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FreshCap Mushrooms Starter Kit Review

FreshCap Mushrooms Build a Box

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Rating: 4 out of 5

FreshCap offers a twenty percent discount on all bundled products. You can purchase the mushroom starter kit to receive 6 best selling mushroom extracts as a one-time purchase. At checkout you're given a twenty percent discount and a bonus mixer. There is a whole array of products to choose from based on your needs and preferences. FreshCap offers capsules, extract powders, Shroomies, and elixirs with organic and non-GMO mushrooms.


There isn’t much variety in product size as there is only one size available per product.

Bottom Line

FreshCap makes it easy to access the nutritional value of mushrooms so that you can feel a real difference. By extracting the most beneficial compounds and infusing them into powders, or capsules, FreshCap puts a lot of passion into its products. The supplements aim to improve mental clarity and focus, immune function, stamina, energy, and endurance. The mushroom supplements are perfect for different recipes, including coffees, teas, and smoothies.

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FreshCap: The Best Dietary Supplements?

FreshCap is on a mission to bring more people into the wonderful world of mushrooms. In 2015, two self-proclaimed mushroom nerds, Tony and Tegan Shields, started a small farm to offer premium mushroom supplements. FreshCap mushroom supplements are USDA organic certified. The brand tests for beta-glucan, heavy metals, allergens, pathogens, and pesticides. The facility is GMP certified. Unlike other companies, FreshCap only uses the fruiting body of the mushroom, the part with the most active compounds and antioxidants.

Complete Beginners Guide To Medicinal Mushrooms | FreshCap Mushrooms

Overview: FreshCap Mushroom Supplements

FreshCap has several mushroom supplements to build your bundle, with a mixture of powerful medicinal mushrooms.

Thrive 6 Extract

The Thrive 6 Mushroom Extract is the perfect blend, delivering all the benefits of functional mushrooms. It contains six extracts from some of the best mushroom species with Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Reishi. The supplement is also vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. It’s the perfect addition to your smoothies, vegan protein milkshakes, or even soups.

Lion’s Mane Extract

Lion’s Mane is not your typical mushroom but contains compounds like hericenones and erinacines to improve neural functions, mood, and focus. Research shows that the mushroom’s properties may improve memory in people with onset dementia.

Lion's Mane Mushroom on Oak Tree In The Autumn Forest
 Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are White, Globe-Shaped Fungi That Have Long, Shaggy spines (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Cordyceps Extract

The FreshCap Cordyceps Mushroom Extract is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. Also known as the “zombie” fungi, the Cordyceps mushroom is popular among fitness enthusiasts and athletes since it may help with chronic fatigue.

The Chaga Extract

The Chaga mushroom, despite its appearance, is the ultimate king of medicinal mushrooms. It’s rich in beneficial antioxidants for digestive support and also helps slow down aging signs. A few tablespoons in your favorite pasta dish, cheese deep, or veggie burger recipe will do the trick.

Turkey Tail Extract

The extract enhances immune support and general well-being. It’s full of beta-glucans to improve gut health. Just add a tablespoon or two to your vitamin intake to reap the most benefits.

Reishi Extract

The reishi mushroom is known as the “mushroom of immortality,” and it helps to enhance immune function, vitality, and longevity.

Other FreshCap Supplement Products

If you are not a fan of powder supplements, FreshCap mushrooms also come in other forms. It’s not just humans that can benefit from FreshCap supplements; they even have something for your four-legged friend.

FreshCap Mushroom Capsules

The capsules are available in similar varieties as the powder supplements, including Thrive 6, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps. The capsules come in bottles that contain one hundred and twenty tablets.

Wicker Tray with Variety of Raw Mushrooms on Wooden Table
FreshCap Mushrooms Come in Other Forms (Image Source: Shutterstock)

FreshCap Mushroom Elixirs

The FreshCap elixir product line consists of Mushroom Coffee, Focus Lion’s Mane, and Unwind Reishi. The Mushroom Coffee contains equal parts extracts of Lion’s Mane mushroom, Ashwagandha, and Chaga. It helps to improve productivity and ease stress.

The Focus Lion’s Mane is a blend of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, Rose Hips, and Neumentix Spearmint. Just like the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir, it aims to improve concentration.

The Unwind Reishi is a soothing blend that uses natural botanicals, Reishi, and Chaga. If you are wondering about how to get better sleep or concentrate better, this is the supplement for you.

The FreshCap Shroomies

This is a different kind of supplement that’s intended for your furry friend. Shroomies supplements are a delicious treat for your dog with seven functional mushrooms to promote cognitive and cardiovascular functions, immune support, and healthy joints.

FreshCap Mushroom Bundles: Starter Kit

FreshCap makes it possible for you to purchase a starter kit containing 6 of the best selling mushroom extracts. This is especially helpful for those who are learning more about mushrooms, the range of FreshCap products, and the benefits before looking to make them a part of their lifestyle. FreshCap also offers free shipping for any orders above $50.

Alongside the mushroom starter kit, they offer different bundles and kits, from $79 to just over $150. You can mix up your bundle and choose the right products for you.

FreshCap Mushroom Review: Lingzhi Mushroom or Reishi Mushroom Supplement Capsules. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Selective Focus at The Capsules in Hand
FreshCap Mushroom: Are They Worth It? (Image Source: Shutterstock)

FreshCap Mushrooms Review: Are They Worth it?

There is no denying the nutritional value of mushrooms. For centuries, they have been used for food and medicinal purposes. It is no wonder companies like FreshCap have tapped into their potential. FreshCap creates mushroom extracts using Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps.

Sometimes, buying mushroom supplements can be a little overwhelming. There are so many different types out there that it can be hard to know where to start. FreshCap makes it easy to buy high-quality and organic mushroom supplements using a bundle or subscription option. As far as dietary supplements go, the FreshCap mushroom supplements seem to live up to the hype.