Lululemon’s new SelfCare Line: Does this body care line work?

Anti-Stink Deodorant Aloe Lotus

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Details: First impression of the packaging: LOVE. Lululemon even thought to put little rubber footers on the cans so they don’t make a bunch of noise when you just toss them into your gym bag. This deodorant also keeps your health in mind with its aluminum-free formula that really helps you stink less. It is also a spray which, personally, is my favorite type of application. Spray formula, aluminum-free, natural, and very refreshing before and after your workouts or for everyday use.


It does leave clothing lines if you’re not careful. But, even the average “no-mark” deodorant does that.

Bottom Line

After a very difficult sweat session here in the AZ heat, and given the fact that I am definitely a sweater, this deodorant passes the test. I love that it’s health conscious and even smells nice. And for traveling sweat junkies, it even comes in a travel size, too.


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Lululemon’s new SelfCare Line: Does this body care line work?

I am all aboard Lululemon train. In fact, I’m pretty sure 85% of my wardrobe consists of Lululemon apparel. But, as good as they are at creating apparel for sweat junkies of all kinds, are they good at creating body care products that work?

I did my own research, and had some immediately shipped to my home. These are my findings on the new Lululemon deodorant product.

Anti-Stink Deodorant

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