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How To Stay Organized: 25 Amazing, Yet Simple Ideas

Sometimes it seems impossible to keep your house clean. Either your kids run around most of the day, leaving their toys everywhere, or a new task at the office makes it difficult to balance homekeeping with workplace productivity. But it’s the era of gadgets. Learning how to stay organized has never been easier. With a few handy tools and cleaning tips, you’ll declutter your home n a few minutes every day.

And it’s important to stay organized. According to research, a messy space can have a negative impact on your level of persistence. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of the 25 most popular and best selling products that make organizing less hectic. Ready? Get your Marie Kondo on.

1. A Magnetic Key Rack

First things first: if you get up late and often leave the house in a hurry, this magnetic key rack is the upgrade you need. It takes less than a minute to set up. Simply replace the screws of a light switchboard that’s near the door with the magnetic ones and you’re good to go. Organize your keys on a metal ring and hang it on the key rack without the tiresome hassel of drilling and setting up hooks in the wall. The magnets are safe to use even around electronics, which means your car key fob will be completely fine. 

2. An Organizer for All of Your Electronics

Save yourself from the frustration of untangling cords and cables and fishing through your bag for ten long and awkward minutes in search of your kid’s charger by giving this electronics organizer a shot. It’s a portable, layered nylon bag that has room for all of your electronics and extras. There are 16 elastic loops inside to keep all your items in place, and few more for larger products such as a laptop charger and a power bank. The electronics organizer is perfect for road trips. It’s travel-friendly and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about leaks and rain. The thick layered design is good at absorbing shocks.

3.Organizing Bins

Screws, nails, bolts, hammers, tapes—all of these tools come in handy when you’re trying to fix something. But hardware items can be hard to store and find when you need them. Compartment bins are not just good for storing legos and miniatures; they also work well as a tool organizer. You can stack all of your video games or stash your tools in this deep organizer. The dividers and cup compartments are removable so you can store items of any size. The lid locks the compartments in place and saves the contents from getting mixed up.

4.One Place for All Pans

Perhaps the most important part of learning how to stay organized for most parents is learning how to declutter and clean the kitchen. Glasses, spoons, food—everyone needs something from the kitchen at some point of the day. And this eventually leads to a lot of mess. One way you can reduce the pile of cookware stuffed in that one cupboard is by purchasing a pan organizer. This way, you’ll have all of your pans right in front of you, save time, and protect yourself from a stressful hunt in search of the right size for your new recipe. 

5. A Charging Station

Most households have a host of electronics that need to be charged. But it’s not very appealing to see cords plugged in in every corner of your house. You might trip over one someday. And to avoid such a grim future, get yourself a charging station. It lets you charge all of your devices in one place so you don’t have to go room to room to check on your charging devices. A charging station also saves you from the horror of tangled cables that end up sustaining damage while uncoiling. It also comes with removable dividers so you can fit in as many devices as you want.

6. Solution for Tangled Jewellery

Jewellery makes a huge difference in your outfit. Taking care of jewellery, however, is not always simple. If you put all of it in a box, it’ll end up as a tangled mess. The best tip on how to stay organized is to hang your jewelry instead of stuffing it inside drawers. One side of this jewelry organizer has 32 pockets, and the other side has 18 slots. It’s a great space saver. You can keep smaller items such as earrings and ear cuffs safe and sound in the pockets, and your bracelets and necklaces can be hung. It does a good job of keeping everything separated and saves plenty of space.

7. Underwear Organizer

Here’s a chance to put your KonMari skills to the test. KonMari is a popular decluttering method introduced by the Japanese consultant and author Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo has shared many of her cleaning tips and guides about how to stay organized. Studies suggest that her method directly affects consumer happiness and helps practitioners undergo a vigorous yet satisfying change through different personal challenges. This fabric organizer is one way for you to join the organization happiness club, save your mind and body from ineffective cleaning routines, and try out the KonMari folding techniques. With compartments of different sizes, it’s ideal for storing small essential wears such as undergarments and socks. The 4.6 star rating and over 36,000 reviews of Simple Houseware’s Organizer says volumes about its quality and durability. When not in use, you can simply fold it and tuck it away. 

8. Never Lose Your Lids Again

With maturity comes a deep understanding of the importance of reducing waste, especially if it’s leftovers. Food containers are useful in many ways. They help you store leftovers and frozen recipes for busy days. But having too many containers can become a nightmare. Most people seem to end up with mismatched containers and lids. If you can relate, it’s time you try a lid organizer. The YouCopia Storalid organizer is made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic and comes with adjustable dividers. It lets you keep all your lids in one place and doesn’t require much time to set up, either.

9. A Shoe Hanger

Storing shoes can get messy if you don’t have a giant walk-in closet. Some people pile shoeboxes up, while some shove them in cupboards and end up with missing pairs. Simple Houseware’s hanging shoe organizer has 10 pockets and will keep all your shoes organized in one place. It’s a multipurpose organizer, so you can use it for storing toiletries, accessories, toys, and other items. All you need to do is hang it on the closet rod and fill it with whatever you want—shoes, laundry, hair dryer, etc.

10. An Angled Cutlery Organizer

Save space in your kitchen drawers by using a cutlery organizer. That’s one pro-tip that you need to follow for a lifetime. Cutlery organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For maximum benefit, the Joseph Joseph cutlery organizer has five angled compartments that let you store at least 24 pieces of cutlery. The unique design makes it stand out and gives you peace of mind looking at a bundle of neatly organized utensils instead of a messy disaster. It enables quicker access to spoons, forks, and anything you decide to store in it. The compact size makes it suitable for all kinds of drawers with a minimum height of 3.25 inches. You can store two drawers worth of spoons in one with this organizer. 

11. Pant Hangers That Save Space

A neat closet is a rarity, but it doesn’t have to be so in your case. Instead of using individual hangers, and later on going through the trouble of finding them, you can try Magic Pants Hangers. They can be used either vertically or horizontally. Depending on the available space, you can adjust the direction easily and in no time. They are made from environment-friendly beechwood material and sturdy stainless steel for a long life and added strength. Your clothes won’t get torn or creased by the edges since they’re smooth and designed carefully to be optimum for clothing storage.

12. Backseat Pockets for Kids

If you have kids, then you know how messy your car can get. Keeping your car immaculate might be impossible, but you can still make an attempt to reduce the clutter. The next product on my list of how to stay organized is ideal for parents. A foldable backseat organizer will not only save you time and cleaning stress but also keep your kids busy. Most backseat organizers come with iPad holders, mesh pockets, and adjustable buckle straps to keep it in place. Stash all your kids’ favourite toys, coloring books, and snacks in this waterproof, easy-to-clean organizer and enjoy your road trip free from  spills and lost items. 

13. A Compact Makeup Storage Organizer

If you’re wondering how you can stay organized with toiletries, here’s another product to help you out. Makeup organizers are a must-have. This AMEITECH makeup organizer is adjustable, spacious, and rotatable as well. Not only does it work well as an organizer, it’s also easy to clean. It lets you keep all your makeup and skincare products in one place to access them quickly, all while saving space in your storage drawers. The height of each compartment is adjustable so you can fit in new products with ease. Makeup organizers add a touch of sophistication to dressing tables and are often part of every cleaning tip list. 

14. These Elegant Cubes

Your furniture reflects your personality. That’s why many people try to pick organizers that match with a theme or aesthetic. While learning how to stay organized, you also learn how to improve your home’s overall appearance. Afterall, a clean house is more relaxing than a disorganized, crowded one. Bring both order and style to your home with these minimalistic Cubeicals. They come in a large variety of patterns and sizes, so you will surely find one to fit your home. Stack your books and decorations in the Cubeical for that classy look.

15. Cleaning Supply Rack

Nothing calms the mind more than a tidy oasis. And you probably have plenty of cleaning items in your home to achieve that near-flawless look. But what you might be lacking is an organized space for these tools. Not to worry: a mop and broom holder will fix your problem. Home-it offers a holder that can keep up to 11 cleaning tools in one place. You can use it to hang your mask, gloves, mop, broom, and other items—this rack’s got it covered.

16. A Caddy To Show Off Your Tea Collection

Research suggests that orderliness prompts us to make better choices. So pick up all your clutter and start organizing. You and your family will have much better moods living in a neat space. Bu decluttering doesn’t mean you hide away all your trophies and carefully handpicked treasures, like your tea collection. With a tea caddy, you can show off your taste in an appealing manner. It’s simple, convenient, easy to set up and clean. There are 12 clear removable bins that you can separate and assemble according to need.

17. No More Squeezing Bags in the Closet

The biggest struggle of having too many purses is not matching one with your outfit, but finding a place to store them neatly. If you can relate, you should try a handbag organizer. It has ten storage pockets for bags of every size and shape. The top of the organizer has two hooks with which you can hang it inside your closet or anywhere else. This saves your bags from getting crushed and disfigured under a pile. It’s lightweight and breathable. You can have all your favourite bags on display and not worry about lack of space.

18. Storage Under Your Bed

Lack of storage space is something that most people struggle with. You can use underbed storage bags to store your winter clothes and give your closet some room to breathe. It’s a great hack and a lifesaving tip for anyone learning how to stay organized in a dorm or apartment. Underbed storage bags are made of breathable fabric that prevents a buildup of unpleasant odors. The top is clear so you can see what’s inside. You can also fold them when they’re not in use. There are strong handles on each side to help you pull them out or carry the bags when necessary.

Here is a 13-minute YouTube video with storage hacks for utilizing under bed space in the best possible manner.

ORGANIZE | FIVE Storage HACKS for Under Your Bed! – Sharrah Stevens – The Kinwoven Home

19. A Basket for Laundry

As tiring as doing laundry is, it’s essential for a clean, organized home. Cleanliness can actually improve your health, and there is plenty of research that proves this. So now that you’re in the mood to do your laundry, it’s time to transfer that huge pile from your room to the laundry room. This can put off a lot of people. A laundry basket can make your task quicker and easier. The handles of this basket are designed for a strong grip, and there’s enough space for all of your clothes to be moved in one go. You can also keep the collapsible basket in your room and fill it as the days go by, then put it away in a narrow space when it’s not needed. 

20. Make Bath Time Neater

Bath time is a kid’s favorite time for playing. As a parent, you have to deal with the toys spread out in the bathtub. And if you don’t have enough space in your bathroom, the shampoo bottles in the tub might cause mildew to grow, which is not a pleasant sight. That’s why you need to try a plastic bath toy organizer. It won’t rust and will withstand the humid environment for a long time. You can put all your kid’s bath time toys in the organizer and use dividers to separate them. The bottom and the sides are slotted to let all the items dry properly. And you can use it for soap and shampoo bottle organization, too.

21. Remote Holder

It’s the era of electronics. Fans, ACs, TVs, cars—there’s a remote for everything. But it also means the chances of losing a remote are higher. It can be frustrating when you and your friends are about to watch a movie and you’re still trying to find the remote for the TV. So the next product on my list is a remote organizer. You can keep all of your pens, phones, and remotes in this organizer. The divider is removable so you can fit in as many items as you want. It’s elegant and useful.

22. A Moving Arts and Craft Cart

DIY projects are a fun way to express your creativity. Whether it’s cards for holidays or a kid’s art project, crafting is a great way to relax and spend some quality time doing what you love. If you’re artistic and love DIYs, you need to have a station for all your tools. A utility rolling cart has enough space for your glitter, pens, paper, ribbon, tape, paint brushes, and so much more. You can keep all of your supplies together, save space on your office desk, and feel like a pro with your sturdy art cart.

23.  Spice Rack for Small Cabinets

Spices are the life of every recipe. Storing them in top shelves is not always convenient because they’re hard to reach. Pull-down spice racks have been designed for this purpose. You can still keep your spices at the top of the cupboard, but you can access them easily despite the height. It also saves shelf space, so you can still fit all your containers in one cupboard. It’s ideal for small cabinets where you would otherwise store spices on top of each other and risk damage. All the spices are visible so you can clearly see the container you need.

24. Stock Your Cans on his Sturdy Can Rack

If there’s anything this pandemic has taught the world, it’s to prepare for emergencies. Canned food is one thing you should stack and keep in your pantry, especially if you live where there’s abundant snowfall. Mushrooms, canned fruit, diced tomatoes—all of these are essentials of every pantry. The best way to store cans is on a can rack. It increases storage capacity and lets you organize them properly. You can use dividers to separate the cans from each other. Level up your pantry with can racks for easier accessibility.

25. Sink Caddy for a Cleaner Counter

Clear countertops are immensely satisfying to look at, and you can achieve that picture-perfect kitchen by using a sink caddy for all your dishwashing supplies. It can hold brushes, countertop cleansers, sponges, and dish soap. It has adequate holes for ventilation to allow sponges to dry out and prevent bacterial growth. The adhesives are durable and hold the caddy in place so your items don’t fall out. The rubber in the brush section can be removed if you want to keep a bigger brush in the caddy.


There are many tips for how to stay organized, and new products are always being introduced to facilitate decluttering. Charging stations, organizers, food containers, and hangers—the list goes on. In order to learn how to stay organized, you also have to learn various tricks and cleaning tips to make it a permanent habit. Therefore, you can take help from professionals or try a few gadgets to get started.

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