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The Five Best Cold Plunges to Buy in 2022

Let’s face it: there’s nothing pleasant about jumping into a freezing pool. So, if we’re going to do it, there had better be some pretty compelling reasons. It turns out that there are—a cold plunge will significantly improve your workout recovery and reduce stress levels.

Cold plunge tubs make a great post workout recovery tool. But if you’re going to buy one, you’d better do your homework—or let us do it for you! We’ve done a deep dive into the cold plunge tub market to bring you the best that 2022 has to offer.

What is the Best Cold Plunge?

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The best cold plunge tub on today’s market is The Plunge. This bath-shaped tub can be adjusted to a minimum temperature of 39 degrees fahrenheit, with the upgraded model also double teaming as a jacuzzi that can be dialed up to 103 degrees. The filtration system operates on a ten-minute cycle to keep the water clean, and it has a fast drainage system for when you’re done.

Best Overall

1. The Plunge


The Plunge is a rectangular, bath style tub with dimensions of 24 inches high, 67 inches long, and 31.5 inches wide. The bath is filled from a garden hose with temperature adjustment down to 39 degrees. A combination of a circular filtration system, ozone sanitation, and a  micron filter ensure premium water quality.

Top Features

  • Temperature adjustment to 39 degrees
  • Built to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Circular filtration to keep the water fresh
  • Ozone sanitation to ensure water quality
  • 20 micron filter to remove debris
  • Fully self contained; no plumbing required
  • Comes with an insulated spa cover
  • Underwater lighting for nighttime plunging


There are three versions of The Plunge available:

  • The Cold Plunge retails for $4990, with a hot and cold version selling for $5490.
  • The Plunge Pro retails for $5990, with a hot and cold version retailing for $6490.
  • The Plunge Pro XL retails for $6990, with a hot and cold version retailing for $7490.

Bottom Line

The Plunge provides a fully self-contained way to get in your cold immersion sessions. It’s ideal for people who plunge regularly, especially at night, thanks to the built-in underwater lighting. Buy it here.

Best Value

2. Ice Barrel


Ice Barrel is a compact cold plunge tub in the form of a heavy-duty, 100% recycled plastic barrel. The barrel holds 105 gallons of water, stands 42 inches high, and is 31 inches wide. It’s got an easy-to-use drainage system but does not have a temperature adjustment mechanism; to make it cold—you’ve got to add ice!

Top Features

  • Fun barrel look
  • Compact
  • Comes with a seat
  • Quick drainage system
  • Large enough for all shapes and sizes


The Ice Barrel retails for $1199.97.

Your purchase of the Ice Barrel includes the barrel and cover, along with a barrel stand, step stool, and protective UV cover. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

The Ice Barrel is for you if you’re after a budget, compact plunge bath that allows you to remain upright without the bells and whistles. You’ll have to be willing to cool it with ice and cold water.

Best Luxury Option

3. Renu Therapy Cold Stoic Plunge Tub


The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic Plunge Tub is a premium-level tub that looks awesome. It’s got a timber top finish and clean side panels. Included is a programmable thermostat to set the temperature between 30 and 90 degrees. The tub is designed for use indoors and out and is sure to enhance whatever environment it’s put in.

Top Features

  • Looks great
  • Temperature control between 30 and 90 degrees
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Matching hand-made step stool
  • Choice of timber finishes


The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic retails for $9,699.99.

Bottom Line

The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic is a premium product for people with a sizable budget. If you are looking for a cold plunge tub that seamlessly integrates into your indoor or outdoor decor and want temperature control for both hot and cold use, the Cold Stoic will meet your needs.

Honorable Mention

4. BrainPod by Polar Monkeys


BrainPod Cold Plunge is a fiberglass, bath-shaped unit that comes with an adjustable pump that allows you to set the temperature between 39 and 103 degrees so you can transform it into a hot tub. The bath is 67 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, and 22.75 inches deep and features an efficient filter system to keep the water pure. The drain connects to your garden hose to provide an easy way to drain out the water when your plunge is over.

Top Features

  • Temperature adjustment from 39 to 103 degrees
  • Filter system to keep the water pure
  • Includes insulated tub cover
  • Ozone generator to kill bacteria


The BrainPod Cold Plunge retails for $4,500. Your purchase comes with a 12-month warranty, but the warranty does not cover outside use.

Bottom Line

The BrainPod Cold Plunge is a good option for people who want a reasonably priced cold plunge tub that is fully temperature adjustable and can also be used as a hot tub.

Best Portable

5. Wey&Fly Portable Foldable Bathtub


The Wey & Fly Portable Foldable Bathtub is a collapsible tub made from waterproof canvas. This is the ultimate budget version, retailing for a little over $50. A built-in pearl insulation layer keeps the water cold, while drain holes on the side and bottom allow for quick drainage. This barrel-shaped tub has dimensions of 30 inches deep x 30 inches, and 29.7 inches in diameter, so you will have to kneel to cover your entire body.

Top Features

  • Budget priced
  • Portable
  • Well insulated to keep the water cooler longer
  • Side and bottom drain pipes for quick drainage


The Wey & Fly Portable Foldable Bathtub retails on Amazon for $53.99.

Bottom Line

The Wey & Fly Portable Foldable Bathtub is great for people who are wanting to trial cold plunge treatment at a low cost. It will also allow you to get your cold therapy while traveling.

What is a Cold Plunge?

A cold plunge is a cold water bath—under 60 degrees fahrenheit—that is used to perform cold water immersion. It is often used for post workout recovery.

The health benefits of cold exposure │ Dr. David Geier

Research suggests that taking a cold plunge after a workout may reduce swelling and inflammation while enhancing the removal of waste products from muscle tissue. One study also suggests that cold water immersion can reduce cortisol levels in the body.

Wrap Up

The overall best cold plunge tub on the market right now is The Plunge, which is packed with features to ensure the water is as clean and pure as possible and lets you custom adjust the temperature. Check the best price on The Plunge here.

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