Best Body Cleanse Products to Help Detox Your Body

Dirty Lemon + Charcoal

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By combining charcoal and dandelion root, it improves digestion drastically. The pharmaceutical grade charcoal absorbs impurities, while the dandelion root gently flushes them out. Any detox drink should also be low in sugar to increase its efficacy, and Dirty Lemon hits that requirement as well. This is the perfect detox drink for anyone who wants a system reboot and cleanse their body from impurities.


I think the price of these drinks is a bit steep—approximately $8 per bottle—but they are made with the highest quality ingredients to make the detox as gentle as possible. As a result, most people don’t experience any stomach discomfort. The taste, however, might take some getting used to. Being that it’s low in sugar, it tastes a little sour like an unsweetened lemonade.

Bottom Line

Dirty Lemon is a great product because it encourages you to maintain a normal diet and does not interfere with your everyday life. It improves your digestion through the use of two main ingredients—charcoal and dandelion root—boosting your energy. It is a little pricey and may taste sour at first, but both of these are due to the high quality ingredients that aid in detox. Dirty Lemon has other drinks designed to help your body with other functions. This is their only drink designed for detox.Dirty Lemon is designed to work with your normal diet. You don’t need to make any restrictive changes. In fact, it’s recommended that you drink it after the biggest meal of your day to maximize digestion. The drink is perfect for reducing bloat and helping the liver and kidneys excrete toxins. Dirty Lemon has other drinks designed to help your body with other functions.

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts

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Sea salt baths are a very relaxing way to pull toxins from your body, while simultaneously nourishing your skin. They cleanse, exfoliate and boost the skin’s protective barrier. Since this product is combined with Cambrian blue clay and minerals, it is even more effective in removing toxins, moisturizing, and reducing water weight. It also contains eucalyptus to aid in relaxation, lower stress hormones—and increase your energy. Good for anyone who enjoys pampering themselves a bit before bed to relax. These are added to your bath to remove impurities through your skin and reduce body aches.


The only downside of having so many moisturizing ingredients is that it may leave residue behind in your tub.

Bottom Line

Herbivore Botanicals are a great way to detoxify your body, reduce muscle aches, and reduce stress. They give you a spa experience in your own home that leaves you feeling refreshed. As an additional bonus, you may also lose extra water weight as the salts pull out toxins from your body. This is a great product that I use every night before bed. My only complaint is that it can leave a residue behind that can be a pain to clean. Herbivore Botanicals contains the highest quality, all natural ingredients selected carefully for specific remedial purposes. Since it contains Cambrian blue clay, minerals, and eucalyptus in addition to sea salt, it serves many more purposes than a regular salt bath, which mainly reduces inflammation.

Yogi Tea Roasted Dandelion Spice DeTox Tea

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Like most detox supplements, Yogi’s detox helps reduce bloating and speeds up your metabolism. It does this through the use of dandelion, cocoa shell, and a mixture of other spices. These work as mild diuretics and to decrease stomach discomfort. These are great for the person who wants a quick, inexpensive method to use in their everyday detox.


There is no proven research that detox teas work, so your results may vary. For most people, including myself, it seems to aid with digestion and take away bloating. The other con is that the spices give the tea a very strong flavor. I didn’t think this was overpowering, but some may not like it.

Bottom Line

There’s no scientific research that shows Yogi Detox truly works, but most reviews show positive results. I felt lighter and less bloated as the dandelion helped remove excess water weight. Digesting food was also easier.


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As a wellness coach, there are few things that make me cringe more than the word “detox.” I’m against fad diets that make you cut out carbs or cleanses that encourage you to only drink juice for three days.  Yes; some diets can be great if you use them to jumpstart change in your life, but if you go back to your old eating habits after your diet is over, what’s the point? Crash diets can’t change your mindset, so they can’t change your lifestyle or body long-term.

I believe that any “diet changes” you make in your life should be for life.  With this thought in mind, is it possible to detox in a way that doesn’t include fads?  No matter how healthy or unhealthy we eat, we are still exposed to pollutants and stressors that cause inflammation and stress hormones in our bodies.  Ideally, then, we should do something to detox everyday to stay a step ahead.

Unfortunately, not feeling 100% has become normal for most of us.  We accept low energy or extra weight as being part of life and they don’t have to be!  Both of these are signs of increased inflammation that can be reduced with healthy fitness and diet changes.  If done properly, a detox can speed up your metabolism, help you lose weight, reverse diseases associated with obesity, and reduce your cravings.  Now that we have that out in the open, let’s discuss how to detox your body in a healthy way.

Sugar Detox

A great way to start detoxing is to simply decrease your sugar intake. Sugar is a major factor in inhibiting your overall quality of life.  As it increases inflammation in your body, it can cause acne, headaches, and low energy. It also speeds up aging, causes insomnia, and increases lack of focus.  This is why it’s so important to make a sugar detox a lifestyle change. I understand cravings can be hard! But if you get one, grab a piece of fruit instead and eat dessert only on special occasions.

Detox Drinks, Salt Baths, and Detox Tea

Incorporating detox-specific products is another way to boost your quality of life. These specific products are some of my favorites because they are all-natural and can be used every day. You don’t need to make any drastic diet changes for them to work; they are simply supplements to boost your body’s natural processes.  Often all-natural remedies can be the most effective. For example, try a holistic cleanse with tea.

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