Adrenal DMG by Delgado Protocol Review: A Solution to Adrenal Fatigue?

By Sam Davis, BHS, CPT, FNS

Adrenal DMG

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Who’s it good for: Our sweat junkies that have a hard time sleeping, coping with stress, struggling with weight, feel like they have a constant need for caffeine, and/or experience chronic fatigue and brain fog. Details: Adrenal DMG is formulated with powerful herbal extracts and vitamins and minerals. They source only the highest-quality natural ingredients from around the world to make sure you are only getting the best support in helping your adrenals function properly. Pros: Reviews show staggering results after about a week of use, which means your body and adrenals respond fast to this supplement. I would normally give a supplement like this at least 30 days to feel a noticeable difference, but Adrenal DMG is fast-acting.


You have to take 6 pills a day: 3 in the morning with food, and 3 at night. A bit much, if you’re not used to that type of routine.

Bottom Line

This is a highly effective, fast-acting herbal supplement that helps cope with stress, curbs cravings, stimulates healthy adrenal function, increases energy, improves sleep quality, and helps immunity. It’s definitely worth a try!


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Improving the Health of Your Adrenal Glands is the Key to Your Wellness

When we struggle with weight gain, constant fatigue, brain fog, lack of sleep, low sex drive, and/or the constant craving for caffeine, we often try to solve this problem with diet changes. For fatigue, you may have tried adding even more caffeine to your diet. Or if you’re worried about a slow metabolism, you might have considered adding a selenium supplement or natural fat-burning supplements to your daily regimen.

Adrenal DMG – Delgado Protocol

But what you’re most likely struggling with is adrenal fatigue.

Our adrenal glands produce hormones that help control blood sugar, process protein and fats, regulate blood sugar, and tell our bodies what to do in all stressful situations—like illnesses or injury. Chronic stress, busy careers, and harried lifestyles (think about the student in college, new parent, nurses/caregiver, or the stressed attorney—just to name a few) affect the body’s abilities to repair itself from physical, mental, and emotional stresses.

Lucky for us, there’s a way to handle this naturally. Adrenal DMG assists in controlling everyday stressors and cravings and supports adrenal function, energy levels, and sleep patterns. The reviews for this product are extremely positive, so I thought: why not try it? After all, I am not hesitant to try fiber supplements or experiment with super greens.

After trying out the Adrenal DMG supplement for myself, I can vouch for this product; it completely changed the game for me.

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