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Thorne Zinc Picolinate Review

Thorned Zinc Picolinate

Thorne Zinc Picolinate

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Zinc is an essential nutrient that’s important for the immune system. It’s also crucial for growth, brain development, and numerous other body processes. Thorne’s Zinc is NSF Certified for Sport, which means that the product doesn’t contain substances banned by major athletic organizations. It’s also manufactured at a GMP-registered facility.


Zinc can hinder the absorption of copper.

Bottom Line

The vitamin promotes healthy skin and eyes. It’s an essential nutrient for immune function. If you’re an athlete and need NSF-certified supplements, this supplement is a good option.

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Add Zinc to Your Supplement Regimen for Good Health

Having a strong immune system helps you stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Zinc is an important nutrient for the immune system that is often overlooked. Not only is zinc an essential mineral that is used in many places of the body, but it is also a potent antimicrobial agent. My Thorne Zinc Picolinate review will teach you how to boost immune system health through an integrated approach. When you’re ready to take your health to the next level, make sure you get your supplements from trusted names that ensure high quality and consistent dosing. Supplementing with zinc helps fight viruses like COVID-19, the flu, the common cold, and most other diseases.

6 AMAZING ways taking Zinc can CHANGE you – Pharmacist Formula

Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself and those around you by boosting your immune system.

The Best Immune System Boosters

Staying healthy is easiest when you use a total health system. Focusing on these four spheres will strengthen your immune system and help you avoid exposure to things that will make you sick. The more you focus on these elements, the healthier and safer you will be.


The best defense against dangerous germs is to not encounter them in the first place. Taking daily showers, washing your hands frequently, and not touching your face are all important things you can do to avoid getting sick. Cleaning your living spaces is also important. Everyone knows you have to keep your bathroom clean, but sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of a proper cleaning schedule. The kitchen is a trouble spot for many, but it is a common breeding ground for germs. 

Conscious young man using soap for washing his hands after taking thorne zinc picolinate.
Proper Hygiene Is The Best Way To Not Encounter Dangerous Germs (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Good hygiene is also important in the bedroom. Your sheets should be washed at least weekly, and your blankets, duvet covers, and pillows also need regular attention. Proper hygiene in the bedroom is necessary to avoid fungal growths in your mattress and sheets. There isn’t an easy way to remove these growths from your mattress. Sweat can soak through your sheets and contaminate your mattress, so consider using a mattress protector and washing it with your sheets. Taking these simple precautions can help you avoid the expense of replacing a contaminated mattress.  


In Western culture, it is common for people to eat more calories than is typically good for them. And people eat the wrong things, like sugar and salt and heavily processed foods. If you can learn how to eat healthier and make better nutritional choices, it will be easier to boost immune system with food. The food you eat can be healthy and full of flavor. In fact, foods high in sugar and salt don’t actually taste very good. You get the one note of sweet or salty, and it’s so strong it overpowers any other flavors that may be present. That’s why highly processed foods are so full of sugar or salt. Highly processing food removes the complexity and the flavor, so manufacturers cover it with sugar and salt to trick you into thinking it’s good.

Young man eating a healthy salad.
Learn How To Eat Healthy To Easily Boost Immune System (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Tasty recipes go hand in hand with healthy foods. And when your food tastes good and delivers a rich and flavorful experience, you don’t have to overeat in order to feel satisfied. Learning how to cook, or learning how to cook better, will also teach you how to use your food for immune system health. 


Your body needs a wide range of macro and micronutrients in order to function properly. If you add scientifically selected supplements to your diet, you can give your body an extra advantage over eating a healthy diet alone. Getting enough sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D, which is a potent immune system supplement. If you have a weak immune system, adding supplements like Thorne Zinc Picolinate can help.

Woman taking vitamin pill with glass of fresh water indoors.
Taking Zinc Picolinate Can Help If You Have Weak Immune System (Image Source: Shutterstock)


Exercise makes your total body stronger. The most common reasons people exercise are to lose weight, build muscle, and look good. But did you know that strength training improves your mind, including memory and cognitive function? It also increases the effectiveness of your immune system. Diet and exercise combine to give you a powerful foundation for good health.

Using Zinc Benefits Your Total Body

Fighting off viruses and bacteria is easier when you have a healthy immune system. In order to get the most out of an immune system booster, you first need to focus on the fundamentals.

1AND1 SHIELD – Elite Immune Support
1AND1 SHIELD – Elite Immune Support

I use 1AND1 SHIELD because it’s powerful and simple, using scientifically proven supplements that have a long track record of success. From medicinal garlic to vitamin D, the team at 1AND1 Life have gone above and beyond to get the best immune boosters available. I know the brand well, so I am confident I’ll be getting the right dose of the highest quality ingredients every single time.

If you’re eating a healthy diet, you will get most of the macro and micronutrients you need to maintain good health. Avoiding sugar also helps fight disease.

Thorne Zinc Picolinate Review

There are many benefits that come from responsible zinc supplementation. As I discuss in this review, you can get a safe, high-dose supplement when you use Thorne Zinc Picolinate.

Fighting off infection and disease is one of the most well-known advantages. The best immune booster is education. When you learn how to strengthen the immune system, the easier it will be to stay healthy and protect yourself and everyone around you from dangerous viruses and germs.

But zinc isn’t just an immune support supplement. Did you know it can also help protect your eyes, skin, and joints? Zinc supplementation has been shown to slow macular degeneration and promote skin health. It also strengthens your connective tissues. When you suffer an injury or get sick, zinc helps moderate inflammatory responses so you can recover with a minimum of damage. Supplementation of zinc has also been shown to improve your sexual health and muscle mass by promoting the production of testosterone.

What is the Best Immune Booster Supplement to Take?
What is the Best Immune Booster Supplement to Take?

You can use the best immune boosters to protect yourself when you can’t afford to get sick.

Are you doing enough to strengthen your immune system? I recommend you get a bottle of Thorne Zinc Picolinate today and try it for a month to see how much it can improve your health.