Fun Exercises for Family Health and Fitness Day

Family time is a time for bonding and being comfortable with the people you love the most. You can do nothing and still have fun. However, to make the most of your family time, it is better to plan some fun activities and keep the kids busy and engaged. Scheduling a certain day can be hectic, though, with differing schedules and availability. Lucky for you, National Family Health and Fitness Day is just around the corner. It falls on the last Saturday of September every year, so it’s the perfect time to get everyone together and have some productive fun.

Why Fun Family Activities Are Important

Sometimes, two is better than one. A quick call or a family get-together can add color to your day whenever you’re tired of going through the same routine. Plus, having someone by your side makes things that are otherwise boring and difficult very fun instead. You complete your tasks faster, get some good laughs out of it, and make lifelong memories. Fun family activities also teach you how to communicate with others, set boundaries, and form strong bonds. If you’re looking for an opportunity to have such a meet-up, the Family Health and Fitness Day is the perfect time for it.

Family with little preschooler kids have fun cooking baking pastry or pie at home together
Family Health and Fitness Day (Image Source: Shutterstock)

For kids, fun family activities and simple things like family dinners can boost their creativity and self-confidence and protect them from falling into bad habits. It can also improve their academic performance and nutritional intake. Children in better health will ultimately perform better, too. Family dinners are a source of positive development; physical activity is another. Combine the two, and you get the best way to keep your child emotionally and physically healthy. Your child will learn not only how to behave around others but also how to deal with conflicts and disagreements. Plus, children unconsciously learn to parent from their own parents. They’ll learn a lot simply by being around you and watching you interact with others.

Kids are not the only ones who can benefit from Family Health and Fitness Day. Doing some fun exercises together, either with a romantic partner or a family member, can help with consistency. People tend to lengthen their workouts when they have someone by their side, motivating them to keep going or try harder. Who knows, maybe competing with your sibling or spouse will bring back your competitiveness.

Fun Exercises to Try

Now that you’re ready to plan and play, here are some ideas to help you out:

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!
  • Join a fitness class. This can be outdoor or indoor. You can also pick a dance or a yoga class, depending on your mood. If you don’t want an outsider to join your family day, you can just make someone in your family lead and have everyone else follow their actions. There’s almost always at least one fitness junkie in every family.
  • Go for a walk. While this sounds like a good thing to do for Father’s Day, it can actually work all year. Alternatively, you can go for a hike if your children can walk longer distances. The views and time spent in nature will be worth it. Bring your dogs along for extra fun.
  • Create a game. It’s not a fun family activity if it’s not chaotic. Sometimes, all you need is a good old competition, a scoreboard, and a prize. You’ll be surprised how invested everyone gets once the game actually begins. So, challenge your family to run a certain distance, join a balloon war, or start a treasure hunt. Do it in teams, or make it a one-on-one showdown.
  • Swim. The benefits of swimming are endless. It takes the stress off your mind without adding anything to your body. You can move smoothly once you get the gist of it, so why not teach your family how to swim? It’s fun, simple, and an important survival skill.
  • Stay classy. Hide-and-seek, tag, and kickball are some classic games you should teach your kids. Biking, badminton, and frisbee football are great, too. Once kids like a game, they’ll start playing it independently. Before you know it, they’ll be doing it daily just for fun.

Other Ways to Take Care of Your Family’s Health

Consistency is the secret to fitness. Don’t break your streak! Get your children to climb some stairs or spend an hour ice-skating regularly. A simple walk should suffice, too. Getting fresh air and staying on your feet are crucial to your physical and mental well-being, so do it daily. If it gets boring, try something else, like skipping and running, biking, or doing yoga in your backyard. Having someone with you every time will make it seem less like a chore and more like a fun exercise.

On this Family Health and Fitness Day, you can also strive to teach your kids and others the importance of a healthy diet because diet and exercise are two halves of a whole. Invite your family over for some fun activities and plan creative and healthy meals together. Start a recipe-sharing tradition. Learn how to carve fruits and vegetables into beautiful shapes to get your little ones to eat them. Think of giving unique gifts, like cute matching water bottles in different colors or a bowl with their favorite cartoon on it.

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Perfect time to schedule some fun family activities. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Accountability helps with consistency, too, and family fitness exercises fit these criteria. If someone’s feeling down, you can hype them up to exercise for a few minutes. Anything is better than nothing. These fun family activities will teach you a lot about yourself and your family. Someone might even find out their hidden talent. You’ll come across challenges you’ll be effortlessly good at and others that will push your limits. All the while, your loved ones will be there to cheer for your progress and pick you up at every failure. So make this Family Health and Fitness Day count!


Family Health and Fitness Day are celebrated on the last Saturday of September every year. It is the perfect time for you to schedule some fun family activities to boost your family’s health. These can be as simple as a walk in the park or yoga in the backyard. You can go for games and challenges if you want to try something more energizing. The point of it is to get better together and have a great time.