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Iron Buffet DNA Practrition Dietary Supplement Review

Iron Buffet DNA Supplement

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Iron Buffet DNA Practrition

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Iron Buffet DNA practrition gives you vitamins and nutrients customized for you based on your DNA profile. This means it supplies you with the amount of nutrients you need to be healthy. Generic vitamins work with a one size fits all approach, whereas Iron Buffet DNA is made for you for your personal needs. Practrition also contains nutrients that help reverse your aging and bridge the gaps in your DNA to help you absorb vitamins that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise because of your genetic makeup. Many people don’t have the ability to absorb Vitamin B and/or Vitamin D, but you would never know this unless you took a DNA test! If you have this genetic variant, no matter how much Vitamin B or D you take, your body will not be able to absorb it unless you also bridge these genetic gaps.


Because each formula is customized for you based on your DNA, they take longer to make than a generic vitamins supplement. Your DNA results and the formulation of your customized product will take about three weeks for the lab to process. This obviously takes longer than just picking up any old multivitamin at the store. Practrition is also more expensive than your generic vitamin. However, if you’re taking Practrition instead of multiple different vitamins and minerals, the cost may end up to be about the same. It is also cheaper than other less quality DNA supplements.

Bottom Line

Practrition is made with cutting-edge technology and is the only company that creates custom batches on-site for each individual. Regardless, most health experts will tell you that all personalized vitamins are better than throwing any old generic vitamin into your cart. Although it may take more time to get your DNA analyzed and get a customized supplement developed for you, it is worth the wait. Iron Buffet DNA is also HIPPA compliant, meaning they cannot share your genetic information with any outside people or companies.

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Iron Buffet DNA

What is a Dietary Supplement?

A dietary supplement is a vitamin, mineral, or herb. They can come in almost any form! The most common are pills, energy bars, drinks, capsules, or powders. Unfortunately, supplements do not have to go through the same testing that drugs do and can contain harmful additives and chemicals.

Scripps Health: What is a Dietary Supplement?

Taking supplements is important for our health. Calcium and vitamin D, for example, keep our bones strong, and without them, our bones would be brittle and break. Unfortunately, most supplements aren’t doing what you need them to do, and it’s not your fault. You see, the majority of supplements are pretty basic and aren’t made for you. Even “advanced high-quality formulas” are basic, because everyone gets the same thing no matter what their body needs.

For example, let’s say there’s a multivitamin called “advanced formula A.” Well, every single person who buys “advanced formula A” is getting “advanced formula A,” even if their body requires an “advanced formula B,” or C, or D, or even Y.

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What is a Dietary Supplement? (Image Source: Shutterstock)

This is why a lot of people don’t get the optimal results they want with the supplements they take, or find themselves disappointed with the results of even supplements with hundreds of “five-star” reviews.

But what if there was a way to customize your supplements, all in one, and guarantee that it’s exactly what your body needs so you can look, feel, and perform your best?

DNA Supplements

The iPhone revolutionized what a phone can be and the impact it can have on our lives and the world. Netflix forever changed how we watch movies and TV shows. And today, Iron Buffet DNA alters how we get the most out of our bodies, so we can look, feel, and perform at our best, and live as long and fulfilling lives as humanly possible.

It’s taken over twenty-five years, but they’ve come up with a way to tap into something called nutrigenomics. They’ve created the most targeted nutritional supplements on the planet with a process designed by Dr. Shalesh Kaushal, a Johns Hopkins doctor who also has a Ph.D from MIT and degrees in biochemistry and molecular biophysics from Yale. Nutrigenomics is a fancy way of saying we can change, strengthen, and optimize our DNA via nutrition.

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DNA-Customized Nutrition is the Future of Supplements, Improving Overall Human Performance (Image Source: Shutterstock)

This idea of DNA-customized/targeted nutrition is the future of supplements, health, wellbeing, and overall human performance, because instead of hoping your supplements do what you need them to, the folks at Iron Buffet can tell you, based on decades of scientific and medical research, exactly what your body needs and what it doesn’t.

DNA Designer Nutrition

You can’t just bring the best out of your DNA by “eating clean” and “going organic.” Your nutrition (including your supplements!) must be targeted toward your DNA. There are several benefits to targeted nutrition vs generic supplements:

Look, Feel, and Perform Your Best

How can you do this? By giving your body what it needs. See, most people aren’t able to get the most out of supplements, because those supplements are NOT made for them and their DNA. And even if you are taking what your DNA says you need, chances are, you’re not getting the right amounts of those ingredients at the highest quality possible to turn on “inactive” genes and body functions.

Optimize Actionable Genes

Traditional supplements don’t help optimize actionable genes—AKA turn on genes “you don’t have”—while customized, targeted nutrition can help do just that. Just because neither of your parents passed on a certain gene does not mean you can’t experience the benefits of those genes.

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Customized/Targeted Nutrition (Image Source: Shutterstock)

For example, there are people who don’t have the genes for optimal metabolism support, and for them, weight loss can be very difficult no matter what they eat or how they exercise. But, when they’re able to “turn on” those functions in the body via clinically backed, peer reviewed ingredients, they’re able to do what they couldn’t before, and weight loss efforts can become much more effective. For others, they gain the ability to properly detox, so they can boost their immune system. For some, it’s turning on the power plants of their cells, so they can have more natural energy throughout the day. And the list goes on and on. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to have your body looking, feeling, and performing as it was meant to, as opposed to just “being stuck with what you’ve got.”

No More Guesswork

Even some of the most experienced supplement experts are guessing when it comes to what they put in their bodies. They have an idea of what a body needs, but not what their specific body needs, based on their DNA. With targeted, DNA-customized nutrition, you only get the exact amounts of clinically studied nutrients you need, while also helping repair any “broken” chains in your DNA.

Save Your Money!

DNA-customized/targeted nutrition is more cost-effective and easier than the alternative. Iron Buffet DNA might be more expensive than most supplements you buy, but it will save you money in the long run. I know lots of people with entire cabinets chock full of supplements, with some of them spending upwards of $500 to $2,000 a month on them! Yet as I mentioned, when your supplement is targeted to you and your DNA, it’s all you really need.

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Save Your Money! (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Plus, if you were to do your own research, analyze your own DNA, then somehow determine which ingredients are needed to optimize those genes, chances are you’d end up spending $600-$2,400 a month! And there’s no need for that, especially when you can get one supplement where each capsule is fully customized to you and your DNA for a fraction of the cost.

It might sound like science fiction, but it isn’t. Iron Buffet DNA can create a custom supplement, personalized and targeted for your DNA and yours alone, and ship it to your door every month. Because they are custom-made, Practirition would be considered better than all other customized supplements, including rootine vitamins, for example.
The future of the vitamins supplement is here, and it’s already inside you. All you need to do is flip the switch, turn on your genes, and you can start looking, feeling, and performing your best, each and every day.