Handsonic Pull Up Bar Review

Handsonic Pull Up Bar

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The Handsonic pull up bar can be installed in under a minute with no screws. It will not damage your doorframe, but it will provide total solidity when taking on your body weight. Key grip points are covered in soft foam to ensure a secure, comfortable, and sweat free grip.


The outer grips on this pull up bar are too wide for most average height users. Even though it is called a pull up bar, you can’t really do palms facing forward moves, as there is not enough hand spacing.

Bottom Line

The Handsonic pull up bar is ideal for people who don’t want a permanent bar set up in their home. It’s solid, comfortable, and effective, but only if you are doing chin ups.


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The Ideal Upper Body Workout

One of the biggest challenges for home gym warriors is to find a safe and effective way to do pull ups. Often referred to as the upper body squat, the pull up is an essential component of any good upper body workout at home. While primarily working the latissimus dorsi muscles, it also targets the biceps, trapezius, deltoids, forearms, and core. Regularly performing pull ups is one of the most effective ways to develop the classic V-shaped upper body. The pull up is also a fundamental measure of upper body strength for men. In this review, we take a close look at the Handsonic Pull Up Bar

When you invest in a pull-up bar, you will have everything you need for a great upper body workout at home. You will be able to perform pull-ups for the back, chin-ups for the biceps, and push-ups for the chest and triceps. Exercises such as hanging leg raises will also help to develop the core. 

Investing in a doorway pull up bar is a convenient solution, but many of the models on the market are simply not up to the job. They leave unsightly marks on your door frame, fail to provide a rigid hold, and limit your range of motion. So, when we began to see lots of positive user reviews for the Handsonic Pull Up Bar, we took notice.

The Handsonic Doorway Pull Up Bar

A quality doorway pull up bar makes an ideal household item for any fitness-focused individual. It will allow you to get in a great upper body workout at home without damaging the door frame.

HANDSONIC Pull Up Bar for Doorway, No Screws Required – Nikki O’NeiCI

The Handsonic Doorway Pull Up Bar is a relative newcomer to the market. It is a straight bar that fits between internal door frames and is able to work with door widths of between 28.7 and 36.2 inches. That is an impressive range. The length of the bar adjusts by way of an innovative retainer triangle design which extends the extrusion pressure outward without the need for screws or other attachments. You simply rotate the bar to extend it. This bar claims to leave no markings or other traces on your door surrounds. We’ve checked hundreds of user reviews and that claim stacks up—no one has mentioned any markings at all!

Setting up the Handsonic Pull Up takes just a couple of minutes. Forget about drills or screws with this device; this bar doesn’t need them! The bar features a pair of anti-skid devices on either side to ensure that there is absolutely no movement when you are hanging from the bar. This, combined with the massive user weight of 440 pounds makes this one of the most secure home use doorway pull up bars that I’ve personally come across.

The parts that make contact with your door frame are constructed from soft, anti-skid PVC material to provide maximum protection for your framing. With this bar, you will never have to worry about the frame cracking. A locking mechanism is also built into the frame to prevent even the slightest lateral movement.

The Handsonic Pull Up Bar excels in terms of portability. Because it is so easy to set up, you can throw it in your bag and take it with you when you’re traveling. At a weight of just 2.6 pounds, you won’t even notice that you’ve got it. And because it leaves no traces, you can confidently use it in hotel rooms.

The newest version of the Handsonic Pull Up is even more secure with a couple of security updates. The ergonomic grips on the bar provide for a secure, sweat-free grip. The bar can be used for a number of exercises apart from pull ups, including chin ups, hanging leg raises, push ups, sit ups, tricep dips, and sit ups.

What We Didn’t Like

There’s not much to dislike about the Handsonic Doorway Pull Up Bar. Because you are pulling within the confines of your doorframe, you do not get the option of a wider grip. Wide grip pull ups have been shown to work the muscles differently, placing more emphasis on the lats. There is also no provision for different grip positions, such as neutral or inverted. Finally, this bar can only be installed between a doorframe, so there is no way to mount it on your wall permanently. 

Final Word

The Handsonic Pull Up Bar is among the most secure, easy to install, and ergonomically friendly pull up bars we’ve come across. It would make an ideal workout tool, gift or investment for anyone who wants to get stronger and more muscular in the comfort of their own home.

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