Home Fitness Equipment that’s Worth Buying Today

Working out at home is a convenient way to stay in shape. You can keep your own schedule, you don’t have to wait for machines, and you don’t have to worry about other people watching you. If you set it up right, you can even watch TV or movies while you get your sweat on. I love being able to multitask like that!

The lockdowns connected with the COVID-19 pandemic have inspired a lot of people to build their own home gym. It’s a safe way to stay in shape and keep busy, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. You don’t even have to set aside an entire room.

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Working Out at Home is a Convenient Way to Stay in Shape (Image Source: Shutterstock)

If space is a major concern, home equipment like the TRX Suspension Trainer takes practically no space. It’s super portable and a great tool that can work out every muscle group in your body. I like to take it with me on vacation as travel workout equipment, so even when a gym isn’t available, I can get in a total body workout. I especially like the agility exercises.

The bodyboss portable gym is a slightly larger option that still doesn’t take up much space and gives you a stronger platform for resistance. It’s too big to stuff in a carry-on bag though, so I only take it when I have room in a checked bag.

Working out at home can be easy, fun, and affordable. Equipment exists to fit any budget, from a simple speed rope and pull-up bar to a fully-loaded home gym with machines and free weights. Keep reading to find out more about exciting home gym essentials that can help you attain your fitness goals while staying under budget.

The Perfect Home Gym

If you are considering buying fitness equipment for at-home workouts, the first thing you need to review is your goals. Is your main focus cardio, strength training, or flexibility? If you like short, high-intensity workouts, then you’ll need different equipment than people who prefer long workouts that are low-impact.

First, make sure you don’t overextend yourself and stay inside your budget. Once that is settled, make a wish list of all the things you want. Then make a list of everything you currently use when you go to the gym.

How to Build a $500 Home Gym on Amazon

The exact equipment you use at the gym may not be as good as something you can get for your home. Gym owners usually have to compromise on their equipment so they can please the largest number of people. You only have to think about yourself.

Xterra Fitness has many solutions that are high quality and surprisingly affordable. Take each item on your list and look at the full range of alternatives. You can customize your workout equipment at home for your ideal routine.

Exercise Equipment from Xterra Fitness

It can be hard knowing what to buy, and it helps if you know what will give you the best bang for the buck. I’ve compiled a shortlist to help you sort through the noise:

The Elliptical

A good elliptical machine gives you a good cardio workout without any hard shocks to your joints. The motions are similar to walking, so it builds muscle in ways that you will use when you’re not working out. If you like ellipticals, you can also get an elliptical bike, which is a cross between a scooter and an elliptical machine. There’s no seat. You stand up and go through the same motions as on an elliptical machine as you power yourself through the park, down the road, or up a trail.

EU150 Hybrid Elliptical from Xterra Fitness
Hybrid Elliptical (Image Source: XTERRA Fitness)

The downside to the elliptical machine is that it doesn’t do much to help you build muscle, especially for the upper body. The movement feels unnatural and can take some getting used to.


A good treadmill will burn about the same amount of energy as jogging, but with a lighter impact on your joints. You program your treadmill to simulate different kinds of terrain and even help you prepare for races. It’s easy to watch TV while you’re running, so you can exercise and keep up with your favorite programs at the same time.

TRX5500 Treadmill from XTERRA Fitness
Treadmill (Image Source: XTERRA Fitness)

There are a few downsides to treadmills. They don’t work the same muscles as jogging and running, because you interact differently with a motorized platform than with a stationary surface like a road or trail. Treadmills don’t get you out into fresh air and sunshine, so it can be a little boring. 

Rowing Machines

My favorite is the rowing machine because it gives my arms and legs a solid workout at the same time. The whole-body coordination feels good, too. If you want a phenomenal full-body workout it’s hard to beat a rowing machine. Most people can wear themselves out in 30 minutes, so it’s an efficient way to burn calories, build muscle, or both! The smooth, easy motions are also gentle on your joints, making for an ideal low-impact solution. A rowing machine is also cheaper than a stationary bike or treadmill, so it’s easier on your bank account, too.

ERG650W Rower from XTERRA Fitness
Rower (Image Source: XTERRA Fitness)

If you have a weak lower back or chronic back pain, you may want to avoid the rowing machines. They put a lot of strain on your back muscles, and if you’re not careful you could pull something.

Because of how strenuous a rowing machine workout can be, you want to start out slow and be careful to not overdo it. The machines are also pretty noisy, so if you put a rowing machine in your house it may be a nuisance for others.

Stationary Bikes

If you want to burn a lot of calories without a lot of strain on your joints, a stationary bike may be the right thing for you. It’s a lot safer than riding a bike outside, and you’re less likely to injure yourself on a stationary bike than on many other machines. The latest popular trend is the Airbike. The simple design, large fan, and distinctive look provide an aesthetic look that costs less than many comparable alternatives.

FB350 Folding Bike from XTERRA Fitness
Stationary Bike (Image Source: XTERRA Fitness)

The biggest downside to a stationary bike is that you don’t get any upper body workout at all. You’ll need to do additional exercises for your arms and chest. It’s great for cardio workouts, but you will burn fewer calories on a bike than on a treadmill or rowing machine.

Building an At-Home Gym can be Easy and Fun

There are many benefits of exercise. Don’t let the hectic pace of life or complications from lockdowns get in the way of exercise and good health. You can get all the benefits and actually save time by building a home gym. 

Can you simplify your life and get a better body at the same time? Having a home gym, even if it’s just a single piece of equipment, can make a huge difference. I recommend you look at Xterra Fitness for some great ideas to help you build a better you and start building your home gym today!