A Word From Our Founders

“Digital fatigue is real – every day a new supplement, workout, diet fad or yoga pant is thrown in our faces, either by an influencer or by ads. This isn’t bad, but we don’t want people to feel overwhelmed and confused about what they’re buying or what they see in the fitness space anymore. And even if you’re not overwhelmed or confused, the least we can do is help by providing information that’s easy to digest, spoken in your language, and delivered in a way that informs your purchasing decisions and makes them easier. We aim to disrupt in a value-first way while building a brand around our concept that is content-driven and community first,” said Thomas Drew, co-founder and President of 1AND1.

Thomas Drew
Thomas Drew, co-founder and President of 1AND1

1AND1 offers two core products: a digital consumer lifestyle platform solely dedicated to providing unbiased reviews and opinions within the health and wellness space, and an e-commerce destination our readers can truly trust for fitness utility.

We pride ourselves on having developed a roster of dedicated experts who use their vast experience in fitness, health, nutrition and wellness to thoughtfully evaluate all content and recommendations to readers.

“As I thought about the attributes I embody as an experienced fitness specialist, I sought out the best and the brightest to join me and form the 1and1 Expert Team. I was able to put together a team that has transformational, positive, and motivated individuals—people who always look to improve themselves and the environment around them,” said Corey Lewis, co-founder and CEO of 1AND1.

Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis, co-founder and CEO of 1AND1

“I looked for team members who are passionate and have the ability to motivate and transform the way readers think about health and wellness. I can confidently say that this team is truly the best of the best: driven by the best of experience and expertise. As leaders in their fields, they collectively and collaboratively share their knowledge to help our community reach their fitness goals,” continued Lewis.

When it comes to the health & wellness space, we know how overwhelming it can be to try and assess the options on your own. What supplement should I try? With thousands of options, which protein works for me? What activewear brand actually offers a high-performance experience? We simplify all of that for you through our content. Our Experts will help filter through the noise in an over-saturated market and make it tolerable—digestible in a sense. They will make you more confident in your decision making so you’re not overwhelmed. In our eyes, everyone has the potential to discover their fit, but there are people who just may not have figured out how quite yet. We’re excited to be your answer.

– Corey & TDrew