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The Only Acid Reflux Remedy That Worked for Me

Nutri-West Total Upper GI

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Rating: 4 out of 5

All the ingredients in this supplement are all-natural. For example, it contains okra to feed the healthy bacteria in your stomach, L-Glutamine to repair your stomach and intestines, unsweetened licorice to eliminate gastric-ulcers, etc.
You should always consult a doctor before using, but anyone struggling with heartburn or similar symptoms repeatedly should find huge relief from this! It’s also great for preventative use.
Notable Attributes: Total Upper GI combines ingredients that improve digestion and heal your gut—healing your symptoms quickly.  I saw huge improvements after the first day and could eat a more normal diet after only one week.


The tablets aren’t encased in anything which means that they crumble easily when you put them into your mouth. The taste is already a bit off-putting (very herbal) so the crumbling texture can make it more difficult to tolerate.

Bottom Line

The ingredients are designed to heal your gut, reduce your stomach acid, and help you
metabolize your food more efficiently. The one con about this supplement is that it has a very strong herbal taste and crumbles easily. However, if you consult your doctor and he agrees this might work for you, Total Upper GI can be truly life changing! For example, I was able to tolerate drinking coffee again after a few days (which is very acidic and can increase heartburn symptoms) and had no more symptoms whatsoever after a week.

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I struggled with acid reflux for years.  I believe it was brought on by a food binge I had after a bodybuilding show that lasted several weeks.  To be honest, my overall gut health was just horrible at that point. Not only was I binging; I was also eating foods that were giving me allergic reactions.  Every time I would eat, my stomach would burn uncontrollably and that burning sensation would rise all the way up my throat until I felt like I was going to vomit.  I never had acid reflux before, and it developed so suddenly that I had no idea what was wrong with me. People always refer to acid reflux so nonchalantly—as if it’s just a normal thing you will experience in your lifetime.  I couldn’t imagine the extreme pain I was going through to be something that simple.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

First things first: what is acid reflux?  Typically people experience a burning pain in their stomachs and chests that may cause bloating, a sour taste in their mouths, bad breath, nausea, and vomiting. It occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter—the valve between the stomach and the esophagus—doesn’t stay closed after food passes through it.  This causes food and stomach acid to gurgle back up into your throat, causing the painful burning experience known as heartburn.

If it goes untreated, heartburn can lead to several complications and worsen drastically.  I went to several doctors, but none of them seemed to be able to identify what was wrong with me and my acid reflux intensified.  I would wake up with a flat stomach every morning but quickly became so bloated after my first meal that I couldn’t pull it back in.

Acid Reflux Complications

My heartburn was turning into something called leaky gut syndrome, where your food doesn’t just flow up into your esophagus but also escapes through tiny holes in your gut.  When this happens, you will usually develop an extreme burning sensation in your stomach, acne, brain fog, and constant pain. These extreme inflammatory responses can lead to arthritis, rashes, respiratory issues, autoimmune diseases, and fatigue if they go untreated.

Acid reflux degrades the condition of your gut health and can have dramatic effects on your health.  It is not something to treat lightly.

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

What causes acid reflux?  Obesity, stress, smoking, and poor diet choices can all lead to acid reflux.  If you eat too much or have a diet high in caffeine, alcohol, or refined foods, you may develop chronic heartburn.  Certain medications have also been linked to heartburn since they often affect the balance of healthy bacteria in your stomach and damage your stomach lining.  For a more in-depth look at how to protect yourself from acid reflux, read how to improve your gut health.

What Worked for Me

In my case, I would experience intense symptoms when I would eat fatty, processed foods.  When I started following a strict diet, these symptoms would go away until I ate another unhealthy meal.  Eventually, as I continued to yo-yo back and forth between healthy and unhealthy foods, my body became constantly irritated.

Nutri-West Product Review on Total Enzymes, Total FLM, Adreno Lyph Plus – Professional Supplement Center

I cut out foods I was sensitive to, and some of my symptoms subsided.  However, I still had an upset stomach almost every single day and nothing I did seemed to help.  Anyone with these symptoms knows it can be really hard to go to school or work, because of the extreme pain it causes.  It was really affecting my quality of life and my ability to do simple tasks. I read countless articles on acidic foods to cut out and other foods to incorporate to heal my gut.  Still nothing!

Like many people, I started to accept that health problems may just be a part of being human.  I tried countless prescriptions from my doctor and checked out almost every natural heartburn remedy with no result.  Then one day, I found my miracle supplement! This supplement, called Total Upper GI, is made out of all-natural ingredients that work together to heal the gut and prevent future incidents.  I was blown away by how quickly it worked; I felt 10 times better the first day I took it. After suffering from heartburn for so many years, it was amazing to find something that reduced my stomach acid and started healing my stomach so quickly!!

Concluding Thoughts

Chronic acid reflux is extremely painful and can cause extreme health problems.  First, it’s important to make sure you are making healthy lifestyle choices to heal your symptoms.  Eating nutritious foods low in acidity, avoiding certain medications, and not overstuffing yourself will all help you eliminate heartburn.  Using proper supplementation with these lifestyle changes is also helpful, and that’s where Total Upper GI comes in. Because its ingredients work to heal your gut and prevent excessive acid build-up, it will speed up your healing process and protect you from future incidents.