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EFITMENT Squat Assist Machine Review

EFITMENT Squat Assist Machine

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Rating: 5 out of 5

It tones and tightens your entire body! For women, our butts, arms, and upper backs can be problem areas that we want to tone. This machine hits them all
You only have to do it for 10 minutes a day! Obviously if you do it for more time you will see faster, better results. However, you can still see results after a few weeks from just doing it for 10 minutes.
It perfects your squat form, maximizing your results.
The product is a convenient solution, because you can use it at home and don’t need a trainer to make sure you’re using it properly. When you’re done you simply fold it up and stow it away.
You can adjust the intensity.


It can only hold up to 220 lbs.
The resistance bands seem like they may lose elasticity over time.
There isn’t a heart rate function, which would be really helpful to tell how many calories you’re burning. Since you’re rowing and riding simultaneously the machine could definitely be used for cardio and it seems silly HR is not included!

Bottom Line

This isolates the core and glute muscles and makes you feel the heat after just 10 minutes in!

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If you’re like me, you probably first heard about assisted squat machines when Khloe Kardashian mentioned them. She touted about how they help you get your perfect butt outside of the gym.  These machines are supposed to help you hold the perfect squatting posture. This is necessary if you want to build your glutes properly. This is what inspired me to write this EFITMENT squat assist machine review.

Get Your Best Butt Ever From the Comfort of Your Own Home With the Squat Assist Trainer

If you have tried squat workouts on your own and are not sure if you’re doing them correctly, you may not be getting down low enough. As such, you’re not engaging the right muscles, making the exercise totally ineffective.  Assisted squat machines are great for new users, but also squat pros who want to mix up their workouts a little bit by varying their range of motion or by doing pulsing squats.

How I Use the EFITMENT squat assist machine

Because I care about you and your quest for a dream bod, I put on a proper pair of squat shoes and used the machine every day for 2 weeks. Because I tend to lift weights more than I do endurance work, I found that my whole body was much more toned and that I could actually squat more weight when I went to the gym. I also quickly noticed it’s basically impossible to mess up your technique with this machine.  It enables you to push your butt out and keep your weight in your heels without losing your balance.  This isolates the core and glute muscles and makes you feel the heat after just 10 minutes in!

EFITMENT Squat Exercise and Glutes Workout

Give this video a look and see if the EFITMENT machine is right for you. It can help you build muscle, or trim down. It can even help if you want to know how to get a bigger butt. Keep in mind, your needs may be different if you are looking to grow leg mass, or if you prefer a strict booty-building workout. Be sure to compare this machine to other options, too, like 4KOR fitness bands.


Thanks for reading my review of the EFITMENT squat assist machine! Let us know what you think about this review in the comments section below.