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Is NAKED Whey Protein the Boost Your Workout Needs?

Not consuming enough protein is one of the top five reasons we are not seeing the progress or results we’d like to see after all those sweaty hours we hammer out in the gym. (Nutrition is 80% of your results.) Adding a protein shake to your diet can dramatically change your results and make those hours worth it. Is NAKED Whey Protein a good choice? Keep reading to find out.

Many Protein Powders Taste Terrible

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to protein powder is taste. Getting a chalky protein shake that tastes like cardboard, that tastes so bad you have to chug quickly with your nose plugged just to get it down, is the last way we want to fill the protein gaps in our diet. If you don’t enjoy it, odds are you won’t drink it and that would be a waste of an investment.

The other huge concern is the ingredient list. It’s extremely important the protein shake I choose to put in my body every day is not stuffed with fillers, artificial sweeteners, and all the BS my body really doesn’t need.

What is Whey Protein in 20 Seconds or Less

Luckily for you, I have tried a ton of protein powder recipes and shakes in my career. I’ve tried numerous brands including Isopure and Gold Standard Whey. I had varying results, but managed to narrowed it down for you, based on taste and the quality of ingredients.

What is Whey Protein in 20 Seconds or Less – Naked Nutrition

My #1 choice:

Why it’s a must-buy:

The ingredients in this type of protein powder don’t get any cleaner than this. It is literally ONLY whey protein, nothing else. It blends easily, and the taste is not super sugary like most powders. Instead, after it’s blended up with the liquid of your choice, it is fresh and actually easy to enjoy post-workout or for a snack. It’s also sourced from grass-fed cows.


The cost. While it is one of the healthiest and purest proteins on the market right now, it is a bit more expensive, but it goes back to the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” You either pay for more fillers in the other proteins or you pay for absolutely 100% pure grass-fed whey.

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