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Boost Your Gym Performance: Add L-Arginine to your Stack

GAT Sport L-Arginine

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Sweat junkies who are looking for a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to boost their performance at the gym.

This is a pretty clean supplement; just an extra source of an essential amino acid. GAT produces clean products that are inexpensive.

GAT L-arginine is easy on the wallet, and gives you big bang for your buck. From personal experience, this is an excellent product that helps add a slight boost while also giving you what you need for recovery. The extra energy is nice on days when you’re just not quite as pumped to make it into the gym for your scheduled leg day.


This does come in tablet form—and they’re on the larger side. Not super hard to swallow, but it is another pill to add to your supplement stack.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an exceptional product. This is one of the few supplements I continuously have on deck, and I have tried many other L-Arginine products. This isn’t a supplement that is absolutely necessary to a stack, and it definitely depends on user preference. But if you’re a fitness enthusiast who wants a nice boost at the gym, and some extra energy, you want to give this a shot.

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Boost Your Gym Performance

Sometimes we just need that extra pump in the gym to make us feel really good about our performance. L-Arginine might be your ticket to that maxed out feeling.

GymBudi – Pre Workout with L’arginine – Gym-Budi

L-Arginine is an amino acid that releases nitric oxide in the blood—which expands the blood vessels, increases blood flow, and decreases the chance of plaque growth and blood clotting. (So many wins!) If you’re looking for that extra edge in the gym or just want a solid pump, adding GAT Sports L-Arginine to your stack is a must.

GAT Sport is a brand that has been around for a few decades and clearly has claimed their corner in the fitness industry. From helming an extensive product line to sponsoring professional physique and bodybuilding competitors around the world, GAT has made their mark.

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