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Adidas ultraBOOST: Are They Worth the Hype?

Adidas Ultra Boost

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Our person who loves to run, and run… and run.

As stated above, the sole is what makes this shoe worth the hype. It’s designed to absorb shock and give you lightweight bounce, and the comfort of this shoe is beyond anything we’ve ever seen on the market.

This sneaker is sleek, comfortable, easy on the knees as you run, and can transition from a long run to a night on the town with ease and comfort.


The price point—hich is to be expected. However, this sneaker is very durable and lasts quite a while.

Bottom Line

This shoe is for the stylish runner who loves to travel by foot. The comfortable sneaker’s sole allows for the best experience for runners: it’s bouncy, light, and shock absorbent, so it’s very easy on the knees.

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Adidas ultraBOOST

Adidas ultraBOOSTS dropped in January 2015 and became all the rage because of celebrity exposure. While we already know this is a sleek and stylish pair, we tested it out ourselves in order to understand the structure and design—to see if the ultraBOOSTS are truly worth the hype. Performance is everything; your go-to shoes for fitness can’t be all form and no function.

5 Reasons YOU NEED TO Try adidas ULTRABOOST If You Haven’t! – Hes Kicks

Adidas has claimed this sneaker to be the “greatest running shoe ever,” and let me tell you: they might be right. They spent a ton of time (and money) on crafting a shoe that truly caters to our runners.

Adidas uses a system called ARMIS to test the ultraBOOSTS vibrations during the running experiments, and the shoe’s ergonomics. This system is also used by NASA. We know for a fact this has been thoroughly tested, down to the particles that make up the boost sole, in order to give wearers the most comfortable running shoe on the market.

So yes—these sneakers are absolutely worth it. The hype is justified.

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