Does LED Red Light Therapy Really Work?

LightStim for Pain

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Relieving arthritic pain, reducing join point, and reducing inflammation. Notable Attributes: The device can be used at home and can treat a variety of pains—joint, muscle, general inflammation, etc. It can also be used anywhere on the face, back arms, legs, and torso and emits a gentle heat that is very relaxing. t’s easy to use. You simply place the light on your skin lightly and it gets to work! It also acts very fast. I noticed temporary relief within 20 minutes of using it.


You may have to treat each area for up to 30 minutes. Although that isn’t technically a very long time, you can only treat one area at a time. So if you have several areas you want to treat, you could be sitting there for a while. In addition, as fast as it relieves pain, the LightStim does not permanently reduce your pain. In light of that, I think the cost of the device is a bit high. Types: LightStim does have other devices that use different kinds of light to reduce wrinkles and acne.

Bottom Line

When comparing LightStim up against other light therapies, the company is better. The LED bulbs never need to be replaced. Red Light therapy works; however it’s important to set your expectations properly. It provides quick relief, but doesn’t last as long as taking an ibuprofen. Supposedly, consistent treatment can heal the cause of the pain. I have not been using it long enough to support that claim. But stay tuned for another update in the future!


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The first time I’d ever heard about red light therapy was when they started putting red light therapy beds in tanning salons.  I hadn’t thought about them in a while, until I recently visited a doctor who specializes in athletic performance.  I don’t struggle with aches and pains so much, as I have a lot of built-up scar tissue that occurs naturally from lifting heavily.  So I went to see this doctor for some myofascial therapy.  However, after he finished, he pulled out the hokiest hand-held device I had ever seen, LightStim, that looked like something he had picked it up at a dollar store. Honestly, I thought there was no possible way this little gizmo could actually work.  

I was a good sport though, and lay down for 20 minutes with the LightStim across my upper back.  Surprisingly, I did feel some relief in the muscle knots in those specific areas. But it was a short-lived relief.

LightStim are supposed to have a variety of healing properties, based on the color light they emit.  The ones for pain—like the one the sports doctor used on me—use red light like the beds in the tanning salon.  LightStim claims that your body benefits from the red lights like plants do by absorbing the light and turning it into a healing energy.

So, does LightStim really work for pain?  I grabbed a handheld device from Amazon to check it out for myself.

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