Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet Review: My 5-Day Fast

Fasting’s become all the rage—from water fasts to intermittent fasting. It has real effects; fasting pushes the body to burn fat cells, rejuvenates cells, and decreases inflammation amongst a wide range of other health benefits. At the same time, it can be SO hard to do!  When I get really hungry, I often have low energy and find it really hard to think. A prolonged fast (past 3 days) can also be very dangerous, especially if you have any health conditions. Here’s what you need to know about Prolon fasting.

Fasting Benefits That Will Surprise You

According to a lot of different studies, however, you can get the most benefits from fasts when they last longer than 3 days—in a healthy manner, of course. This is because prolonged fasts induce autophagy (the breakdown of old, damaged cells), increase ketone production, reset your digestive tract, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

I’ve tried a few water fasts before to reset my body, and my head always feels so much clearer after—completely eradicating those symptoms of “brain fog.”  I had never tried a prolonged fast before until I tried the ProLon FMD (fast mimicking diet).

Prolon FMD was created by Dr. Valter Longo to mimic the effects of fasting while reducing the risks—because you can continue to eat a significant amount of calories the entire time. The diet is carefully constructed into a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to trick your body into thinking you are fasting. As a result, you supposedly get the same benefits from a prolonged fast with less discomfort, less health risk, and without muscle breakdown!

Dr. Valter Longo Explains the Longevity Diet that Mimics Fasting

Dr. Valter Longo Explains the Longevity Diet that Mimics Fasting – CBN News

Here’s What Happened During My 5-Day Fast

Now that I’ve given you the background on ProLon, let me share my experience. Thankfully, it required no thinking or planning at all.  When I placed my order on the website, I received a huge box in the mail that contained all of the food I was supposed to eat for the duration of the diet (5 days).  Inside the big box were 5 smaller boxes, labeled for each day.  These contained supplements, soups, chocolate bars, kale crackers, and tea that I was supposed to eat on each day.

Ana Snyder before and after Prolon fasting.
After the fifth day, I had lost seven pounds! (Image Source: Ana Snyder)

On the first day, I started sampling each of the little meals and was surprised at how delicious and filling each one was.  By day 2, my head already felt much clearer—and I was more energized. However, by this day, I was also super hungry.  I continued to feel hungry until the last day of the diet. By that point, I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore, and whatever bloating I had was completely gone.

After the fifth day, I had lost seven pounds! Some of this was water weight obviously. Some was probably fat as well—though I’m not sure how much body fat I lost, because I didn’t measure it before. Next time I’ll measure the before and after!

Above you can see my 5-day transformation after taking Prolon FMD.  The difference is clear! I was so excited by my results and felt amazing—like I had given my whole body a reboot.

The Bottom Line on Prolon Fasting

ProLon FMD is a great way to get the benefits of prolonged fasting without health risks. It is much more manageable because you’re essentially eating while “fasting.” (Novel, isn’t it?) You don’t have to change your everyday schedule much at all since all of the food you need to eat is sent directly to you.