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Five Health Benefits of Creatine HCL (Hydrochloride)

Adding creatine to a healthy diet can help you build muscle, but do you know the additional health benefits of creatine HCL?

Creatine for Beginners | Things You Need to Know – leanbodylifestyle

Cultivating a lifestyle that includes regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. Regularly adding small changes can fine-tune your abilities and keep your routine relevant to your current needs.

Supplements are a great change you can make to help perfect your routine. Creatine is popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it is clinically proven to provide dramatic results.

Most people have heard about creatine and know that it can be used for muscle gain. Creatine has been around for decades, and as it has been studied, other formulations have been made to give it an extra kick.

Creatine hydrochloride, otherwise known as Creatine HCL, is one of the most exciting and popular formulations. Keep reading to explore my favorite health benefits of creatine HCL.

  1. Creatine HCL is More Soluble in Water
  2. Creatine HCL is Absorbed Faster by the Body
  3. Creatine HCL is Easier on the Stomach
  4. Creatine HCL Does More With Less
  5. Creatine HCL May Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

1. Creatine HCL is More Soluble in Water

Creatine doesn’t have many side effects, but some people report feeling bloated after taking creatine. This may be due to the fact that older formulations of creatine needed to be mixed with a lot of water.

Male athlete makes a creatine hcl cocktail in a black tumbler with tablets and jar in the background.
Creatine HCL Uses Less Water Because It Is More Soluble Means It Is Easier To Add To Protein Shakes (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Creatine HCL uses less water because it is more soluble, and as a result, there are fewer complaints about bloating. As an added bonus, the greater solubility means it is easier to add to protein shakes. Understanding the importance of protein helps you gain lean muscle faster. My favorite types of protein powder all mix well with creatine and other supplements. You can use many different kinds of protein, based on your needs and your own unique tastes.

2. Creatine HCL is Absorbed Faster by the Body

People who take creatine report having more power and greater anaerobic endurance. This is because muscle function requires creatine, and most people don’t get enough creatine in their regular diet. This doesn’t hurt your health, but it does impact your athletic performance. People who supplement with creatine are able to get more out of their muscles because it helps them work harder for longer.

Muscular man clapping hands with magnesium powder and preparing for workout at gym.
People Who Supplement With Creatine Are Able To Get More Out Of Their Muscles (Image Source: Shutterstock)

3. Creatine HCL is Easier on the Stomach

Some people experience an upset stomach when they take creatine. Because creatine HCL can be taken in lower doses and is more soluble in water, it seems to create less stomach upset.  Keeping your stomach happy is an important part of wellness. An upset stomach makes you less likely to get the right nutrition. Using good recovery foods will help you feel better and recover faster from your workouts. The more fun you have, the easier it will be to make exercise a fundamental part of your life.

Strong athletic man muscular body with healthy tummy.
Keeping Your Stomach Happy Is An Important Part Of Wellness (Image Source: Shutterstock)

4. Creatine HCL Does More With Less

Creatine HCL is absorbed faster and more completely by the body, so you can take a smaller dose to get the same effect. Older formulations recommend five grams or more per dose, but you only need one or two grams of creatine HCL.

Creatine powder in scoop and plastic shaker on wooden background.
Creatine HCL Is Absorbed Faster By The Body So You Only Need One Or Two Grams Of Creatine HCL (Image Source: Shutterstock)

5. Creatine HCL May Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

First of all, if you have medical reasons for controlling your sugar, consult with your doctor about the best and safest ways to manage your health.

Bowl and scoop with white sand and lump sugar on wooden background
Creatine Stimulates Muscle Cells To Absorb More Sugar To Make More Energy (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Diabetics and people on a low carb or Keto diet may find Creatine HCL helps them control their blood sugar levels easier. Sugar is really bad for you, and more supporting evidence keeps coming out all the time.

Creatine stimulates muscle cells to absorb more sugar to make more energy. This helps drop your blood sugar level without the need for insulin. When your blood sugar gets too high, your body releases insulin, which tells the body to turn sugar into fat. Creatine HCL absorbs and functions better than other forms of creatine, so it should impact your blood sugar faster.

Supplements For Muscle Growth Like Creatine HCL Can Revolutionize Your Workout

If you want to burn fat or build muscle, taking creatine HCL can help you achieve superior results. Creatine is in most of the best muscle-building supplements, so there are many ways you can add it to your plans.

The fit athlete doing exercises at stadium.
Creatine Helps You Extend Your Strength Training Session And Increase Your Total Reps By Boosting Your Energy Stores (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Anaerobic exercise is the most important path to take when you want to learn how to build muscle. Supplements for muscle growth help you get more out of weight training, but building muscle also burns more calories. Weight training for fat loss is growing in popularity and can be an important tool when you want to burn fat quickly and safely.

In order to add lean muscle mass, you have to put your muscles under a heavy load. Creatine helps you extend your strength training session and increase your total reps by boosting your energy stores. By lifting more weight, you are able to add more muscle. I use the Powerblock Kettlebell to add an element of weight training to my cardio routines. The ergonomic shape helps me perfect my form and juice my HIIT workouts.

Your exercise routine can also be shaped to enhance other areas of your life. Functional fitness exercises focus on enhancing your ability to do specific tasks. Sports athletes, for example, use functional fitness exercises to target the most important muscles for their game. Improvements in strength and flexibility will give them a competitive edge.

Even if you don’t play sports, functional fitness can help you out. Physical therapists prescribe functional fitness exercises to their patients so they can heal faster. The better you get at planning your workout, the more it will improve your performance and up your game.

I hope you enjoyed our exploration of creatine HCL. How can you use your new knowledge to enhance your workout and elevate your state?

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