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Review: Gymshark Vital Vs Jed North Seamless Leggings

Gym Shark

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Rating: 5 out of 5

These are great for weightlifters and squatters who don’t necessarily have big legs but are definitely more muscular than the average Jane.
They have a very subtle contour under the butt that adds a slight lift to your booty..
They come in so many different colors so there are plenty of options.  My absolute faves are the bright neon colors, which are perfect for spring.  These leggings are also squat proof, sooooo dreamily stretchy, and super flattering.  


The neon colors aren’t as squat proof as the marl shades BUT I’ve never really had an issue with either.  As with all seamless leggings you can see the outline of whatever underwear you have on underneath—even if it’s a thong. 

Lastly, as I mentioned before, the legs fit any weightlifter like a dream, but the waist will still be a little big.  It isn’t so extreme, but they might slide down a little bit if you’re running in them.  

Bottom Line

As with all of the other Gymshark leggings, these are great for weightlifters and will pass the squat test with flying colors. The neon colors in the Vital line are to die for and perfect for any Spring look. The waist is a little big in proportion to the legs, so you might have to pull them up a bit when running, but all in all these are a solid choice.

Jed North

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Rating: 4 out of 5

These are great for daily activities, and running around town. They have very intense line contours that shape your thighs and under your butt
These leggings are super cheap and very cute! Even on those days you’re feeling a little chubby, these will make you look thin.  These are also definitely squat proof. The material is not see-through and is really excellent quality for the price.  I’m not a big sweater so I don’t know this for sure, but the Jed North Seamless look like they would be more sweat proof than the neon Gymshark, since they use heather shades.


The waist fits a little loose and the thighs fit tight.  Since they don’t have enough give in the thigh, it makes them feel stiff and a little scratchy.  Because of this I think they are better for lounging than for performance.  Don’t get me wrong; I definitely wear them in the gym, but I feel like my butt might pop through one day. 

Bottom Line

These are great quality for a great price! The style is very cute and flattering and squat proof! They’re a little tight on the thighs, though so although squat proof they are more comfortable for lounging in than working out.

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Seamless leggings have totally changed the fitness game.  They’re really soft, hug your curves, and can transition from the gym to the street effortlessly.  I love wearing them literally everywhere because they are the comfiest pants I’ve ever put on and look pretty put together—especially considering they’re just glorified sweats. So many brands have come out with their own versions of seamless leggings, but I’m just going compare two of the most Instagram-popular seamless brands. Today’s comparison: Gymshark Vital vs Jed North.

Watch this video review from Gabrielle Tongol, and then read my thoughts below to get a couple of perspectives on these leggings.

Gymshark vs. Jed North Seamless Leggings: Review – Gabrielle Tongol

The first is the latest version of seamless leggings from Gymshark (Vital Seamless) and the second is by a new brand that is on the rise, Jed North (Supple Seamless).  Both are cute—but which one is more performance-friendly?  Not all seamless is created equal!

Are Gymshark Leggings Squat-Proof?

You might ask, what are squat-proof leggings? The answer is simple: these are leggings that remain opaque when the material stretches as you bend down. Gymshark leggings are great for weightlifters and will pass the squat test with flying colors. However, the neon colors aren’t as squat proof as the marl shades. That said, I’ve never really had an issue with either.  Keep in mind, whenever you wear seamless leggings, expect the outline of whatever underwear you have on underneath to show through—even if it’s a thong.

Are Jed North Leggings Squat-Proof?

If you’re looking for great quality at a great price, try Jed North. The style is very cute and flattering and squat proof! They also appear as if they would be more sweatproof than the neon Gymshark seamless leggings, due to the heather shades.

The Verdict: Gymshark Vital vs Jed North

They’re both great, depending on your needs. The Jed North leggings are a bit more squat-proof than the neon-colored Gymshark leggings. Also, the Jed North waist fits a little looser, and the thighs fit tighter than the Gymshark Vital leggings. Still not sure? Contrast them with the Lululemon Align Pants, Athleta leggings, or the Lululemon Speed Up Tights. When the weather’s warm, look into other options, too, like the best Lululemon women’s shorts.

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