ProsourceFit Airex Balance Pad Review

By Soji James, CPT, CSCS

Airex Balance Pad

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The soft, giving material of the pad constantly challenges your balance and muscle coordination. It really takes stability training to the next level.


It can be pricey, but the quality that you get is better than that of the cheaper alternatives on the market.

Bottom Line

When it comes to balance training, one of my favorite tools is the Airex Balance Pad. Due to the soft, giving foam, the body is constantly challenged to maintain its center of gravity and stability of the joints. As opposed to training without it, this training tool allows you to engage more muscles on a deeper level. The pad itself is pretty versatile and can be utilized by virtually anyone. I have successfully utilized it for rehabilitative purposes for older clients and have used it enhance the athletic potential of professional athletes. It is also multifunctional; for  example, it’s an amazing prop to use in mobility work. This is truly the best balance pad that you can find on the market today! It continues to set the standard for the industry. I would easily give it 4.5/5 stars.


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Enhance Your Balance Training with the Airex Pad

Balance may be something that you never think about, but it plays an integral role in athletic performance and our everyday lifestyle. Whether you are breaking through a tackle to explode into an end zone, or jumping up and down to your favorite artist at a music festival, our bodies search for the positioning that makes us feel our safest. In this ProsourceFit Airex balance pad review, I look at the pros and cons of this piece of fitness equipment.

How This Balance Pad Can Help

Finding and maintaining your center of gravity is critical to your success because, frankly, conditions just aren’t always perfect. You could lose your footing while scampering over loose rocks. Or, you might slip on a wet spot on a basketball court. It’s even possible that you could trip crossing the street or coming down a flight of stairs. Other types of fitness equipment can help you to improve your coordination, such as the Suples Bulgarian Bag. However, you can enhance your sense of postural control with balance training, using the Airex pad. Consequently, you will be able to skillfully navigate these potentially dangerous situations. Balance training could be the difference between a major injury and shaking it off to run another play.

Maybe you are implementing new running exercises into your workout regimen as you prepare for a marathon for beginners. Or perhaps you are getting into power stepper exercises or ramping up your burpees exercises. No matter your current fitness goals, having a stronger core and better balance will help you reach them. Consider using a balance pad to create this strong foundation.

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