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Swing Your Way To Better Fitness Results With The Bulgarian Bag

A close image of the bulgarian bag.

Bulgarian Bag

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Fighters, grapplers, and athletes looking to train in a much more functional and dynamic fashion. Also great for individuals looking to burn fat and build endurance with some high calorie torching, total body workouts.

Notable Attributes/Details:
Made of high quality, genuine leather.

This is a very versatile piece of equipment. The material and bag itself is soft, so it can be safe and comfortable to perform even high-intensity exercises. The Bulgarian Bag is relatively easy to travel with, and comes in multiple sizes/weights to challenge a variety of individuals. It’s very purposeful for dynamic and functional training.


If you’re looking to get really strong this may not be the best method of doing so. The bags can get pretty expensive, and there is a learning curve when you first start out—just like with any slightly unconventional piece of equipment.

Bottom Line

As athletes, we’re designed to move and train in all planes of motion. If you are looking to add some variety and some more dynamic movement to your training, the Bulgarian Bag is a piece of equipment you need to try.

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The Bulgarian Bag is Inspired by shepherds, who would traditionally display their strength by carrying sheep and goats around their shoulders. This is a versatile fitness tool that will challenge your entire body—in all planes of motion. A mainstay of the grappling/fighting community, this functional tool is a blend between a sandbag and a kettlebell. If you are familiar with any of those pieces of equipment, you can probably already assume that you will be in for one demanding workout when picking up the Bulgarian Bag. How the heck can this admittedly strange apparatus pack such a punch when it comes to achieving your fitness goals?

Functional Training with the Bulgarian Bag by Ivan Ivanov the Inventor – suplestraining

The Bulgarian bag is an amazing tool for training dynamic movements in multiple planes of motion. Think of some of the essential movements that make up a complete workout, such as pushing, pulling, twisting, rotating, squatting, hinging, and more—both laterally and diagonally. This can unlock the true potential of your body as you challenge your balance and train in a much more athletic fashion.

The possibilities are endless: you can torch your obliques by performing side swings, or build unilateral leg strength by draping the bag over your shoulders and performing Bulgarian split squats. Your imagination is your limit here (don’t get too crazy, though); you can easily put together total body circuits with this tool to build endurance, burn fat, and enhance mobility.

Through the Bulgarian Bag, you can also develop your grip strength. Thanks to the design of the handles, you have to grasp on firmly while performing these explosive movements. For many, grip strength is a limiting factor when it comes to building strength—and the body they desire. If you can benefit from bigger arms, a tighter physique, and a more agile body, then you need to have the Bulgarian Bag in your exercise tool box.

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