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Ladder Superfood Greens Review: Real Veggie Nutrients?

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LADDER Sport Superfood Greens

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Ladder Superfood Greens provides you with a convenient way to receive a concentrated dose of the most essential nutrients that are difficult to get from your diet. The tasty, natural, liquid flavor provides a refreshing change from your usual tablet-form multivitamins.


At this stage, your only option is to purchase on-the-go packs. It is also a bit of an acquired taste and may not appeal to everyone.

Bottom Line

Ladder Superfood Greens is a convenient way to get all of the essential vitamins found in green vegetables in one sitting.

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Unless you are a super disciplined eater, getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need each day can be a real challenge. Taking daily vitamin supplements can help to meet that challenge. Recently, though, there has developed a whole new supplement market segment built around powder form multivitamins that can be taken as a delicious drink. This is a refreshing alternative to popping pills.

Ladder Supplements

One of the most interesting supplement companies to emerge in recent times is Ladder Nutrition. This joint venture between four of the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment celebrities—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lebron James, Lindsay Vonn, and Cindy Crawford—has released a relatively small number of high-quality products since their inception in 2018. Today, we focus on their Superfood Greens product.

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Multivitamin Supplements Can Also Be Taken as a Delicious Drink (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What is Ladder Superfood Greens?

Ladder Superfood Greens is a powder form mixture of the essential vitamins and minerals that you need for your body to thrive. Ladder markets it as a way to enhance your immunity, protect your mind and body, build healthy bones, and reduce stress. While this product does not include every vitamin that you need throughout the day (for example, it does not contain vitamin C), it does provide you with a healthy dosage of many of those vitamins and minerals that people are low in. This includes vitamin D and magnesium.

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As with most of the Ladder products, Ladder Greens is provided in small, single-dose packages. Each package provides just fifteen calories and includes the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin K2: 110 mcg 
  • Thiamin from quinoa sprouts
  • Riboflavin from quinoa sprouts
  • Niacin from quinoa sprouts
  • Vitamin B6 from quinoa sprouts
  • Folate from quinoa sprouts
  • Vitamin B12 from quinoa sprouts
  • Biotin from quinoa sprouts
  • Pantothenic acid from quinoa sprouts
  • Magnesium (citrate)
  • Zinc (citrate)

The following green foods are also included in the mixture:

  • Organic spirulina (2g)
  • Matcha tea leaf (1g)
  • Organic barley grass (1g)
  • Spinach leaf (300mg)
  • Rhodiola Rosea extract (300mg),
  • Beetroot extract (150mg)
  • Broccoli seed extract (130mg)

In addition to these ingredients, each single-serving packet of Ladder Greens contains silica, guar gum, sunflower lecithin, and Stevia.

The green foods profile is quite impressive, with some of those ingredients proven to act as effective adaptogens. These have been shown to reduce stress levels while also improving concentration. One of them, Rhodiola Rosea, may also be beneficial in helping to offset delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise.

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This product also contains beetroot extract which can help with workout recovery. The two grams per serving of spirulina that is contained in Ladder Greens has been shown to help balance blood glucose levels, reduce cholesterol, and improve muscular strength while training.

What About the Cost?

As with the rest of the Ladder supplements range, Ladder Superfood Greens can be purchased as a one-off product or as a subscription. If you choose the latter option, the price comes down quite considerably.

A single purchase will work out to around three dollars per serving. However, if you sign up for a thirty-day subscription service (one serving per day), the per-serving cost will come down to around two dollars. That makes Ladder Superfood Greens pretty competitive on the current market when we’re talking about taking supplements for health.

Taste and Mixability

Most people do not have a very pleasant experience with the taste of green food liquid vitamin supplements. Because the majority of manufacturers stay well away from artificial flavorings, the raw green taste can be pretty nasty. However, we are glad to report that the taste of Ladder Superfood Greens, while nothing to write home about, is quite pleasant. That is no doubt thanks in part to the addition of Stevia and guar gum. If you want to add more flavor to your drink, you can combine it with tea, milk, coconut water, or any other beverage that you desire.

Smiling woman holding a glass of green drink.
Ladder Superfood Greens Tastes Quite Pleasant, Unlike Other Food Liquid Supplements (Image Source: Shutterstock)

When it comes to mixability, this product again impresses. Just like its stablemate, Ladder Hydration, Superfood Greens mixes freely and easily to a clump-free, smooth consistency with just a spoon and a glass of water.

Ladder Greens can be taken at any time of the day. It is best to mix one packet of greens with eight to twelve ounces of water.

Customer Feedback

There are 185 reviews on the ladder sport website for Superfood Greens, with an average user rating of 4.5 stars. From that, we can safely say that the majority of users are very pleased with this product. Comments mention the purity of the ingredients, the ease of mixability, and the fact that you get all the nutrients you need in one simple package.


Ladder Superfood Greens provides you with most of the essential vitamins and minerals that you need in your day for optimal efficiency. Take this product daily and you’ll be going a long way to defeating stress, filling in the gaps in your diet, boosting your immunity, and helping to optimize your overall health. We suggest sampling with a package of eight daily servings. If you like it, consider signing up for a subscription which will reduce the price by about one third.