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An Honest Review of Athia: Skincare for Women who Work Out

Athia Retinol Night Cream

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Any woman who works out! The daily moisturizer is especially great if you work out outside, because it protects you from UV rays and pollution. The cleanser is also specially formulated to kill the bacteria in your sweat that causes premature aging.

Not only does Athia prevent aging, it also smooths lines you already have on your face, tightens your skin (also tightens under your eyes) and reduces dark spots and blemishes. It does all of this by using plant-based ingredients and electrolytes to restore volume, increase collagen production, and fight free radicals.

Individual Purchase: Each of these skincare products is also available for individual purchase, but they are cheaper by bundle and most effective when used together.

These products are so carefully put together. For example, the cleanser has little gold flakes in it that purify your skin. Effective and luxurious? Um yes! It easily whisks away all of your makeup, sweat, and grime. All of the products also moisturize your skin (even the retinol) while simultaneously keeping it from becoming too oily. Since I’ve been using the products, my skin tone is more even, I don’t have dark circles, and I always look rejuvenated—even when I’m actually exhausted from a workout.


After using this product for about six months, I have nothing bad to say whatsoever. Really!

Bottom Line

Athia is a must for your skin if you work out! We work out to look and feel healthy, so why suffer skin ailments from your sweat? Athia uses all natural ingredients to keep you looking rejuvenated, fresh, and clean. Say goodbye forever to grime and breakouts.

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Active girls need a unique skincare regimen to fight blemish-causing impurities, which sit on our skin after we sweat and can cause accelerated aging over time. I’m all about preventative care—and when I noticed that I was starting to look exhausted all the time and developing dark circles, I panicked!

ATHIA Skincare Review | Real Results? – _killin.it_

I started doing research on IG for skincare products (my fave way to do my initial research on anything I want to buy) and stumbled across Athia Skincare, created for athletic women by athletic women.  I liked the fact that Athia is:

  1. Cruelty free
  2. Made with natural ingredients
  3. Very affordable
  4. A brand that funds scholarships for girls

Athia also had great reviews and was backed by some big names in the industry. (Brook Ence, for one!)  So I decided to check out their bundle pack because it came with everything you would need in a daily regimen: daily cleanser, daily moisturizer, retinol night cream, and anti-aging eye serum.

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