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Original Hemp Daily Dose Tinctures Review

Daily Dose 33mg Tinctures Variety Pack - 12 ct. | Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (396MG)

Original Hemp Daily Dose Tinctures

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Original Hemp tinctures come in several flavors and have demonstrated the ability to relieve discomfort from minor aches and pains. Hemp is a safe and affordable alternative to prescription and even over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications. Even if you take too much, there are no negative side effects that cannot be cured with a long nap. In fact, the most commonly reported side effect of taking too much hemp oil is sleepiness.


Hemp and CBD products are still relatively new to the consumer market. As a result, we are still uncertain about the full extent of hemp’s capabilities. In some communities, hemp may still carry a social stigma, and some people do not like the taste or smell of hemp and hemp products.

Bottom Line

Original Hemp’s tincture is an affordable, safe, and legal alternative to THC. It does not cause intoxication and is considered to be an over-the-counter product. Hemp has a wide variety of CBD benefits, so if you want to try it out, there are no reasons to worry.

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Hemp Extracts Can Be Very Beneficial

Hemp comes in many forms and has been used medicinally since before the beginning of recorded history. Hemp is central to the production of many traditional medicines and has been recognized for its usefulness in many diverse cultures. The oil and CBD extracts have been used to relieve symptoms of epilepsy, glaucoma, and chronic pains, and other forms of discomfort. 

Woman suffering from abdominal pain in living room about to use original hemp daily dose tinctures.
The Oil And CBD Extracts Have Been Used To Relieve Forms Of Discomfort (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Fibrous hemp products have been incredibly useful for thousands of years. The Chinese made the first paper from hemp in 150 BCE. Hemp was originally used primarily as a source of fiber to make rope and other textiles. Most forms of hemp are not used as intoxicants and have very little of the THC found in marijuana. Before it was made illegal in the early 20th century, hemp products were very popular in the Americas. The oil was used in paint, ink, varnishes, and even as lamp oil. The fibrous parts of the plant were used to make durable wagon covers, ropes, and even some forms of clothing. 

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract vs. Isolates

There are many different ways to prepare hemp tinctures. When you use the entire plant to make your extract, it’s called a whole-plant or full-spectrum hemp extract. This method is popular with people who don’t want to miss out on any benefits that haven’t yet been identified by science. 

Sometimes, you have a problem that is very specific and can be treated by a known compound. Isolates are useful in these cases because you can get a big dose of something you know you need. This is especially helpful when you’re attempting to treat a problem and haven’t found the best solution. This is an exciting time for hemp products and CBD oils. New treatments are being tried and evaluated every day. Some of them are more effective than others, and different people react in different ways. If you have found uses for hemp, then you are part of this movement and are participating in the expansion of knowledge about healing. As these investigations move forward, I am confident new and exciting uses will be discovered and refined. 

There are many CBD oil benefits, including the relief of pain and anxiety. But there are also many myths about CBD oils. Some think it can cause intoxication similar to THC. Some early hemp tinctures and CBD oils were contaminated with THC, which makes this myth understandable. But pure hemp or CBD oil has no appreciable amount of THC and cannot cause intoxication. 

In addition to hemp tinctures, CBDistillery products are an excellent source of cannabinoid therapeutics. One of the more innovative products to emerge recently is the CBD pillow. If you have trouble sleeping, this pillow may help. As you sleep, it releases CBD aromatics that can help you achieve a restful state of sleep.  

What is a Tincture, and Why Should I Try One?

A tincture is just something (typically an herb or plant of some kind) that was soaked in alcohol to allow the plant of choice to steep. This product is a full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning no one part of the plant was isolated, you get the full CBD benefit of the complete plant without the hassle. It includes hemp CBD, which has become a popular alternative to the THC found in marijuana products. It is especially popular in places where THC is still illegal, because it can be purchased and consumed legally in most places. 

Side view of man taking cbd oil at home.
Liquid CBD Hemp Can Deliver The Exact Amount You Want (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Tinctures allow you to control your dose more easily than hemp from other forms like creams and lotions. Pills have accurate dosing but are not as versatile as a liquid that can deliver the exact amount you want. The topical varieties can also be messy and leave you feeling greasy or stain your clothes. Hemp tinctures are fast, convenient, and easy. 

Can cbd help lose weight? I’ve heard this question a lot. The science is not conclusive, but there is evidence indicating it can help. One of the main reasons we overeat is for emotional comfort. If CBD or hemp products can help relieve anxiety or tension, they can help replace comfort eating. 

Original Hemp Daily Dose Tinctures Review

You can take hemp oil or CBD products in dozens of different ways. Edibles, vapes, tinctures, and oils; even lotions and creams. But what’s the best way to take hemp? 

CBD Oil 101: Doctor Explains for ABSOLUTE Beginners – Post Script

The answer depends entirely on you and your personal needs. 

CBD and hemp oils are relatively new to the marketplace, first becoming popular in the mainstream less than ten years ago. The first CBD products were original hemp tinctures, because they are easy to make and use. Tinctures are also easy to combine with other ingredients, so it is easy to make a personalized product that is ideal for your individual needs. The dropper on a tincture bottle gives you flexibility with dosing other methods like edibles, pills, and vapes. 

If you are looking for safe, natural alternatives for relief from pain and other chronic ailments, I recommend you give Original Hemp tinctures a try.