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Best Workout Equipment for At-Home Fitness

And just like that, all the lights went out at the gym. With most communities on lockdown, we need to stay home and weather the storm. The novel coronavirus has forced us all to rethink our living and working habits. Keeping your body moving and your mind stimulated is more important than ever. Even though you’re stuck inside, you need to find a way to stay fit and healthy. Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to exercise effectively at home. And the right workout equipment at home can take your workout to the next level from the comfort of your living room.

To help you stay fit and healthy while at home, I’ve compiled a list of things you need to help you make the most out of your next workout. If you’re going to create a home gym, here are some essentials to get you started.

8 At-Home Workout Equipment Ideas

  1. Weighted Armbands
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Yoga Mat
  4. TRX Bands
  5. Dumbbells
  6. Weighted Jump Rope
  7. Kettlebell
  8. Foam Roller

1. Weighted Armbands

A little extra weight can go a long way. Strap-on weights provide more resistance. That added level of resistance makes each movement more of an effort so that you burn more calories. Weighted armbands also help increase muscle tone, stamina, and endurance.

A man putting on his weighted armband as part of his workout equipment at home.
Weighted Armband Provides Additional Resistance In Each Movement (Image source: Shutterstock)

2. Resistance Bands

Fitness bands are perfect for home workouts. They can work the whole body and take up very little space in your home gym. For such a small piece of equipment, it packs a big punch. You can improve your strength and athletic performance. The bands are also ideal for stretching and pre-workout mobility. Look out for high-quality bands like the 4KOR Fitness Bands. If you want to target your glutes and legs, resistance bands are a must.

3. Yoga Mat

Any home yoga practice needs a good yoga mat. Yoga mats make exercise more comfortable and support your body. Having a safe and comfortable place to practice yoga at home will help you commit to your practice. Showing up daily on your mat takes motivation, so give yourself the best chance of success. For some home yoga inspiration, check out Yoga With Adrienne for free online yoga videos.

4. TRX Bands

When anchored to a sturdy wall, the TRX Suspension Trainer becomes an all-in-one training system. This fitness solution can build muscle while helping you improve your posture and alignment. It’s an easy-to-use training system that is versatile enough to replace your gym membership.

5. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an essential part of your home gym. You can build muscle, raise your heart rate, and improve cardiovascular health. A good set of dumbbells is at the center of any fat-shredding workout. You can use them in a ton of different exercises.

A man lifting dumbbells at home.
Dumbbells Can Build Muscle And Raise Your Heart Rate (Image source: Shutterstock)

6. Weighted Jump Rope

Jump rope training is an effective way to stay fit with minimal equipment. Research shows that a 10-minute jump rope session is as efficient as a 30-minute jog. Jump rope also enhances mental sharpness, improves cardiovascular health, and increases muscle engagement. A weighted jump rope comes with adjustable weights tucked in the handles to make your workout more challenging.

7. Kettlebell

From deadlifts to swings, kettlebells are an essential piece of home workout equipment. It provides total body conditioning that helps to improve core strength, stability, and coordination. You can perform serious fat-burning kettlebell workouts in a short amount of time. It’s a great non-running cardio alternative to get a killer workout at home.

A man doing workout in his living room next to his kettlebell.
Kettlebells Is Essential In Core Strength Training (Image source: Shutterstock)

8. Foam Roller

Just because you’re working out at home instead of the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take rest and recovery seriously. Foam rolling helps to increase your mobility and release tension after an intense session. It will help you get rid of stubborn knots and smooth out your body.

Depending on how hard you’re going, there are different foam rollers available on the market. If you’re lifting heavy, then I would suggest the 321 Strong Foam Roller. But if you’re more into cardio and not breaking down muscle so heavily, then definitely go for the LuxFit Foam Roller.

Home Workouts Tips to Tighten and Tone

Despite gyms shutting down brick and mortar locations, so many fitness professionals remain committed to their clients’ health and fitness. Many trainers have already started live streaming workout classes to help people feel more connected in these uncertain times.

Intense 10 Minute Total Body Workout! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home – PsycheTruth

Thanks to social media, you have direct access to some of the top trainers and fitness experts. Streaming workouts are starting to pop up on multiple platforms: Instagram, Zoom, Facebook, and Skype. Some of the top names in fitness are bringing us virtual workouts. And your favorite go-to spots are offering free at-home workouts, like 305 Fitness, Rumble, and Sky Ting. Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho, has already created a 14-day quarantine workout plan to keep you motivated.

Virtual Training, Fitness Apps, and Live Streaming

With fitness app technology and bodyweight training, you don’t need to go to the gym to experience the benefits of group fitness and personal training. Virtual training platforms allow you to access expert direction in a group class setting without having to leave the house. Group fitness can help you stay motivated and keep your health and fitness on track. Here are some of the top fitness platforms to up your at-home exercise game:

  • Alo Moves virtual yoga classes
  • FitOn workout app 
  • Everybody Fights bodyweight workouts on Instagram Live 
  • Tonal virtual strength training 
  • Training Mate on-demand HIIT classes

How to Work Out at Home and Stay Motivated

In response to the novel coronavirus, gyms and fitness studios are temporarily closing their doors across the country. While this level of caution is needed, it’s still extremely important for people to find ways to exercise. Regular exercise can benefit immunity and is also essential for maintaining a healthy mindset.

With more time spent at home, the lines between work and relaxation can start to merge. It’s vital to stick to your workouts to keep a routine and maximize productivity. The right home workout equipment can make exercising at home much more effective. Even though you’re not hitting the gym, you can still challenge yourself and see results. We’re all in this together. So, let’s find a way to stay fit and healthy and make the most out of every workout.

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