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Puracy Cleaner Review: How Good is this Natural Surface Cleaner?

Puracy All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Puracy All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Puracy All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate has been called “the best all-purpose cleaner” by the New York Times. It’s adept for use on a variety of surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, and it can even be used on finished wood, car dashboards, glass, jewelry, and electronics. The cleaner is hypoallergenic and is a plant-based formula that has undergone testing and production from doctors. One bottle of the concentrate is able to make one gallon of cleaner when combined with water.


The cleaner’s been known to leave streaks, which means you might have to spend a bit of extra time scrubbing areas you’re looking to clean. The concentrated nature of the product can produce odors that might be overpowering to some if not diluted properly.

Bottom Line

Puracy All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is a great option for those interested in an all-purpose cleaner that does not emit an odor of vinegar or harsh chemicals. The concentrate is able to be used and diluted to make large amounts of cleaning solution as needed, making it a great option for those who are looking for an effective product on a budget.

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The Best All-Purpose Cleaner

The doctors and scientists at Puracy have outdone themselves by creating a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients with top-shelf potency. Independent evaluations from institutions like the New York Times and agree and have added their recommendations to the list. Today I will explore natural and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions with my Puracy all-purpose cleaner concentrate review.

Puracy 100% Natural All-Purpose Household Cleaner –
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Puracy makes remarkable products that are guaranteed to clean non-fabric surfaces without leaving streaks or residue. Their all-purpose concentrate is a plant-based solution that has been tested on dozens of the most common household messes. The most testing was done on food, soda, juice, pet accidents, grease, oil, tree sap, lipstick, and glues.

Puracy is useful on more than just durable hard surfaces like porcelain bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops, and hardwood floors. It has also been tested and rated safe for marble, vinyl, windows, steering wheels and dashboards, wheels, blinds, laminate surfaces, painted surfaces, stone, quartz, and toys. It’s even safe for jewelry. Just be careful not to use it on porous or absorbent surfaces, and you’re good to go.

Pleasant aromas can calm the mood and soothe jangled nerves. Whenever I clean with bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals, I have to leave the windows open to air out the place. Puracy cleans without the noxious fumes. Instead, you get the gentle smells of green tea and lime leaves, leaving your house feeling comfortable and welcoming. I’ve committed to an all-natural, biodegradable cleaning system, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

Taking care of the environment is important, but not everyone can afford the extra expense this sometimes entails. To that end, Puracy has made their cleaner available in a concentrated version that is fifty-eight percent cheaper than the spray bottle, making it ideal for cost-conscious families and households.

Earth-Friendly Products

The world seems dirtier and more crowded than ever. Every day I read stories about environmental catastrophes and challenges. It makes me feel better when I know I am doing what I can to be a part of the solution. The problem is vast and daunting, but if we all do our own small part, we can and will succeed.

Plant-based cleaning products don’t just leave your house smelling nice, they cause less contamination downstream. Natural cleaning products that are biodegradable contribute to environmental wellness by leaving a smaller footprint in the water cycle. They are also less likely to contribute to soil contamination in landfills. When Puracy goes down the drain, water-treatment plants do not have to work as hard as when you use bleach or industrial solvents.

Puracy is a great company with a reputation that can’t be beat. The more I get to know them, the happier I am with how they act and the products they provide. As we learn how to navigate a world filled with more and more complexity, it can be hard to make the right choices. That’s why I’m grateful for companies like Puracy who make my decisions easier.

Altruism isn’t the only reason to upgrade your cleansers. By choosing plant-based, all-natural cleansers, you’re storing fewer harsh chemicals and poisons in your house, which makes your living spaces safer and more friendly. Puracy has created a product many people like me believe is actually superior, so you don’t have to compromise quality for safety.

The reputation of eco-friendly cleaning products continues to improve, and are now to the point where many are as good or better than their industrial counterparts. They are a little more expensive up-front, but because they are easier on the system, they may be cheaper for society in the long-run.

To Create a More Ec-Friendly Life, Start With My Puracy All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate Review

I believe it’s important to always be looking for ways to improve. It’s a big part of the secret to my success. I routinely go through my entire life and look for things that need to be changed or improved. This caused my cleaning cabinet to go through a radical transformation, and I’m surprised about how happy that makes me feel.

I’ve become a big fan of Puracy, and it is now my go-to multi-surface cleaner. I used to dread cleaning because of the smelly chemicals and noxious fumes. It’s still not my favorite activity, but now I look forward to the bright, clean smells that come with cleaning. These days, when I’m feeling down, I look for something that needs cleaning. You can’t change everything about the world, but you can make your corner a little cleaner.

I’ve made a few cleaning upgrades in my garage, too. I’ve added Shine Society glass and window cleaner to my basket to keep the glass on my car as clean and clear as possible. Like Puracy, it is all-natural and safe to use around your children and pets. Their special blend of ingredients cleans away dirt, grime, and germs, and doesn’t streak or smear.

It’s important to be environmentally responsible, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cleanliness. If you use the right products, you never have to ask whether you should wash your workout clothes every time. Keeping yourself clean and healthy is a big part of sustainable living and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. You can try my self-care ideas to give you inspiration on other things you can do to protect yourself and the environment.

How committed are you to sustainable living? Try Puracy today, and see if it belongs in your cleaning supplies.