Performance and Comfortability: Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Plus Review

Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Plus

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Extremely air-filled and eye-catching, this pair of kicks also has the cushioning unit from the Nike Vapormax. Expect a bouncy ride with Nike’s cutting edge tech Tuned Air. The shoe has a very flexible fit, requires minimal break-in time, and has a good grip on both road and dry concrete sidewalks. The lacing system delivers a snug and comfortable fit.


Not super breathable in comparison to Nike’s other sneakers. Only available in regular D width. Again, sizing can run a little small. The outer sole squeaks on some flooring.

Bottom Line

These are a comfortable pair of sneakers that mold to the natural shape of your feet. If you want a supportive, stable, and lightweight shoe, these are ideal. Expect a nice bounce and plenty of colors to choose from to suit your wardrobe.


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A retro look with next-level comfort, Air Vapormax Plus takes two of the best Nike models to create a hybrid sneaker. Nike combined the Air Max Plus upper with the cushioning unit of the Vapormax. The two shoes come together in an eye-catching and air-filled result. The retro design from Nike is working well for the brand. They continue to use innovative technology while retaining a retro-fusion look. But it’s not just about the style. The air cushioning system boosts the shoe’s performance and makes them much more comfortable than your standard retro kicks. Keep reading this Nike women’s Air Vapormax Plus review to delve into the ins and outs.

Comfortable Shoes and Innovative Design

The Air Vapormax Plus pays homage to the 1998 Air Max Plus. Instead of using the original midsole, the sneakers use a modified version similar to the Flyknit VaporMax. The original retro looked good, but it lacked in performance. It used a bulky polyurethane midsole. You will find the modern Air Vapormax Plus is much softer and lighter.

With the Air Vapormax Plus, Nike has done a great job at recreating the Air Max Plus, delivering an uncanny resemblance to the original. Despite the models being twenty years apart, Nike’s retro-fusion design looks impressive and doesn’t skimp on comfort.

The aggressive exoskeleton on the Air Vapormax Plus is what gives the shoes its eye-catching look. When you combine the number of colorways available, these sneakers have massive head-turning appeal. Colors start from a traditional black, silver, and white, to bold uppers and gradient tones.

Both midsole and insole feel soft and flexible with an excellent cushioning experience. Unlike the Nike women’s Air Vapormax, the Plus model comes with an extra level of softness. There is a layer of foam cushioning on the midsole.

The shoe has five independent air chambers. As you would expect, the air pocket at the heel of the shoe is the biggest to give much-needed support. Although the front of the shoe isn’t as soft, it feels super responsive. The air pockets work independently from each other, giving you a springy and firm ride.

With the Air Vapormax Plus, the upper is a thicker, non-stretchy mesh. Because of this, the upper can be narrower compared to other women’s Nike sneakers. One thing to note is that as the upper material is thicker, this impacts breathability. The shoe is less breathable than other models, so this is something to think about when buying your next pair of sneakers.

The Best Women’s Active Shoes

With minimal break-in time, expect a bouncy ride in the Air Vapormax Plus. This is a bit of a game-changer as some Nike models require extra miles to break-in. Thanks to Nike’s cutting edge technology, Tuned Air, the sneakers are ultra-responsive and comfortable to wear daily. This unique pair of shoes look impressive in several bold colorways and will delight many Nike Air fans. The comfortable shoe conforms to the feet and is ideal for everyday wear and walking. They have a solid grip underneath, so you’ll feel perfectly confident walking on roads and sidewalks.

Nike AIR MAX 720 vs AIR MAX 270 vs VAPORMAX – Hes Kicks

Whether you want a shoe you can wear all day, use for a run, or take to the gym, it’s essential to look for specific features in your workout shoes. Whatever you want to do, the right shoe helps you get there and elevates your performance. Depending on your activity, your needs may differ. But in general, you should look out for the following characteristics when buying workout shoes:

Air Vapormax Plus for Women: Disadvantages

As with many Nike sneakers, they usually come with a high price tag, and the Air Vapormax Plus is no different. The hefty price and lack of breathability are an issue for some people. However, the look, feel, and performance of the sneakers would make it a great addition to any wardrobe.

Another potential downside is that some people find the outer sole to be noisy on certain flooring. You may have to live with the occasional squeak. Again, this is a pretty small negative, but if that’s going to annoy you, consider other models like the Nike women’s Air Max 270. They are super comfy with plenty of heel cushioning for a smooth ride.

The last thing to keep in mind is that the shoes are only available in a standard D width. This means if you do have wide feet, you may find that the sneakers come up slightly narrow. Although it’s not the case for everyone, some people find the sizing to run a little small.

Always make sure your shoes fit you properly, as you want the most comfortable experience. Prolonged running or walking in the wrong size shoe can have a negative effect. Here are the top three red flags that you’re wearing ill-fitting shoes:

  • You can feel your heel slip when you run or walk uphill.
  • You can’t take your shoes off without undoing the laces completely.
  • You have corns or bunions on your toes.

In Summary: Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Plus Review

Nike’s Air Vapormax Plus is a revolutionary lifestyle sneaker that perfectly blends retro style with performance. It successfully mixes the old with the new, throwing in a nostalgic touch. Although the price tag leans toward the expensive side of lifestyle sneakers, it will undoubtedly continue to be a bestseller.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus | Nike Air Max Plus Review – WearTesters

The shoes are super on-trend with a retro-meets-modern fusion style. Overall, the shoes get a ton of positive responses for comfort and performance. The futuristic Vapormax outsole and Air Max Plus upper make for an attention-grabbing piece. Nike mixes iconic elements to deliver a shoe with the perfect balance of fit, feel, and comfort. If you want something bold and comfortable to move seamlessly with you, this is the right shoe for you.

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