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NYPD Detective Jeffrey Staggers on Protests & Looters—OFF THE CUFF

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This week we go OFF THE CUFF with New York City Police Detective Jeffrey Staggers. The killing of George Floyd on May 25th sparked a wave of protest, outrage, and violence that America hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years. There were, and still are, peaceful protesters demonstrating on behalf of Black Lives Matter. These peaceful protestors are marching to bring awareness to the systemic problems in our criminal justice system. There were also people who were not so peaceful, and opportunists who destroyed property, looted, and were violent towards the peaceful protesters and countless others. How related were these different groups? Detective Jeffrey Staggers was on the ground, and gave us his opinion on what took place last week in New York City.

Detective Staggers provided a unique perspective on last week’s events. Listen in on his first-hand insights that you won’t hear through the mainstream media. Officer Staggers works in the grand larceny division of the NYPD focusing on credit card fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft.

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Detective Staggers Interview Key Points

In this interview, Detective Staggers addresses the following key issues:

  • The unreported violence taking place against NYPD police officers
  • The current level of rioting and looting
  • Out of state looters and opportunists
  • Who may be funding the looters
  • The effect of the rioting and looting on small businesses
  • How he felt as a fellow police officer when he first saw a video of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer
  • The actual procedure that the arresting officers should have followed
  • His view of the charges that were brought against the alleged murderer
  • A black police officer’s perspective of encounters with young black men on the street
  • How violence undermines legitimate protest
  • How he feels when people call him a sellout and an Uncle Tom for doing his job
  • His take on the recent incident in Central Park where a white woman became hysterical at a black bird watcher
  • He calls out the mainstream media for pushing what sells
  • Inconsistencies in the justice system
  • The impossible situation that the NYPD has to face

Listen to Detective Staggers, Then Decide

This OFF THE CUFF interview provides valuable insight into what is really gone on in the streets of New York from a man who is out there every day.  Check it out now and decide for yourself how to address the very real problems that we face as a society.

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  • Happy to have officer Stags here on Off The Cuff, 1AND1. Officer Jeff Stagger’s a good friend of mine, good family friend, means a lot to us. Definitely wanted to get him on here and just kind of get his perspective on things and how shit is going out there. Cause it’s crazy times right now, and Officer Stagger’s one of those people that I like to just catch up with, chop it up with, and get information on how things are going, kinda get a feel for the pulse of New York City and how things are going. So you just wanna introduce yourself and all that good stuff, and we can just kinda it’s Off The Cuff so–
  • All right so, I’m Detective Staggers from New York City Police. Grand Larceny Division, we focus on credit card fraud, bank fraud, identity theft and things of that nature, right now, the whole controversy thing that’s going on with the officer that killed the young man, Mr. Floyd, man I tell you that it striked havoc to the point where it went from protest to rioting and looting. Like for instance, just yesterday five cop cars were lit on fire, I’m pretty sure the news won’t mention that but literally five cop cars were lit on fire. One of the cop cars had two officers in it. They looted tons of stores, the Adidas store, the Gucci store, and they burned down a couple of stores, two stores if I’m not mistaken when I was out there. So it’s crazy right now, bro. Like I’m all for protesting for a reason, you gotta protest for a cause, but rioting and looting is completely different.
  • Yeah, how do you feel about, I’m in the same, I agree with you. I don’t feel as though rioting and looting will help us take the step that we need to because it’s like, it’s combating violence with violence. I do understand it though, I understand the frustration, et cetera, but apparently there are people who aren’t even protesting who are just literally–
  • No, they’re professional looters. And it’s crazy cause they’re not from here. So they’re traveling to different states, it was 70,000 people that were protesting in Minneapolis, tell me when have you ever seen 70,000 people get together in Minneapolis? Then on top of that, there’s proof that there’s people paying people to actually go and loot. Certain places in Texas and areas where you know you never seen like bricks or whatever the case may be, and in certain places like pallets of bricks, not like bricks laying around, it was like pallets of bricks.
  • Right, that’s crazy.
  • It’s insane, it’s organized too, it’s completely organized.
  • And that’s so sad and it’s just disgusting to me because it’s completely changing the narrative of what the protests are about, so, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone who’s looting is a professional looter, like yeah, there are some black people who might be looting but–
  • I would call them opportunists, you understand? If there’s room for opportunity it’s like, “Oh well, you know I need a pair of sneakers.” They’re actually, they’re in Nike, aah why not? I would call those opportunists more so than fucking looters.
  • Cause I’ve seen footage of like protesters trying to stop looting, be like, no, this isn’t what this is about, it’s not the message that we’re trying to portray here. Which is great to see, but it’s like, it’s so sad that the silent protesting, not the silent but the activists and the people out there on foot trying to make change, it’s getting downgraded by the efforts of looters, it’s very unfortunate to see, so, I hope more light gets shined on the people who are opportunists and just out there looting just to loot with no real meaning behind it, because there is no real meaning behind looting. Like you burn down a store that like, not not to say I don’t know what Gucci’s stance or some of these stores stances are on these situations but they don’t deserve to have their stores burned down. I especially worry for like small businesses who potentially can’t recover from their store game burned down. So, I don’t think it’s fair to them, again, I don’t know their stance on the situation, but even then nobody deserves to have their stores and stuff burned down to the ground. So hopefully we can move past that. How’d you feel as an officer when you saw that video? And I know you’ve seen them all, we’ve talked about a bunch of stuff, but like, I know you got behind the badge because you wanted to make a change and you’re truly, you’re great at what you do, very honest, very open, always looking to help where you can, which is awesome for me and my family and what you do for us. But how did that make you feel when you, I know how it made me feel but as an officer how did it make you feel?
  • I was disgusted. You understand like whether, I’m not looking at the racial aspect of it, I’m looking at it as you being a police officer, that tactic was horrible. And we all train so you know what to do and what not to do, and by putting your knee directly on his neck for that amount of time, just putting a knee his neck is unacceptable, that’s considered choking, which is prohibited, Like when you held it on that amount of time, and then on top of that, when I first seen the video, I thought it was just one guy holding him down. So I was like, okay, you know what, I don’t know what happened, let me get the full story. And then as the story kept progressing and I’m like, wait, there were three guys holding him down?
  • Four.
  • There were four guys holding him down?
  • Including the guy with the knee, but yeah it was four total.
  • That’s insane, no there’s four in total, so you have the Asian guy that was pretty much holding the crowd back, and then you had three that were on top of him. So the three, one of them had his knee on his neck, the other one had his knee on his back area, and then the other one was holding his legs. So I’m like, what are you doing? It makes no sense, he’s no longer a threat, he’s completely no longer a threat, and on top of that he’s in handcuffs. Once you’re in handcuffs, anything outside of that is considered excessive. What are you doing? So, I was completely disgusted. There’s turmoil with cops of communities as you speak, he done took us back about 30 years with that entire situation. And then it makes it worst being that he’s a white man and then it happened to a black man which sparked all of this. Now, people say, “Oh, he’s a racist, he’s a racist.” I don’t know the man, I can’t tell you if he’s a racist or not, but what he did was completely uncalled for. Should he have gotten arrested? Absolutely.
  • 100%, I know they’re trying to change the narrative and say he has some underlying issues, blah blah blah, but my man wasn’t gonna die that day if he didn’t have a knee on his neck.
  • No, and I have an issue with the ME report as well. Because let’s say, well they say black people are dying at a higher rate from this coronavirus because of our health issues. So you’re telling me this guy, he might as well say, “You know what, he died from coronavirus.” At that point. Because you see in the video, if you’ve seen the video he stopped breathing as we speak right there. It doesn’t matter if he had a heart attack in the middle of it, he stopped breathing right there. There’s no, “His knee wasn’t even on his neck.” It was, dude it really was, it’s no excuse. That’s uncalled for.
  • My thing is how can we say that going back to your point about coronavirus is like coronavirus kills more black people and just people with underlying issues in general, that’s okay, and obviously it expedites when you have underlying issues. But if a guy puts a needle in someone’s neck and it expedites death, then… It wasn’t like George Floyd was gonna die that day, he made it faster. However you wanna shake it up, his knee being on his neck caused him to suffocate and die. Had his not been on his neck, however you wanna shape, like talk about it or wrap your head around it, if his knee was not on his neck, George Floyd would still be alive. So whatever you wanna, underlying issues, intoxication, like there’s been tons of people arrested way more intoxicated than George was–
  • Absolutely, and then is it’s more so allegedly he had like a fake check or fake money or whatever the case maybe. That’s considered forgery, right? And the amount he had wasn’t even a felony, and even if it was a felony it would have been an E or a D felony, which is considered nothing, where he would have got a desk appearance ticket and whatsoever. There’s no need for it to, where it went there was no need for that, whatsoever, there was no need for it at all. So I understand the process, they have to investigate, they have to actually indict him before they arrest him. Being an officer is not just like a civilian where you commit a crime, so well, you know what? We could just lock him up. No, you have to indict them first, and then you make the arrest. And then a lot of people aren’t happy about the murder three then the manslaughter charge. Do I think he intentionally went out there and said, “Oh, you know what, I wanna go and kill a black man today.” Absolutely not. I haven’t met one officer of another race that says, “You know what, today I’m gonna go out there and kill people.” What happened was unfortunate, it was disgusting and unacceptable, but I don’t think he actually intended to kill. I honestly think he probably thought he went to sleep or whatever the case may be, and maybe that would have probably been a war story that he could have told underneath his boat, but that wasn’t the case and he has to live with that.
  • 100% yeah, obviously, I don’t know him either, obviously they’re pulling up stuff from his past that may point towards him being racist, but again, I’ve never had a conversation with the man, I don’t know the man, so I can neither comment on that either, what I do think though is that because of our skin color, that we’re just seen as a threat more than someone who’s not black. I think that fear that we put into people because of our skin color is the reason for people being so over aggressive with us.
  • I understand where you’re coming from, I also look at it as we can come off as very aggressive, and when you come off with so much aggression and I don’t know you from a hole in the wall, and you’re six foot six, and you’re really big guy and you come off very aggressive. I know you personally, so I know you’re a very nice man, whatever the case may be, but if I don’t know you and you’re coming up very aggressive, then it’s like, now I have to… If you bought it here I have to take it here, just so that at end of the night that I can go home. I think people take out the fact that cops are human beings, they get scared, they completely get scared. And then when you’re scared, you either fight or you flight. The issue I have is where you fight, you don’t take it to the next level and actually kill the man, unless your life is actually in danger.
  • Which it wasn’t.
  • Who’s to say, at what level do you think your life is in danger?
  • No 100%, I know clearly at that instance, Officer, I forget his name right now, but things were in control.
  • No, I haven’t met, and I tell you I do joint operations with tons of law enforcement officers from other departments, federal, local, state, I haven’t met any officer that supports what that officer did to Mr. Floyd, there’s not one officer that supports that. So when I see everybody was calling for him to be arrested, he was arrested, I agree with that 100%. You protest, you absolutely protest because that’s the cause, police brutality, I completely understand that. But the rioting and looting it’s like now you’re watering down what you’re protesting for. And like Colin Kaepernick, I completely agree with him protesting, it was nonviolent. So many people took it out of hand like, “Oh my God, this is a thing, he shouldn’t be doing this, he’s disrespecting national…” So would you rather him kneel and protest peacefully, or would you rather him incite riots and tell people to go loot? Which one do you want? I agree with the peaceful protesting and not rioting, and not looting. But that’s where we at right now.
  • We touched on earlier but unfortunately there’s a lot, I don’t think a lot of the people who are actually protesting are taking part in the looting, it’s the opportunists, the professional looters, and that’s the unfortunate part. I don’t think people are leaving the protest line and like, “Let’s go burn down the Gucci store.” And like you said, it’s watering down their efforts, unfortunately. So it’s two separate groups, it’s the opportunists, which I think is a great word for what these people are, these opportunists. And then the professional looters, the people being paid to loot and all that good stuff, and I don’t think people are leaving their house like, “I wanna go make a change today to help us move forward.” And “Oh yeah, by the way, I’m gonna grab me a pair of kicks.” You know what I’m saying? Again, I don’t know, and I don’t know every person that’s protesting, but it’ll be hard to wrap my head around someone who’s like leaves the house set to go make change, and then as they’re walking, they’re like, you know what, I do need–
  • Didn’t Yeezy’s just come out? Let me get her pair.
  • Exactly, cause if that does happen and it might, again, I’m not–
  • No, it happens, it happened last night. I was actually shocked, I was like, wow, this is literally insane. And then it’s to the point where you gotta remember like I said earlier, these people are human beings, so why would you throw a Molotov cocktail at a cop car with two cops in it and try to kill them?
  • I think that was a white lady, right?
  • It was actually two, it’s like what are you doing? What is your message? What are you trying to bring? Bring to the forefront, come to the front of the congregation and express it because that is absolutely not for George Floyd. Or the people that was burning cars yesterday, I don’t get it. Or you have people that was calling me an Uncle Tom, a sell out, and I’m like, you don’t know me from a hole in the wall, how am I considered an Uncle Tom, how am I a sell out? What did I do to sell out?
  • Yeah, like I’ve been a cop, I didn’t become a cop the day after Big Floyd got murdered.
  • No, I’ve been doing this. I’ve been in the community making tons of changes because I know it’s not, you can only do it from within, you understand? So how am I a sellout? I’m probably doing more for the community than you.
  • I would never, there’s a lot of good officers, white and black, Spanish, Asian, all races, there’s a lot of good officers. It’s such a tough subject, like I said, I know you very well so I would never consider you a sellout and anybody who’s an officer, we need police officers, there’s no way around it. Obviously some are better than others, and not to say that there may not be racist police officers, I mean, it’s a huge country, any racist can fake it till they make it.
  • 100%, 100%.
  • Have it deep within them. So it’s hard for us to put the onus on the hiring process, cause a guy could fake it all the way through to getting his badge and he could have resentment towards another race, or blacks or whatever it may be, and that’s unfortunate. But there’s a lot of undercover racist and in our world, in all types of businesses, not just the police force, I mean, we just saw it with I think her name is Amy Cooper with the Central Park thing. She worked at a successful financial institution, and the way she acted was just disgusting.
  • How’d you feel about that whole situation with Central Park?
  • Oh man, it was just so tough for me to see cause her intention of what she was trying to do is like, it was almost like she was not threatening, some people break it to the level of like she was threatening his life, but in a sense she kind of was because it’s like you know what the police do to your kind, it’s almost like what she was implying by saying like, “I’m gonna call the cops on you and say you’re harassing me.” Which he wasn’t doing it all, all because he corrected you and just told you to put a leash on your dog, in an area that a leash is necessary. The fact that she felt so privileged and just to be put in place by someone of color, that she needed to go to the lengths of calling the cops just to get him attacked or whatever she wanted to see in a form of revenge I guess, for her being put in check is what’s crazy.
  • So how do you feel that she was like, “I got an African American man, I need help.” Why did she take it there? She kept saying, “I have an African American man right here, he’s harassing me.” It went from harassing me to my life is in danger.
  • Yeah, she didn’t say man, she said African American man, which is like, this is my point, she’s almost implying like, I know that you guys are capable of doing to an African American man in this juncture, who’s actually doing this type of action. It’s almost like, she’s like, I know you guys could come here and really beat this guy up or really do something bad to him, you know what I’m saying? Which is so disgusting to me, because she was really highlighting the fact that he was African-American. For her to take the time to articulate the African American part, was the part that was very disturbing to me. She didn’t just say, “I have a man harassing me, my life’s in danger.” The description of his skin color doesn’t matter, it’s not like the police are gonna be like, “Oh man, he’s white, you’re good.” “Oh, your life’s not in danger cause he’s white.” No, it doesn’t matter he, if you say a man or woman is attacking me, my life’s in danger, please come help, it’s the police’s duty to come help. But you emphasizing and articulating his skin color it was disturbing.
  • Yeah, I agree.
  • Like the cry for help was so dramatized and–
  • Ah, it was crazy, I thought somebody was shot.
  • My man was 10 feet away from her, and she was like trying to get the dog under control and the dog was even fed up. It was just like, what’s going on? My man just put you in check real quick. These times, and again, the part that sticks with me most, and the reason why with this stuff is just it’s so hard to put all my feelings and emotions into words with what’s going on. I am gonna eventually really take the, I had been already just kind of documenting everything to where I really wanna just express all my feelings, whether it be on paper or just out loud. Just talking to even like TDrew and some of my other friends and people who have reached out to me to see how I’m doing, shout out to Pierra and Phillip from Refinery29, they always check in, love those guys. But just talking to them not only for me, and what I’m trying to wrap my head around is like, what’s next? So we always, as America, as a society, a lot of times we tend to unfortunately really get behind something, and then we lose that momentum and the consistency for really trying to make change. So it’s like, yeah, like I love the post, even I’m guilty of it, I’ll post about it, all that stuff, but it’s like who are our leaders that we can… And that’s okay, and again, maybe it’s me or maybe it’s you, I don’t know, but we really gotta put something in place that who are we following to really make this change? Because like I was getting to, it’s just, we tend to fall into this cycle of really pushing and getting behind something, and then two weeks go by and it’s like, all right, like protests are done, we’re kind of back to normal life.
  • Yeah, it’s a trend, it’s a trend, that’s all it is. So when people oppose to something, somebody will look at it like, oh man, this is messed up, but I’ma post it for the likes. Once you trend is over, things go back to normal like it never existed. For instance, all of these situations that occur, the media always takes it. Oh, this guy had to be racist, he had to be racist, he had racist, it’s a white guy killing a black guy. Meanwhile, there’s more white cops that kill white people than they do black people, but they don’t tell you about that.
  • Yeah, yeah, 100%.
  • So it’s like what sells? Sex sells, racism sells, like what sells? Granted, I absolutely believe that a lot of things have to change in the law enforcement department. And they’ve made tremendous changes come January 1st, 2020, like the Bill Reform is completely changed. You’re not going to the jail for anything that’s literally nonviolent. It’s where people, and I feel like you got guys that are in jail that did 20 years for like selling marijuana, but yet you can go to Cali and buy it legally because now you can tax it. So there’s a lot of issues that I have that they’re gonna change, and one of them as well is when as a police officer or any type of law enforcement officer, if you make the mistake far as in like a wrongful killing, you gotta be held at a higher standard than a civilian. That’s the only way those mistakes don’t happen. I mean granted, mistakes happen, there’s some shooters that you look at it like, you know what, that was a misfortunate, that was a mistake. Should he get buried and burned? It depends on the situation. Remember that incident we had in Brooklyn with Asian guy? With the Asian cop, he was walking up the stairs, he ended up accidentally shooting the black guy, they ended up firing the kid. The issue I had with it, and I honestly think that was accidental shooting, but the issue I have is as a police officer your first response is to render aid, he didn’t, do you see what I’m saying? That’s the issue that I have with that entire situation. Like if you accidentally shoot somebody, the first thing you should be doing is depending on where you shot them put a tourniquet on it to try to stop the bleeding, get a, we call it a bus, but an ambulance there as fast as possible so you can try to help and save this man’s or this woman’s life, he didn’t do that. So that’s what I mean, it’s certain things where I feel like cops who make that type of mistake, that’s a mistake you can’t come back from, because you took somebody’s life. So you gotta be held at a higher standard than a civilian.
  • Right, and to your point from earlier, cops are human beings and it’s easy for us sit here on our end and be like, it’s almost as, like you said, to what level of being scared, right? Who really knows? Everybody, no matter if you’re a cop, a billionaire, whatever you are in his world, everybody gets scared to a certain extent and everybody reacts to being scared and fear in different ways. So obviously when you’re a cop, like you said, you should be held to a higher standard especially from training, I know you guys go through extensive mental and physical training in order to get the badge. But still, when fear takes over, when that emotion takes over, there’s a lot of things that people do is kind of subconsciously and it’s not to justify anything, but to your point, what happened with George Floyd to where he was, there was no fear involved in that, and that’s the biggest issue there. Cause my man’s on his stomach, he’s handcuffed, there’s three other cops in the vicinity, so no fear there, there’s just none. When it’s a resisting arrest situation, and like you said, I don’t know you from a hole in the wall, we’re trying to just figure things out, things escalate, I gotta go here cause it’s fight or flight, not knowing what makes outcome of this. So, I may have to be a little more aggressive than I really wanted to, I understand that. So tough to see, I really hope we can figure out what’s next, I hope we can come together and figure out what’s next. The community’s gotta come together with the police officers and it has to be a really, really have to do something together to really make change, otherwise again, it’ll be a trend, like you said, it’ll just be another, we’ll protest for however long this lasts, I love seeing it, I love seeing people are fed up, but I really wanna see what is next and what is being created to propel us to really make the changes we’re looking for. I think the biggest change, because at the end of the day obviously we’re fighting for the change in how black people are seen in the whole racist societies. I think the people who are racist, who are our age and older, that’s a lost cause. Like if you’re a racist and you’re 20, that’s just been taught so as part of who you are. So I think it starts with our youth, it always starts with our youth. And I think we just gotta continue to pay more attention to that, so again, we may not be able to conquer the racism right now, but we can conquer it in the future if we start with our youth. So I think it’s really important for us to start there because like I said, if you’re a racist and you’re, I don’t know what age threshold to you may… I believe in changing everyone, but being racist towards somebody because of their skin color or what their ethnicity is is part of who you are, I like to think that it’s gonna be pretty hard to change that. So, hopefully if we can just let our youth know that it’s okay to love one another and care for one another no matter what our skin colors are, and that all of us are equal and we’re all human beings. Yeah, we may look different, but we have the same emotion, the same feeling–
  • We have the same problems.
  • Yeah the same problems. So it’s like, that is what I think is important. And obviously, yeah, black people as a race we’re behind in a lot of ways financially, and all that good stuff. And we’re hopefully working to catch up and even as even us as a internal black society, we have to do better with helping propel each other. Because one of the things I always talk about with people is that yeah, it’s cool to see successful black people and be a successful black person, but one of the biggest things for me with my success and as I continue to look to be successful, I wanna help more black people men and women be successful in any way. So like that internally, we also have to make change in that because too many times I see a black person become very successful or whatever it may be, and whether it’s black on black hate not racism or anything like that, it’s just like black on black hate or like, “Oh, it was a grind for me to get here.” That crab in a barrel mentality of I can’t help the next brother out, there’s only one seat at the table, you know what I’m saying? So we have to get out of that mentality too to where it’s okay to get two, three, four seats for the brothers at the table. And that’s where we gotta make our efforts. It’s not a race to getting the approval of the white man or the whatever of another race, it’s a race for how can we be seen on the same level as whatever level we wanna be seen on. And like I said, how can we just all be seen on an equal level, on an equal playing field? So I think that’s truly important for it all. So there’s a few things we have to tackle to really make change, I know I’m rambling but I’m very passionate about this.
  • No, you’re talking the truth, you’re talking the truth man, you’re passionate about it I see.
  • Yeah, yeah, man. I respect you, me and my family we love you and everything you do–
  • Vice versa, vice versa.
  • Or the city of New York and for us. So yeah man, it’s great to have you on here, I’ll let you get to work, I know they–
  • Yeah I gotta go–
  • Is there another protest going on?
  • Yeah there’s another protest going on today, it’s supposedly it’s a smaller protest and then Monday, it’s literally like we have different protestors every day in different locations. So yesterday it was supposed to have been Harlem and the Bronx, but that escalated quickly and it went from just being Harlem and the Bronx to Harlem, the Bronx, Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Yeah crazy.
  • So I was like, whoa okay, today’s supposed to just be like a little small peaceful rally down in Union Square, so hopefully we’ll see what’s going on with that.
  • You said Union Square was pretty crazy last night, right?
  • Dude, I was in the midst of it like, did you see the car that I had showed you with the van that was completely vandalized? All the windows were broken.
  • Did you send me something?
  • Yeah, check I sent you a video I drove past a car, it was a van and it was completely vandalized man. Like F the police, all the windows were broken out of it, it was bad, it was bad. So hopefully today is a much easier day. I stand behind the people that protest, I wish I could chip in and walk right over there with you, I’m there to actually protect you to make sure that actually nothing happens, but then the nighttime comes and then it goes from we shall overcome to The Purge. And then everybody got masks on so it really looks like The Purge. And then they don’t want you to use violence, well it’s weird that the media show you one way, but I’ma give you the real. They don’t want you to use violence for the protesters whatsoever, they’re saying, listen, “Let these people protest whatever the case may be, arresting them has to be the last resort.” But then the media, oh, look at all these people, they’re being arrested. All right, now, those people being arrested more than likely they either assaulted a police. Like you have to do something drastic for them to actually arrest you, they’re not just the rest of you for protesting. The ones that’s just protesting, there’s nothing they’re doing to them whatsoever. But the ones that are actually, and that’s here in New York, I can only speak for New York I can’t speak for what’s going on in other States, but here in New York literally like you have to do something drastic in order for them to arrest you. You’re doing an amazing job my brother, I’ma need you when things go back to normal, I want you to have a nice little, you bring One and One to the academy. We might have you down at 1PP and hold something.
  • I would love to do that.
  • Cause I watch your live almost every day man, I have guys working out like, come on, we gotta do it, we gotta do it.
  • Maybe we set up something where I set up a little zoom maybe daily or every few days we’ll have like a zoom classes where it’s like five, 10 bucks for everybody–
  • Okay let me know man, guys are down, we truly respect you what you do, and we gotta stay in shape. I’ma be honest with you man, you gon chase somebody, you gotta work out.
  • Sometimes I go past a few officers and I’m like, man, if I just went up to him and like shook him up a little bit and ran off, I’ll be good.
  • Oh man I’m telling you man, it’s insane, it’s insane, it’s insane.
  • Yeah, I’m down for that man, I’m all about health and wellness and helping anybody out who’s trying to just stay right, stay fit, that’s another topic for a different later in terms of mind right, body right, it just makes for a lot of things to be better, man. I know we got other stuff to catch up on too, I’ll let you get going and stay safe out there my brother.
  • I appreciate you brother.
  • Just state your name and what you do for the NYPD again.
  • So I’m Detective Staggers, currently work for the Grand Larceny division, my unit, we specialize in credit card fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, you name it. Anything that deal with quote unquote scammers, that’s what we focus on. We do joint operations with tons of the departments, I also train other departments, there’s investigative training, teach other officers on how to actually investigate cases, interrogation training, teach other offices to actually interrogate people. It’s a lot that we do and literally I’m truly excited to sit here and have this conversation with you.
  • Man, thank you for joining man, I know you got a lot going on with everything that’s going on and thank you for doing what you do–
  • Absolutely brother.
  • I do wanna light of that, go protect those protesters man and the people are really trying to make change, let’s keep them safe, man.
  • Got you, brother.
  • And keep yourself safe please–
  • Yes sir, yes sir.
  • Like they say when the sun goes down, stay safe.
  • It’s The Purge. All right brother.
  • All right brother, thank you for your time man, thank you so much.
  • Sure, all right.