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Skechers Men’s GOrun Fast – Valor Review

Skechers Men's Go Fast Valor-Performance Running and Walking Shoe Sneaker

Skechers Men’s GOrun Fast – Valor

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Skechers GOrun Fast are lightweight, well-cushioned, and great for many different workouts both inside and outside. The 5GEN midsole cushioning offers incredible comfortability. Add the breathable mesh upper and you get a go-to workout shoe. The Air Cooled Goga Mat insole provides support along with shock absorption. It is moisture-wicking, making these shoes a fantastic choice if your feet are prone to sweating a lot. The sole is designed for responsive traction and ground feel, making them a perfect choice for treadmill lovers. They come in different colors, so anyone can find their favorite. And the best part—they are machine washable. All you have to do is line dry them. They also have a slip-on design, which I always love.

The Skechers GOrun Fast are true to size, so if you’re ordering them online, make sure to order your regular number.


Some might argue that the Skechers GOrun Fast are not so comfortable, and that the shoelaces strapped to the sides of the horizontal strip of fabric make them less stretchy than you might like. The mesh upper is prone to tears, so they might start to tear if you wear them every day. You also might slip if you’re running on wet surfaces, so make sure to be careful if that’s the case. Although many reviews say they’re not true to size, I found that they fit perfectly. But then again, every foot is different, so it’s only natural that everyone will have a different experience. But the overall feel is absolutely amazing.

Bottom Line

The Skechers GOrun Fast are designed for runners, but their next-level comfort, with a 5GEN midsole and mesh fabric at the top, makes them an excellent choice for any exercise, whether you’re working out in the gym or on the field. They are true to size and lightweight, plus they’re affordable, so there’s no good reason not to buy these. The best thing about the Skechers GOrun Fast is that they’re machine washable. You just need to let them air dry. The variety of colors only adds to why I recommend these shoes. The only con is that they can wear out pretty fast and be slippery, but being careful will be enough to keep you safe.

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Best Lightweight Running Shoes

Every running shoe should be a lightweight, comfortable fit, have cushioning, and have proper stability and support. Naturally, your experience over the thousands of miles you will be taking them on might be the most important thing.

If you’re in the process of looking for your next great pair of shoes for your morning run or while doing your plyometric exercises, we’ve tested Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor, and all we have to say is that they’re amazing.

Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor Review

Although Adidas Ultraboost 20 or Nike Women’s Air Vapormax might come  to mind first when you think about running shoes, Skechers is continually showing up with great running designs month after a month. Even though they are considered a baby company compared to the big brands, Skechers’s willingness to compete against them is justified.

Producing quality shoes, starting to dominate the running industry, and niching down is a great way to succeed, especially when they’re producing one of the best training shoes.

Skechers launched their GOrun line in 2011, and we have seen such great models since then. We have no doubt we’ll continue to see quality products in the years to come.

Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor is a great running shoe, mostly because of its comfortability and its lightweightedness, apart from other great features even professional runners can’t deny.

Why Is Cushioning So Important?

Most of the time, if we’re talking lightweight shoes, it is easy to conclude that their lightweightedness means less cushioning. Research shows that you expend more aerobic energy with heavier shoes, but it also shows that you’re getting exhausted much faster. That’s why studies support the use of light footwear to optimize running performance.

Back view of a young male athlete launching off the start line in a race with a great sole like skechers men's go run fast - valor.
Having Proper Cushioning Has A Significant Impact On A Runner’s Performance (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor is both lightweight and cushioning. With its 5GEN midsole, it makes you feel like running on clouds. 

If you’re running longer rounds, you want as much cushioning as possible. Otherwise, your feet might feel the impact of the ground, the stones, and an uneven surface. Having proper cushioning has a significant impact on a runner’s performance, and while crucial, other factors can also impact the runner’s efficiency…

Lightweight Running Shoes

…and that’s lightweightedness. 

If you’re an experienced runner or even a beginner, you know how important it is to use light footwear if you want your best performance with every marathon or even quick run.

SKECHERS Go Run Fast – Valor – Shop Zappos

Usually, if you’re a beginner or someone who runs a few miles a couple of times per week, what you’re looking for is a good option for a basic running shoe.However, if you’re a professional runner, you’ll be looking at a lot of different factors, and lightweightedness is one of the most important ones. Although there’s a slightly greater chance of injury with lighter footwear, you’ll be running a marathon approximately 57 seconds faster in 3.5 oz footwear.

Also, keep in mind that, just like in every aspect of our lives, there’s no perfect shoe. There is an ideal shoe for you, however.Every foot is different, and not everyone’s needs and desires are the same. 

Multiple factors can impact your shoe shopping day. When it comes to buying running shoes, many things come into play—your weight, the surface you’re running on, the shape of your feet, as well as your biomechanics. 

That being said, there’s no one one-style-fits-all shoe. 

Most reviews you find online are tied to what the shoe can’t do for you. However, in reality, the best shoe is the one that lets you do your thing without pinching, stabbing, heaviness, excessive sweating, and other things that could cause trouble to your running. So why not try the Skechers’s GOrun Fast – Valor shoe, and see if it works for you!