specialized areas around your neck and shoulders, you can successfully release pent-up emotional tension.

Many self care experts claim that foam rolling techniques can be used to release stress-related tension. Self care rituals are important in our busy lives, so you need to take some time out from your hectic schedule to focus on yourself. VIBRA gives you an opportunity to do just that. Don’t let your muscles remain injured or risk unnecessary escalation in soreness. Even the slightest of pains can evolve into debilitating lacerations that can affect and consequently end entire athletic careers.

Here is a short six-minute Youtube video with some amazing muscle recovery exercises you can do with a foam roller.

Foam Roller for Back Pain and Stiffness | Physical Therapist Exercises – Michelle Kenway


The Epitome Fitness vibrating foam roller is an innovative product that provides an advanced form of myofascial therapy; this becomes possible due to VIBRA’s honeycomb design and deep penetration capabilities. Although the product is a bit noisy, its effectiveness makes up for this slight inconvenience.