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The ShakeSphere Tumbler: A Shaker Bottle Review

ShakeSphere Tumbler

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Rating: 5 out of 5

This is great for people looking to maximize their post-workout nutrition and those looking for hassle-free clean up.

Notable Attributes/Details:
It’s BPA-free and has a unique capsule-like design that makes for easy, effective mixing.

It doesn’t have corners so your protein doesn’t get stuck. This leads to maximizing the contents of your mixer and less clean-up afterwards. No more stinky shaker bottles!


Pricey as far as shaker bottles go, and with no mixing ball you’ve got to work double-time for your shake. Measurements indicating liquid content could be clearer.

Bottom Line

The cons above are nit-picky. At the end of the day, this bottle does exactly what it advertises and gets the job done. It’s a must have.

Buy it: $20

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We’ve all been there before. You throw back some protein after an amazing workout (gimme all the gains), toss your shaker bottle in your bag, and make a mad dash to your next destination. All is well, until a day or so later when you realize that you forgot to clean out the shaker bottle—and now your entire house smells like something’s rotting. At this point, you have a decision to make. Do you toss out the shaker bottle and chalk it up as a cost of the game, or do you live dangerously, clean it out, and just get comfortable with the smell of the undead seeping out of the bottle every time you indulge in a post-workout snack? Decisions, decisions.

ShakeSphere Tumbler Animated Features – ShakeSphere

The fitness life can be tough, but it doesn’t have to smell like it. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to the ShakeSphere Tumbler. What art thou you ask? (Sorry, I had to do it). The Shakesphere is a capsule-like shaker bottle that doesn’t require a mixing ball or mesh due to its unique shape. There are no corners, so waste doesn’t settle into any hard-to-reach crevices or edges, and you get more of what you shakeup.

For a dude with big hands like me, this is a true godsend. Cleaning out caked-up protein from the corners was painful and nauseating. I was throwing out shaker bottles left and right until I came across the Shakesphere. The company itself says that the shaker design can save you an average of 3g of wasted protein in each shake you make. That’s more money in your pockets and more amino acids for your muscles. A win-win if you ask me. If you are tired of awkward smelly shaker bottles and are looking for hassle-free clean up, then you need this in your gym bag!

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