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The One Massage Gun You Need Right Now

HyperVolt Percussion Massage Device

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Rating: 5 out of 5

It has 3 different speeds, it’s quiet, and the design makes it easier to grip for long massage sessions, and it has quiet glide technology.


The $349 price point, but you truly get what you pay for here

Bottom Line

Buy it! I easily would give it 5/5 stars. It’s the market leader of massage recovery tools.

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Movement is medicine. Exercise can transform your physique, build your confidence, and leave you in a better state of mind. It can also have you feeling like you got run over by a Mack Truck the next day. I’m sure you know from experience, but it can be difficult to give it your all in your current workout when you are still sore and reeling from your last one. If you haven’t heard of massage guns already, they won’t be off your radar for much longer, because these power tool-like machines are the hot new trend in recovery.

Hyperice Hypervolt Review, Benefits & How To Use – Sports Chiropractic

These handheld devices apply pulses of concentrated force deep into your muscle tissue and can cut down recovery time, while improving blood circulation, enhancing range of motion, and relieving muscle pain and stiffness. It’s like having a high profile masseuse packed into your gym bag. These tools aren’t just a one-trick, post-workout pony either. Using it during your warmup, you can take your workout to a new level by heightening blood flow to targeted muscle groups and preparing your body for activity by turning on your sympathetic nervous system. Have you ever been plagued by muscle tightness 2 sets in and wondered how you’d even finish out the workout? You could also use the massage gun during your workout to relieve tension in a muscle group so that you’re prepared to finish off your workout even stronger than you began it. While these tools can be highly effective, all massage guns are not created equal. I firmly believe that the Hypervolt by Hyperice is winning the race by a landslide.

The Hypervolt is a light device that comes with four interchangeable attachments (which makes it easier to customize your recovery work to any region of the body) and delivers up to 3,200 percussions per minute. It’s powerful; think of it like a foam roller on steroids. It does all of this with 3 adjustable speed settings and a battery that packs a punch and lasts for 3 hours with each charge. This tool is one of my favorites, and my clients love it, too. It’s great for everyone from high-level athletes and entrepreneurs to senior citizens. because it allows users to adjust the intensity to meet their needs. Many other massage devices are extremely loud. The HyperVolt comes with a patented quiet glide technology so that you can mobilize anywhere without alerting the entire neighborhood. At $299 it’s expensive, but cheaper than some competitors on the market while providing superior value. You can’t go wrong with this pick-up.

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