Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Review From Runners

Nike’s Air Vapormax sneakers are light, bouncy, and slick. Available in a ton of different colorways, the running shoes are both stylish and practical. Decades of research and testing from Nike has culminated in an incredibly lightweight shoe. The sports brand is a popular option for shoes among runners. But is it the right choice for you? Keep reading this Nike women’s Air Vapormax review to find out more.

Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Review: First Impressions

Runners rave about this shoe for its comfort, durability, and protection. It’s even been described as “running on air.” The Nike Air Vapormax launched in 2017 to celebrate thirty years of Nike’s Air Max technology. Although Air Technology isn’t new, the innovative design allowed for the most Air in any Nike sneaker. Structurally, there is no foam in the shoe. Instead, the Flyknit upper sits on top of the Air units on the outside of the shoe.

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Traditionally Nike Vapormax models feature a sock-like Flyknit material. Nike’s Flyknit technology is known for being lightweight and form-fitting. It creates a seamless shoe upper. All this results in a much more breathable shoe that delivers a kind of second-skin feeling. The Flyknit upper extends around the heel and feels soft and less structured than other types of sneakers. On the other hand, the sole sometimes feels a little stiffer than you first expect.

When it comes to running exercises and training, the Nike Women’s Air Vapormax has some serious grip. There are small plastic grips along the sole and outer edges of the shoe. These grips are in the perfect place for contact on the ground when running.

You will find that the sneakers feature strategically located air pockets at specific pressure points on the sneakers. This allows for effective landing and takeoff. With the thickest air pocket at the back of the shoe, these sneakers are a good choice for heel strikers. Because of the sectioned air units, you feel slightly elevated. It’s a similar feeling to wearing track spikes. The Air technology majorly caters to runners, but it can take a little while to get used to the light-on-your-toes feeling.

The Best Running Shoes for Women

Because there is no foam midsole, it’s hard to compare Nike Air Vapormax to other shoes. It’s unique in the way it feels.

So, who exactly would benefit from these sneakers?

To break the shoes in, you need to be willing to put in the miles. If you’ve owned a pair of women’s Nike sneakers in the last thirty years, it’s likely that you have already experienced Air technology. But the Air Vapormax is different. In the beginning, the soles can feel somewhat stiff. However, once broken, they are bouncy and help your feet feel less fatigued. The unique sensation on your feet may be slightly odd at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Nike’s Air Vapormax sneakers are suitable for a range of different surfaces and running speeds. One thing to note is that if you have a big under or overpronation, these shoes might not offer the stability you need in order to run. Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls inward as you run. It’s a natural movement and changes from person to person. People with flat feet tend to have more flexible arches, which are more likely to flatten too much. If you need extra ankle support, you may find these shoes lacking as the upper design is super minimal.

As the Air Vapormax has exposed air units, it’s easy to think they could pop or damage easily. But this isn’t the case. With durable, reinforced plastic and grips underneath, the sneakers use high-quality materials. You would have to apply a ton of pressure to puncture the sole deliberately.

How to Pick the Best Running Shoes

Nike has a ton of options when it comes to sneakers. It’s a good idea to match your activity with your shoe. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable footwear that’s perfect for the gym and running errands, the Nike women’s Air Max 270 is a must-have. If you want something super lightweight, but has an edge, Air Vapormax will work for you.

The Air Vapormax is great on track surfaces. If you tend to run on rougher surfaces, the traction and grip are particularly useful. You probably wouldn’t run a marathon in these shoes, but they are ideal for regular training and shorter distance races.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your running sneakers, so find a comfortable shoe that fits you like a glove. Every brand and shoe size will fit slightly differently. The best running shoe is the one that fits you the best and feels the most comfortable. Here are some top tips for choosing the right running shoes:

  • Decide what surface you will run on. 
  • Think about how far you will run. 
  • Determine your foot type and gait. 
  • Try shoes on to ensure a proper fit.

Stylish and Comfortable Footwear

In a market that demands high performance and street style, Nike’s Air Vapormax radically reinvents Nike’s Air Cushioning technology. This comfortable pair of running shoes is lightweight and stylish.

Fitness girl is preparing to run from a low start perfect for nike women's air vapormax.
If You Love Comfortable And Stylish Sneakers, You Need To Add These To Your Collection (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Back in 1987, Air Max technology was innovative. Over the years, Nike has had several varieties of Air Max sneakers. But Air Vapormax takes the technology to a new level. The Air Vapormax is essentially a full-length Air sole and Flyknit upper. The Nike design team wanted to create a shoe that was like walking on air. Although some find it lacking in sole flexibility, it’s safe to say the creative minds behind the sneakers did a pretty good job.

If you love comfortable and stylish sneakers, you need to add these to your collection. You will not be disappointed. Whether you’re a casual runner or can’t go a day without training, these running shoes will be a major player in any workout wardrobe. The Air Vapormax is a solid all-around shoe that is ideal for city runners as well as more adventurous off-road runners.