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Workout Anywhere With The Penalty Box

Penalty Box

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Who’s it Good for:
Best for athletes, beginners, experts—anyone looking to benefit from training in a more dynamic/athletic fashion.

Notable Attributes/Details:
3-in-1 design. This tool can be used as an agility box, speed ladder, and hurdle.

This tool is very lightweight and portable. Your imagination is the only limitation to the workouts you can create with the penalty box. The product itself boasts over 119 exercises.


The price point may be a little high.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line:
You will definitely break a sweat and test your limitations with the Penalty Box. It is highly portable, allowing you to bring an athletic workout with you anywhere you go.

Buy it: $38

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Baseball players, Instagram models, golfers, and desk jockeys.
Penalty Box Intro Video – Penalty Box

What do all of these people have in common? Their athletic potential. We are all athletes. Public service announcement: if you have a body, you are an athlete, and you can benefit tremendously from moving everyday. It isn’t a term reserved for paid professionals. We were all meant to hop, skip, run, shuffle, and crawl in various planes of motion.

Our bodies look and feel their best when we are training them in this multi-dimensional, athletic fashion, and testing our own personal limitations. Looking to build a lean and chiseled physique? To improve your conditioning or performance? If you answered yes to either question, then you need to make your workouts more dynamic.

Raise the level of intensity in your training and get moving anywhere with the Penalty Box. This versatile piece of equipment is a simple white and orange square that can be laid flat like a pseudo-agility ladder or propped up like a hurdle. However you set it up, it will push your boundaries and allow you to train athletically anywhere. Using the penalty box, you can craft total body workouts (with endless exercises to choose from) that burn fat, build stamina, and leave you breathless. If you are looking to add some fun and variety to your training routine, then you need to add this tool to your arsenal.

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