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TimTam Power Massager Review

TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Rating: 4 out of 5

It uses the quickest RPM’s (2500) of any gun to reduce muscle tightness and stimulate blood flow for quicker healing.
You can actually see your very muscle tissue blur beneath it as it pulses to heal the problem area.
Very easy to use, mostly due to its 90-degree articulating head, which helps you get those tough-to-reach spots.
It’s durable.
At $409.25, the TimTam is also significantly cheaper than any of its competitors.


It’s powerful, but loud.
It only comes with one attachment whereas the Theragun G2Pro, which came out at a similar time, comes with four.

Bottom Line

The TimTam massager stands out among all of the percussion massagers on the market these days. It’s far more powerful than any others and is really able to isolate and ease out knots that foam rollers and masseuses cannot reach. At $409.25 it’s expensive but not as ridiculous as others such as its biggest competitor, TheraGun, that comes in at around $599. In the end, buying one will actually save you money if it helps you avoid expensive masseuses.
The only downside to the TimTam Power Massager v1.2 is that it’s loud, making it tough to use in public settings such as the gym or office. All massage guns are loud though, so TimTam’s other amazing features make it stand out as the best. If you’re looking for high quality and relatively affordable recovery device, the TimTam is a great choice!

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After an intense bout of exercise, climbing a flight of stairs can seem like an insurmountable task. Even sitting down or standing up can be extremely painful. Muscle soreness is normal after exercise, and proper recovery methods to promote healing should be too. Over the years, massages and foam rolling were the most popular regeneration tactics. It wasn’t until recently that massage guns came on the scene. These have become an attractive option because they can target more specific areas than a foam roller or a cold massage roller, but are cheaper than getting a professional massage. In this review of the TimTam Power Massager tool, I’ll explore the pros and cons of the v1.5.

How The TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Compares To Other Massagers

There are several different brands of massage guns, but one of the most popular is the TimTam Power Massager v1.5. TimTam is usually more powerful than its competitors and runs about $100-$200 cheaper.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing tension in the deepest layers of muscle tissue. They are still one of the best rehabilitative methods because they can apply focused pressure on your deepest tissues. They tend to be a bit uncomfortable and may leave you feeling sore, but they do wonders for releasing trigger points. Deep tissue massages also provide a number of benefits. For example, they can be used to relieve stress, increase mobility, lower high blood pressure, ease arthritis pain, and break down scar tissue.

A close up of a deep tissue massage that the timtam power massager can do.
A Great Way Of Releasing Tension Is By Doing Deep Tissue Massage (Image source: Shutterstock)

Unfortunately, massage therapy benefits don’t outweigh their costs. Often pricey, they are difficult to do on a consistent basis. Using a foam roller also isn’t the most ideal. While it’s inexpensive, it requires coordination and strength, which for most of us can be a struggle. If you have muscle knots in hard-to-reach areas, prepare yourself for a lot of flailing when you try to pinpoint them.

Massage Gun Benefits

Massage guns were created to fill the gap between the cheap foam roller and the expensive massage. Unlike foam rolling, which requires you to physically apply pressure to your muscles, massage guns apply all the pressure for you. They also target more specific muscle tissues and penetrate deeper than foam rolling. As a result, massage guns are excellent tools for preventative care and therapy. Athletes who incorporate massage therapy into their wellness routines may appreciate a massage gun.

Percussion Massage Guns

To break up muscle tissue, massage guns use a specific therapy called percussion massage. Studies have shown percussion massage to be one of the best methods for reducing muscle soreness. This technique uses strong, quick pulses to gently stretch the muscle and regenerate the fibers. The massage gun’s percussive tip breaks down knots, increases blood flow to the affected area, and releases lactic acid from your muscles. Lactic acid is what causes your muscles to be sore after exercise. By pushing it out of your muscles and into your bloodstream, the massage gun takes away your soreness, rebuilds your muscles faster, and improves flexibility and range of motion.

A man and woman getting ready to start their morning exercise stretching.
Using The TimTam Power Massager Tool Before Exercising To Warm Up Tissues (Image source: Shutterstock)

Massage guns play a very important role in improving exercise performance and injury prevention. For the best results, you should use them before exercise to warm up the tissues, and after to decrease inflammation. Since TimTam is more powerful than its competitors it is especially beneficial for rehabbing muscles that haven’t responded to other treatments.

Large and Two-Headed Percussion Massagers

Massage guns technically fall under the definition of percussion massagers. However, this term covers a much wider scope of handheld devices that all use percussion massage. For example, some of these tools come with massive heads that cover broader muscle areas like the Gideon Back and Body Deep Tissue Massager or two heads like the Ohuhu Percussion Electric Massager. Generally, massage guns are the best for post-workout recovery, because they are more powerful and are designed to pinpoint very specific muscle tissues.

Best Massage Gun

The TimTam Power Massager v1.2 is considered one of the best massage tools because it targets areas with much more force. For example, it goes up to 2000 strokes per minute and 2500 RPMs (revolutions per minute) whereas it’s biggest competitor, Theragun G2Pro, only goes up to 2400 RPMs.

Unfortunately, TimTam Power Massager v1.2 comes with fewer accessories than the Theragun. Theragun G2PRO comes with six different attachments for different parts of your body, which can be used for scraping, trigger points, or tender areas. TimTam only comes with one round therapy head—all other heads are sold separately. However, this is a small price to pay for getting a cheaper, stronger gun.

How To Use The TimTam Power Massager

The TimTam Power Massager tool is assembled easily, simply by screwing on the head and popping in the battery. You can adjust the massage head to make it easier to use by spinning it around 90 degrees and locking it into place. Then all you have to do is press the trigger button and apply it to your skin! The gun does the rest, applying all of the force of percussion massage for you. For safety reasons, you have to hold the trigger down the entire time, which allows you more control over the TimTam than guns that have locking triggers.
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If you want to get more out of your gun, you should buy metal tips for more pinpointed force or rubber tips for working out grainy areas. TimTam Power Masser v1.2 requires no maintenance, except you must charge its battery after thirty minutes of continuous use.

What I Like About the TimTam Power Massager v1.5

TimTam v1.5 is the gun to rely on when nothing else is working for muscle rehab and pain relief! It uses the quickest RPM’s (2500) of any gun to reduce muscle tightness and stimulate blood flow for quicker healing. The massager is so high-powered that you can actually see your very muscle tissue blur beneath the high-intensity massage. As it pulses, it “heals” the problem area that you’re working on, effectively helping you train and live pain-free. The TimTam is also very easy to use, mostly due to its 90-degree articulating head, which helps you get those tough-to-reach places. As a compact, yet strong tool, the TimTam v 1.5 has been designed to last a long time. It is a great recovery method for anyone from a hardcore athlete to a casual exerciser. At $409.25 the TimTam is also significantly cheaper than any of its competitors.

Things That Could Be Improved

Although the TimTam is very powerful, it’s also pretty loud and can’t be used in every environment. Its motorized sound could be disruptive depending on where you use it. Test your TimTam Power Massager v1.5 tool out at home so you can hear how loud it is and then use it elsewhere based on your own judgment. All massage guns are loud, so this isn’t an issue only TimTam’s struggle with.

Furthermore, they are one of the only guns that require you to purchase all of your additional attachments separately. The gun only comes with one attachment whereas the Theragun G2Pro, which came out at a similar time, comes with four. TimTam is popular because of its low price, but some may not think this makes up for the fact that you’ll need to buy most of the attachments separately.