Tune In to These Top 5 Fitness Podcasts

Life is busy. There’s so much to do every day and so little time. The key to getting things done is prioritizing. You have to figure out what needs to be done, what matters to you the most, and what can be delayed for some other day. The easiest to figure out are work priorities, but your chief concern should be your health, because if your health isn’t intact, nothing else will be. If you’re into fitness but struggle with consistency, the following five top fitness podcasts might be of interest to you. But first, why podcasts?

How Fitness Podcasts Improve Fitness Motivation

Podcasts save time. You can cook, ride a bus, or iron your clothes while listening to them. They serve as great workout companions and give you the inspiration to do more for your well-being. If you’re worried you might start yawning midway through, we’ve got news for you. Podcasts are no different than TV series. Each episode leaves you wanting more. There’s even a finale at the end of a season to make things more satisfying. Workout-related podcasts are meant to keep you hooked, and with our top fitness podcasts, you won’t be able to stop exercising until the episode ends. It’s like having a real-time instructor yell encouragement to you, only this one’s more interesting and informative.

Woman in fitness gear standing on a road listening to podcast
Music is an Important and Highly Effective Stimulator. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Exercising is tough. You can’t help but think of all the things you need to do, or how tired and painful your legs are. To keep your mind off these things, you need a distraction. And what better distraction exists than some fun and useful fitness facts? Your desire to do more will increase once you hear about the benefits of exercise and how you can maximize your gain. So, fitness podcasts not only inform you about the essential details related to workouts but also motivate you to apply them and reap their benefits.

Our top fitness podcasts have more than just physical fitness advice. There’s a cool compilation of music to pump you up, some mental health care tips, and nutritional instructions. Music is an important and highly effective stimulator. Its useful effects during workouts have been proven by various researches and studies. Besides improving coordination and movement, music also stimulates your entire brain and body. It keeps fatigue at bay and increases fitness motivation.

Top Fitness Podcasts

Here’s the long-awaited list of our favorite top fitness podcasts:

  1. Podrunner. First and foremost, you need a workout music playlist. Instead of spending hours creating that perfect compilation, check out this fitness podcast. It’s free! You can pick your desired tempo or beats per minute and get going. It has remained one of the top ten fitness podcasts on iTunes for ten years. Now that’s something. It’s particularly helpful for—but not restricted to—tempo-based workouts such as running and cycling.
  2. Working Against Gravity or WAG. The next giant on our list of top fitness podcasts is a nutrition podcast that aims to help you stay fit for life. Without proper nutrition, you cannot survive. You can work out consistently and still fail to see favorable changes due to the lack of a proper nutritional diet. In fact, nutritional deficiencies can be destructive and can lower your fitness motivation to a great extent.
  3. Trained by Nike. Nike is a name well-known by everyone in the fitness world. Their podcast, Trained, invites athletes to share their secrets. And it turns out, they’re pretty simple. Besides exercise, they stress getting enough sleep, setting the right mindset, and eating a balanced diet. They also share recovery tips for your post-workout soreness.
  4. Mind Pump. This podcast has over 1 million listeners in a single month. That says a lot about it. It is fact-based, informative, and hilarious—the perfect combo of light and useful. With over 40 years of experience, the Mind Pump Media experts share ways to develop good fitness habits instead of get-fit-quick schemes.
  5. Chasing Excellence. The last top fitness podcast on our list is a personal favorite. This one extends from life inside the gym to life outside the gym. It talks about everything: fitness, diet, self-development, and life in general.

Does Fitness Motivation Matter?

People who take pleasure in staying fit are more prone to stay fit. If you want to improve your performance, make workouts personal. Focusing on what exercising might give you is another highly effective approach to staying motivated. This is extrinsic motivation—motivation based on external factors such as appearance, social approval, and the like. Combine the two and you will be unstoppable. This is because intrinsic motivation is more fitted to serve as the main force behind your determination, while extrinsic motivation works as a booster. You might give up trying to gain abs, but you will never give up on trying not to get sick often or spend some time away from all the stress in your life.

Fitness women doing push ups on rooftop facing each other.
People Who Take Pleasure in Staying Fit are More Prone to Stay Fit. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

In order to stay fit, you should not just need it but also want it. The first step to maintaining your motivation is to figure out your “why”. Once you have a reason strong enough, it’s time to eliminate everything that’s holding you back. This could be stress, unhealthy eating habits, dehydration, and working out alone. If you’re finding it difficult to work out alone, switch things up. Join a group—the more the merrier. Invite your friends to a fitness challenge and experience how fun fitness can actually be. Listen to top fitness podcasts for inspiration and to remember why you started.

Besides listening to top fitness podcasts and joining a fitness group, you can remain consistent in your workouts by getting an adequate amount of rest, not setting unrealistic goals, and eating a balanced meal. Start by adding small, healthy habits to your routine and build up from there. Take the stairs, walk more often, go outside. If you struggle with insecurity or intimidation, get a trainer to help you out of your shell. There are thousands of ways to keep your workout motivation up. Don’t stick to only one or two of them—you’ll get bored.

Here’s a quick motivational video to get you started:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Exercise│ Doctor Mike Hansen

Go Beyond Fitness

Fitness podcasts make you realize how important your health is and how correct your techniques are. It is essential that you pick podcasts that give fact-based advice. We’ve already narrowed down the top fitness podcasts for you so you can start today and not waste a second. Their wit, humor, fun, and informative setup will help you keep your fitness motivation levels up, which in turn will increase your consistency. So, listen to experts and alternate between different exercises, music, and atmospheres, and just keep going. It’s worth it. But why not take it a step further and explore your mental health, too? Start with the 1AND1 Life Off the Cuff Podcast with Danny LoPriore if you’re interested.