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Why Fitness Bootcamps are Beneficial

Obstacle course training in boot camp.

Group activities like boot camps are a great way to keep up with your fitness if you have trouble staying consistent. Whether it’s your friends or the people at the gym, the visible energy, eagerness, and hard work serve as a rich source of motivation. Watching your friends sweat it out will naturally prompt you to follow their lead. One way to reach your fitness goals is by joining a fitness boot camp. It’s one of the best full-body workouts available since it’s a combination of both strength and cardio exercises. Here’s a detailed description of fitness boot camps and their benefits to help you get started:

What is a Fitness Boot Camp?

Joining the military is not an easy task, and staying there requires amazing tolerance and strength. Military personnel are trained in groups through outdoor workouts with intense physical exercises. These training camps are designed to push a person past their usual limits. Similar fitness boot camps—inspired by the military—for people of all ages have gained popularity in recent years.

Training Camps Are Designed to Push a Person Past Their Usual Limit. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Boot camp fitness classes have many varieties. The duration varies from place to place, but most boot camps are usually a month or two long. They can take the form of outdoor or indoor workouts. There are typically around ten people, and besides the workouts, team competitions are also held. You’ll take a fitness test at the beginning and the end in order to note your progress. One instructor will guide you and suggest variations according to your age and previous full body workout plan.

Most fitness boot camps have thirty-minute high-intensity workouts including lunges, weightlifting, burpees, squats, push-ups, sprints for speed training, obstacle courses, and core strengthening exercises such as planks. The instructor usually sets a goal that all the participants have to achieve. There are many kinds of fitness boot camps designed for a certain demographic group such as women, seniors, or kids only, sports-based boot camps for cycling, running, swimming, etc.

The transition from one exercise to another is quick in order to keep your heart rate high and help you burn more calories. The boot camp workout begins with a stretch, and there are small breaks in between exercises to help you cool down and catch your breath. In the end, the participants are instructed to either do yoga or light stretching. Fitness boot camps aim at building endurance and stamina, so you learn a lot in a short time.

Here is a short ten-minute YouTube video explaining all you may expect to experience at a fitness boot camp class.

What to Expect at a Boot Camp Workout Class – Keltie O’Connor

The Best Full Body Workout

While boot camps are not as personal and individualistic as private, one-on-one training, they are a lot cheaper and equally effective. Other benefits of fitness boot camps that make it the best full-body workout are given below:

  • Diet control. Most boot camps focus on nutrition as well as exercise. Since the goal is related to fitness, diet is an important part of the plan. You cannot build proper strength and endurance if you’re not getting adequate nutrients. So boot camps will help you get on the right track.
  • Weight loss. High-intensity workouts aim to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time, which is an effective way to reduce weight. The abrupt switch from cardio to strength exercises and vice versa serves as a stimulator that keeps your metabolism functioning faster and better.
  • Enjoyable. People have a common misconception that the best full-body workouts are boring and tiring. While fitness camps do require plenty of energy, they’re not boring. Working out with like-minded people or friends is bound to be fun. Seeing others struggle with their limits can be comforting and humorous in a way that you can relate to each other, and improve your exercise ability.
  • A chance to breathe in some fresh air. Most fitness boot camps are held outside in a park. Fresh air has healing effects on your lungs, and so does being in nature. The company of tall trees, flowers, and greenery will not only liven up your mood but also improve your respiratory system which is essential for building stamina.
  • Magical combo of strength and cardio. Fitness boot camps use intense exercises to yield quicker results so you get maximum fitness gain in a shorter time. Cardio helps improve your heart function, blood circulation, and prevent cardiovascular diseases, while strength exercises increase lean muscle mass and bone density.
Group of fit individuals using exercise ball while having workout at industrial gym.
Fitness Boot Camps Use Intense Exercises To Yield Quicker Results. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Importance of Outdoor Workouts

Natural light, fresh air, and the company of nature make exercising a refreshing activity. It reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes mental well-being. Outdoor workouts and fitness parks are suitable for everyone and promote positive changes in health. They make you more competitive and motivate you to push yourself. In the gym, it might seem more difficult to hit your goals, but it’s a lot easier outside due to the calm, open, and spacious environment.

If you have seasonal depression, instead of doing cardio workouts at home, try going to a fitness park or join a fitness boot camp. And you don’t have to go to a park—a jog around the block can also be beneficial. Outdoor workouts can also improve sleep due to their stress-relieving qualities. Physical activity saves you from sleeping disorders, clears out your lungs, and helps you breathe better so you don’t end up feeling tense and suffocated at night. However, if you like working out in the afternoon or evening, try not to exercise at least three hours before bedtime, because exercises make your mind sharper and stimulate your body, which can make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Group of people doing group exercise outdoors.
The Best Full-Body Workout is Done in The Morning When You Get to Savor Some Sunlight (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Plus, the best full-body workout is done in the morning when you get to savor some sunlight. Your body makes vitamin D when it comes in contact with sunshine. Vitamin D deficiency has become increasingly common as people spend more time indoors glued to their devices. But vitamin D is necessary for strong muscles, bones, and teeth, and it also improves immunity and controls blood sugar levels. Before going outside in the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen. Interacting with people outside or joining a fitness boot camp can help you beat sleeplessness, increase your motivation for self-improvement, and lighten your mood.


Instead of going through the trouble of finding the best cardio workouts for fat loss and the best muscle-building exercises, join a fitness boot camp. It combines both of these categories and pushes you to your limits so you can expand them. Boot camp workouts are quick and yield faster results. They’re also cheaper and more fun to do than one-on-one training in the gloomy gym. You can easily find one that matches your needs and make some new like-minded friends as well.