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Genevieve Ava

As a NASM-certified fitness influencer with a degree from Arizona State University, I’ve combined my passions as a collegiate golfer aiming for the LPGA with achievements like “Miss Asian America TX” and collaborations with top fitness brands. Beyond the titles, I’m dedicated to transforming lives through fitness, supporting personal goals, and fostering a community of inspiration.

Education & Experience: NASM certified; B.I.S., Arizona State University

I’m a fitness influencer and collegiate golfer—with the goal of playing on tour in the LPGA. I took home pageant titles like “Miss Asian America TX” and “Miss Philippines TX,” and also worked with top fitness brands and magazines like Shredz, Muscle Fitness, and Hers.

I love what I do—because I can change the lives of others with my expertise. My personal brand isn’t just for show; I’ve trained individuals and helped them reach their personal fitness goals, and gradually, I’ve built up an amazing network of like-minded, inspirational individuals who continue to propel me forward.

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