Maintain a Perfect Smile During National Dental Hygiene Month

Happiness is contagious, and it all starts with a smile. 

It’s easier than ever to take good care of your teeth. October is National Dental Hygiene Month, so now is a great time to brush up on your oral care skills. Brushing and flossing every day is necessary for keeping your teeth clean and healthy, but that’s just the beginning. You can improve your dental health game with new tools and the latest advice from dental scientists.

Keep reading and learn more about the most helpful tips to finding your perfect smile.

Daily Oral Hygiene Is Self-Care

Your daily routine should include a regular schedule for self-care, including showers, washing your clothes, and, of course, taking care of your teeth. Oral hygiene is important for more than just your physical health. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is essential for your emotional and social health, too. Having a bright smile and clean breath makes it easier to have a positive self-image and also makes it easier to interact with others.

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Ideally, you should be brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, as well as after meals. This self-care routine is the foundation of good health, and it helps give your day structure and positivity. When you leave home feeling polished and looking sharp, neat, and clean, you’ll have more confidence and motivation, which are essential for success. 

Total wellness can be complicated, so separating things out into different areas helps me stay organized. The wellness wheel organizes your life and health into eight different sections. I use it to help me stay on top of all the different aspects of my health. Taking care of your teeth and gums provides a solid foundation for many different aspects of wellness. Surprisingly, many Americans don’t know how to brush properly. Taking the time to get this simple task right will reduce the amount of time you have to spend in a dentist’s chair. Proper oral hygiene will go a long way toward making your life happier and healthier. 

A Perfect Smile Opens Doors

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and having a great smile can really help. Keeping your smile in top shape is surprisingly easy. Once you develop a few simple habits, the necessary skills will follow. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert! And every time you meet someone new, your sparkling smile will set a great tone. Whether it’s a personal relationship or professional, a great smile will make you feel more confident so things can go smoother.

Happy woman with her perfect smile looking at the camera.
Keeping Your Smile In Top Shape Is Surprisingly Easy (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Many people use coffee in the morning to help start their day right. But the magical brew can leave unsightly stains on your teeth that are hard to remove and can damage more than your reputation. But you don’t have to give up the delicious taste of coffee. A simple trick like using a straw can help ensure you get your flavorful fix every day without compromising your brilliant smile. 

Red wine also can leave unsightly stains, but you don’t have to give up this potentially healthy drink, either. Brush before drinking and you’ll pick up fewer stains, but be careful. Don’t brush your teeth until 30 minutes after alcohol, or the toothpaste could damage the enamel. Another useful trick is to drink water while drinking wine. It will help you rinse the stains away before they can set, and proper hydration can also help you avoid hangovers and headaches.  

Smoking cigarettes is also bad for your smile. If you smoke, switching to a nicotine alternative like vaping or gum will help protect your teeth and your health at the same time. And keeping your smile bright can be the perfect excuse to quit! Explore the latest advances in science designed to help you quit faster and easier than ever. 

Brushing and Dental Floss Are Key to Perfect Teeth

Half of Americans don’t brush regularly, and almost everyone else has room for improvement. But there are simple things you can do to protect your teeth from expensive and sometimes painful interventions. One easy trick is to use dental picks instead of string floss. Many people find them easier to use and more versatile when cleaning those hard-to-get spots.

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Building new habits is easy when you start small. Install the My Dental Care app on your phone right now, and you’ll have taken an easy step towards optimal dental hygiene. It’s available on both Apple and Android devices, so install it today and see how quickly your habits can change.

Vinegar kills bacteria that cause plaque, so if you need extra help I recommend trying Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. Using it as a supplement to your oral care will help reduce cavities and persistent halitosis without expensive prescriptions.

The way you brush your teeth is important too. The right tools make the job significantly easier. Brushing too hard or with the wrong kind of brush can cause enamel damage. Consider protecting your teeth by taking advantage of the best oral care devices on the market. The Shyne Sonic Toothbrush is easier and safer to use than traditional brushes. It’s a wise investment that will pay for itself by making it easier to build the good habits that will protect your teeth. 

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there is good news for people who have dental problems. Damaged enamel can often be repaired. Fluoride toothpaste, dental rinses, and other simple outpatient treatments are pain-free and relatively simple. 

Man smiling to the camera sitting in a dental chair with his dentist preparing for dental checkup.
Cavities Can Easily Form Wherever Your Teeth Are Not Cleaned (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The dental hygiene community wants to help. By sponsoring Give Kids a Smile Day and other low-cost or free programs, dentists are anxiously engaged in giving everyone a perfect smile. Many people can even improve small imperfections by using tips on how to straighten your teeth at home.  

There are many benefits of flossing. Brushing your teeth without flossing is like locking your front door but leaving your back door wide open. Cavities can easily form wherever your teeth are not cleaned.

Flossing also protects your gums and is a vital part of keeping your breath healthy and fresh. No matter how good you look, bad breath or a bad smile will hurt your appearance. That’s why oral hygiene is one of my favorite beauty tips and one of the first I suggest. Your intimate partners, family members, and closer friends will also appreciate it when your breath is clean and sweet.

Many people don’t like going to the dentist. Taking proper care of your teeth will minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the chair. That said, it’s important to regularly visit the dentist. Think of it this way: The up-front investment could save you thousands of dollars later in life by stopping small problems before they get too big.

Improving your dental hygiene is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your physical health and social life. If it’s not already scheduled, I recommend you call your dentist and make your next appointment right now. I guarantee that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. That, along with the other tips I’ve given in this article, will help you be well on your way to finding your perfect smile.