Lululemon Align Pants Review: Are They Worth It?

We all know it can be a struggle to find the perfect yoga/workout pants. Recently, a few brands have finally started to listen to us—and are now creating yoga pants for all women, of all different shapes and sizes. Still, I find myself wanting more options that I love and not ones that just get the minimal job done. There’s one in particular that has gotten my attention—and rightfully so; it’s been a best seller in the fitness world. Are they worth it? Read this Lululemon Align pant review to find out.

Other Lululemon Products

You can look into other great brands like Gymshark and Jed North. But, Lululemon’s Align Pants have become a favorite amongst many wonderful products—be sure to read our Lululemon shorts review. There’s even a Lululemon SelfCare deodorant. You can find these leggings and their other products at any Lululemon store, as well as on their website: Align Shop

Size Options and Comfort

Who It’s Good For: These Align pants come in 3 different lengths: 21” crop, 25” pant, 28” full pant. 3 particular sizes to fit all heights—and one thing to add is that Lululemon offers free hemming with purchase.

Notable Attributes: The pants form to the body and offer the most comfort, as they’re made of Nulu material: a buttery soft fabric that is sweat proof and has 4-way stretch. These also include LYCRA fiber for shape retention. Secure, lightweight, and form-fitting.

Why I Love Lululemon Align Pants

1.) These pants have taken over and have been a recent favorite amongst many including myself. I love that these pants fit my curvy body shape perfectly.

2.) All the different lengths that they offer come in a variety of seasonal colors.

3.) ’These leggings are high-waisted—making them fashionable and flattering. One of the biggest and most favored trends is a high waist and these leggings come high waisted. A lot of times yoga pants have waistbands that really start to dig in to your skin, but this particular waistband won’t be.

4.) They include a pocket on the waistband to hold a key or card, convenient for outdoor runs and/or activities.

5.) These pants are versatile—and the best in performance for working out, as well as your day-to-day activities. when it comes to being on the go, running errands, or just simply lounging these pants won’t disappoint!

Sizes: 0-14

Buy It: Again, you can find these leggings at any Lululemon, as well as on their website: Align Shop