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HUSH & HUSH MindYourMind Review

HUSH & HUSH MindYourMind Melatonin-Free Sleeping Aid Nutraceutical

HUSH & HUSH MindYourMind Melatonin-Free Sleeping Aid Nutraceutical

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Rating: 4 out of 5

This product does an amazing job of shutting down the mind from a long day that is filled with hustle and countless objectives competing for your attention. MindYourMind does a wonderful job of calming your body, allowing you to obtain restful sleep, and it does so with natural ingredients. It doesn’t have melatonin, which according to some studies can bring on bad dreams and grogginess the next day with consistent use. While taking MindYourMind, I consistently woke up the next morning feeling like I was ready to start my day instead of needing to hit the snooze button.


If you value your sleep and are currently struggling, then this could be a worthwhile investment. Otherwise, the $55 price tag can be steep

Bottom Line

Whether it’s boosting immunity, recovering from a tough week of workouts, or sparking creativity to take a work project to the next level, quality sleep is a vital component to functioning at a high level on a daily basis. Out of all of the Hush and Hush products, this was easily my favorite due to the impact that it had on me. If you’re looking to get to sleep easier and enjoy more restful nights, I highly recommend it.

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From the founders of IMAGE Skincare, Hush & Hush is a luxury nutraceutical line that was created by an aesthetician and plastic surgeon who saw a niche in the marketplace and stepped in to make an impact.