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VooDoo Floss Bands for Tissue Mobilization: A Review

VooDoo Floss Bands

VooDoo Floss Bands

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The Voodoo Floss Band is a compression based wrap that will increase your mobility, speed up your post-workout recovery, and reduce workout pain, swelling, and strains. These bands have excellent grip on the skin, allowing for a very secure fit. They are also long enough and versatile enough to use on both the arms and the legs.


It is quite tricky to put Voodoo Floss Bands on your own body. As a result, it would be better to have a partner available to help wind the bands on tightly. It can also take some time to securely wrap the bands in place. These bands also require regular cleaning, as they will absorb all of the sweat and moisture from your skin. They may also leave marks on your body.

Bottom Line

Voodoo Floss Bands are a simple, but extremely effective, compression tool to help bring fast relief, increase mobility, and speed up post-workout recovery.

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Working out with weights places heavy demands on the body. As a result, many people suffer from loss of full range of motion, stiff muscle tissue, and poor joint mechanics. Fortunately, there is a compression tool that is specifically designed to meet these challenges. Enter the Voodoo Floss Band; in this Voodoo Floss Band review, we discover how this uniquely named training aid can benefit you and whether it is worth your investment.

What is the Voodoo Floss Band?

The Voodoo Floss Band is a length of black latex rubber that is two inches wide and either seven inches or twenty-eight inches long. It is able to be stretched to 150% of its length. Rogue also provides a red band called the Voodoo X-band, which is thicker. The band is wrapped around the area of your body that you wish to target for a period of no more than two minutes.

Muscle Compression

The Voodoo Floss Band is a muscle compression training aid. It is designed to improve the mobility and range of motion of your muscles and joints. Floss plans have been shown to have the ability to break up connective tissue adhesions caused by chronic overloading. This problem is especially common in such joints as the knee and ankle.

Man exercising with voodoo floss band for injury recovery.
VooDoo Floss Band Is Designed To Improve The Mobility And Range Of Motion Of Your Muscles And Joints (Image Source: Shutterstock)
Cropped shot of runner woman suffering from knee pain and she wearing knee braces for supports to be worn when you have pain in your knee.
Voodoo Floss Band Is Designed To Improve The Mobility And Range Of Motion Of Your Muscles And Joints (Image Source: Shutterstock)

When the floss band is tightly wrapped around the joint, blood flow to the area is restricted. Then, when the band is removed, the blood will immediately surge through the area, removing lactic acid and other compounds that contributed to the lack of mobility and inflammation.

Workout Recovery

The Voodoo Floss Band is also a useful tool to help speed up post-workout recovery and bring relief from muscle soreness. Applying the floss bands for two minutes after a set of a heavy or high repetition compound exercise, like a squat, has been shown to improve recovery time. Applying the band after you leave the gym has also been shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by speeding up the removal of waste compounds and reducing tightness in the muscle.

Woman Suffering From Acute Knee Pain During Jogging In Park.
VooDoo Floss Band Help Speed Up Post-Workout Recovery And Bring Relief From Muscle Soreness (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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How to Use the Voodoo Floss Band

To apply the Voodoo Floss Band to a targeted area of your body, you should have a partner help you to tightly wrap it around, ensuring that you get at least a fifty percent overlap and cover the entire area. Once the band is firmly in place, move the body part through its full range of motion (do not add extra resistance to this movement). Then, after two minutes, remove the band.

How To Voodoo Floss The Knee – Evolve Performance Healthcare

The Rogue Voodoo Floss Band is designed to be used on the arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, and feet.Voodoo Floss Bands represent quite an advanced compression technique. For that reason, we would advise people who have never used them before to try and find relief from a vibrating foam roller before advancing to floss bands. It is also important that you do not wrap the bands overly tightly. If you start to feel a tingling sensation in the wrap area, you should immediately remove the floss band.

The Rogue Voodoo Floss Band Up Close

Rogue floss bands are made from 100% natural latex rubber. This provides a very good grip on the skin, ensuring that the band remains in place and taught. This is important because the tighter the bands are—without cutting off your circulation—the more beneficial they will be.

Back side of runner woman wearing knee support to prevent and reduce knee pain from running.
VooDoo Floss Band Provides A Very Good Grip On The Skin, Ensuring That The Band Remains In Place And Taught (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Rogue provides the option of either getting a seven-inch or a twenty-eight-inch band. The smaller band is ideal for use on the wrists or ankles, while the larger one will allow you to completely wrap your thigh or upper arm. The twenty-eight-inch wrap can also be cut to customized lengths. The bands are sold as a pair.

Rogue Fitness has a reputation for providing excellent quality gym equipment, and their Voodoo floss bands are no exception. A number of online reviewers have commented that these bands are far superior to any you can buy on Amazon, even though they may cost a few dollars more.

What’s Not So Good

The Rogue Voodoo Floss Band is a very simple product. The only real negative we could find is the fact that it is rather expensive for what is—essentially, a couple pieces of rubber. However, as we have already pointed out, these floss bands from Rogue are among the best quality that you will find. They are a training tool that will last you for many years, and so paying a little extra to ensure quality and durability is well worth the effort.

The Rogue Voodoo Floss Bands can be tricky to apply by yourself. As a result, it is a good idea to have a training partner on hand to help you to wrap it tightly in place.


Voodoo Floss Bands are a compression training aid that are specifically designed to help people with mobility and joint problems. As such, it is not for everybody. However, if you have a limited range of motion in the gym, have tight muscles, or are experiencing bad joint mechanics while squatting or deadlifting, then a Voodoo Floss Band could be just what you need to rejuvenate your workout experience.