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Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Powder Review

C4 Powder Pre Workout

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Rating: 4 out of 5

150 mg of caffeine, clean, not loaded up with additives. Provides the perfect boost for any workout. Whether its lifting weights or going for a hike C4 is a great product to have on deck. Cellucor keeps away from adding excess compounds in their products and only deliver what is promised.

Clean, inexpensive, no BS, no extra additives, small serving size


Not the strongest pre-workout out there, so if you do like the jitters and that ‘skin-crawling’ feel, this is not the pre-workout for you.

Bottom Line

If you need an extra boost of clean energy on your workout days, C4 is a safe choice. You will not feel over stimulated, no jitters or shakes, just a clean source of energy designed for male or females to help you stay focused and energized during your most intense sweat sessions.

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C4: The Powder with the Power

There are hundreds of pre-workout options on the market nowadays, all claiming pretty much the same thing; more energy, increased focused, better pumps, the list goes on. A lot of these products claim to be ‘packed’ with compounds when in reality are usually pretty underdosed. So when you do look for a pre, it is important to really do your research. Finding one that is clean and properly dosed can be difficult, but we don’t publish anything without doing our research first. Here’s what we discovered about the Cellucor C4 Pre-workout supplement.

C4 Pre Workout Review – Tiger Fitness

We have scoured the internet, read study and review after review to find the best pre-workout for our sweat junkies. It’s important we found a pre-workout that didn’t push false claims, wasn’t pumped with the icky stuff and gave you the energy you needed without the ‘skin-crawling’ feeling.

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Powder: Who’s It For?

Are you dedicated to your workouts? If so, and you need that extra push with no jitters, then C4 Original may be a good option. It’s a pre-workout that keeps you focused throughout your entire sweat session, we have found the perfect pre for you.

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