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HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Rating: 4 out of 5

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna blanket allows you to bring all of the potential benefits from sitting through a sweat session at the spa into the comfort of your own home. The blanket induces relaxation, reduces inflammation and soreness, improves circulation, and enhances sleep. A single-use can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour. This product contains healing amethyst, a tourmaline layer to generate negative ions, and a charcoal layer to amplify the detoxification process. It’s easy to set up for an at-home spa session and to clean up when you're done.


It’s $500. That can seem expensive for a one-off payment (the Higher Dose website has a payment plan option). But if you are into infrared saunas, this thing will pay for itself after a while. A single 60-minute session at an infrared sauna can run you around $65, so this is a solid investment, when you think about it.

Bottom Line

If you take your recovery and wellness seriously, then this is a product that you will love. It isn’t just a sauna sweat session; it’s an experience! And you don’t even have to leave your home to get it.

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My love affair with infrared saunas began with a hint of curiosity and soon ballooned into a full-on obsession. While I’ve got a thing for massage therapy, I was eager to find a method of recovery that I could access more frequently. After tough workouts, I often wander back to the locker room and see traditional saunas packed shoulder-to-shoulder with patrons. These individuals swear by saunas as a go-to recovery method to dissolve away the pain from muscle knots and achy joints. So I tried it. But it turns out that the scalding steam and the traditional sauna environment just aren’t for me. Eventually, a friend suggested that I try an alternative—the infrared sauna spa HigherDOSE. After a single session, my opinion on saunas changed rapidly. I no longer just saw it as a sweat session in an uncomfortably hot room. The infrared sauna is both a restorative and explorative experience. I left the enclosed space a different person than I entered it. If the word “calm” was a place, it would be the HigherDOSE infrared sauna. Luckily for all of us, this transcending experience doesn’t have to end when you walk out of the HigherDOSE spa. They have an infrared blanket that you can take with you so that you can experience the benefits of the infrared sauna at home.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna

From the moment I walked in the doors during my first visit, things were different. The lighting, the demeanor of the hostess, the energy of the space—it felt like I was checking into a luxury hotel or boarding a flight. It was an experience. Upon being directed to and set up in my room, things only got better. As opposed to heating the surrounding area like traditional saunas, the spa makes use of a variety of infrared light to heat the body from the inside out. Far-infrared rays have the longest frequency and penetrate deep to increase the body’s core temperature, resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat. Mid-infrared wavelengths are beneficial for increasing circulation, and near-infrared rays are optimal for skin health and rejuvenation. HigherDOSE also incorporates medical-grade chromotherapy—a color spectrum of rotating LED (or you can choose your color) lights that connect with your body’s energy center. These colors generate electrical impulses that heal in various ways. HigherDOSE has a tagline that is so fitting: “Get High Naturally.” It’s hard not to feel better after leaving each session.

HigherDOSE and the Benefits of Infrared Saunas|Deep Dive – Prime

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

There are many benefits to infrared saunas. For one, they burn a lot of calories and thus can be a solid tool in a weight loss arsenal (they won’t do it alone, but they can help). When your body is exposed to the infrared light, it works hard to regulate your internal temperature through thermoregulation (You sweat a lot!). Infrared saunas are known to improve circulation, heighten energy levels, induce feelings of relaxation, and boost metabolism. After my sessions, I notice that I’m less sore, my mind feels clearer, and I usually sleep better—this could be related to the drop in cortisol/stress levels. I leave in a better mood and with a pep in my step that other people notice. It’s not only great for recovering from tough workouts but as a total body wellness experience. The thing is, you may not always be able to fit a trip to the spa into your schedule. That’s where the infrared sauna blanket from HigherDOSE comes in. It allows you to take the euphoric experience from HigherDOSE with you on the go. I tried a couple of rounds with a sauna blanket, and it did not disappoint.

Feel the benefits of infrared sauna by looking at this image of an infrared sauna room in dim lighting.
Infrared Light Improves Circulation, Induce Relaxation And Boost Metabolism (Image source: Shutterstock)

Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Sometimes a trip to the sauna isn’t in the cards due to time constraints, or maybe due to financial constraints (Individual sessions can begin to add up over time!). The infrared sauna blanket from HigherDOSE is like a sleeping bag with benefits. It has healing amethyst and a tourmaline layer to deepen the benefits of the infrared and to generate negative ions. It also has a charcoal layer to amplify detoxification and a medical-grade magnetic strip for improved blood circulation. It is easy to set up and get yourself situated. There’s a remote control for the temperature and, unlike a traditional infrared session, it’s recommended that you wear loose-fitting cotton clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty (Spoiler alert: you will sweat a lot!). In my experience with the bag, it didn’t leak, and all the sweat was contained well. After using it, I feel amazing! And the cleanup is pretty simple, as well: you unfold the blanket, lay it flat, and wipe it down. The effects are similar to a trip to an actual infrared sauna, but bringing the sweat to the comfort of your own home feels even sweeter for some reason.