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This Supplement Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Now Foods Selenium

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Good For: Maintaining thyroid health.

Notable Attributes: This specific brand is very pure; it contains no extra ingredients besides the rice flour and stearic acid that hold the capsules together. As such, it’s also suitable for vegetarians.

Besides balancing your thyroid hormones, selenium supports immune health, reduces asthma symptoms, protects against heart disease, and provides several other benefits. It comes in the dosage preferred by most professionals: 200 mcg. Usually doesn’t have any side -effects unless you take over 400 micrograms, which is considered an overdose.


Can cause stomach discomfort for some.

Bottom Line

Types: Comes in two different sizes: 180 count or 300.
This selenium supplement is great for a variety of health benefits and comes at a reasonable price for its great quality. It’s very pure and suitable to vegetarian diets as well.

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While it’s very difficult to speed up your metabolism, it’s so easy to slow it down!  Think about how much harder it is to lose weight than to gain it, for example. There’s so much misinformation on how to speed up your metabolism, that it’s even more difficult to do anything about it these days.

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In general, it’s important to realize you have very little control over your metabolism.  One thing to definitely avoid is the crash diet, as it can permanently damage your metabolic rate.

Some of the most common methods are building muscle, eating spices and coffee, and taking supplements. Each of these can impact your metabolic rate, but not in the long-run.  Spices and coffee cause too small of an increase to show any results. Building muscle does burn more fat, but it’s very hard for most of us to maintain the amount of exercise necessary to keep on all of that muscle mass!  The most common metabolic supplements, thermogenic, can also drive up your metabolism temporarily. Over time, though, they overtax your adrenal glands and increase your body’s response to stress.

One supplement that does seem to boost metabolism is selenium. Selenium regulates the production of thyroid hormones and keeps your thyroid healthy.  If your thyroid is unhealthy, it can produce less hormones, slowing your metabolism and causing weight gain.

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