Fit to Fly Workouts: High Intensity Bungee Suspension

This bungee workout is a high-cardio, core-strengthening, and low-impact fitness program that replicates the same movements in dance and in the circus. The idea is to get an intense dance-like workout while having fun with friends and fellow classmates. The twist? With Fit to Fly workouts, you’re suspended and hooked up to the ceiling.

What is Bungee Fitness?

The harness goes around your waist and legs to keep you secure and comfortable. You will be constantly moving, bouncing, twisting, and jumping, channeling your inner dancer during this high-intensity workout. Therefore, make sure you’re hydrated to prevent overheating during your workout.

Fit to Fly Bungee Fitness

This type of exercise benefits you most because it keeps your heart rate up for an extended period of time. You will build endurance, build muscle, and quickly burn calories within an hour’s workout. You will completely exhaust your core, legs, arms, and back, but the right instructor will help you power through your workout. The harness creates a low-impact workout while still increasing your cardio and strength. You can expect the majority of the class to be cardio with a large amount of jumping. This unique form of exercise allows you to get out of your comfort zone, and also get through 45-60 minutes without feeling out of place.

Anyone can do a bungee workout. Because it’s high intensity but low impact, many gyms will invite all capable ages to join and exercise. They’ll even invite you if you’ve had past injuries. In fact, this is an awesome way to get intense workouts in after knee, hip, or back injuries, since most of these injuries limit you from cardio on treadmills.

Fit to Fly Workout Locations

This type of workout class is quickly becoming popular across the country. So if you are interested in this strange, but intense form of exercise, try these studios that offer Bungee fitness.