From AA-cup to I-cup, SheFit Bras Have you Covered

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Good For: This is the dream bra for women with breast implants or a larger bust-line. It will provide you with maximum support through HIIT, cardio, and running. It’s also great if you are losing weight, because you can adjust the straps to fit your needs Notable Attributes: This bra is totally and completely adjustable. I’m not talking about the usual adjustable straps on your usual bra; this one has a front zipper, and uses Velcro for completely adjustable shoulder straps and back straps. The back straps can be changed from an X-back to an H-back, to work with the shirt you’re wearing. It also comes in 17 vivid colors. With these bras’ amazing Velcro technology, you can customize your fit to your bust and your shoulders—and for every activity you’re doing! If you’re doing yoga, you can loosen the bra, and if you’re running or doing HIIT, you can tighten it. Because the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra is so supportive, you won’t have to deal with the pain of doubling up bras anymore. The bra also maintains a super cute, glam appearance—something that a lot of supportive bras lack—and is very breathable.


It’s pretty heavy and fits rather high. It also feels bulky—as if you’re wearing a life jacket over your boobs.

Bottom Line

This is a must-have for anyone who has struggled to contain their chest when working out. The Velcro technology provides you with a strong hold and customizable fit. The inside of the bra is mesh and compressive toeliminate both bounce and sweat—but doesn’t give you that awkward “uniboob” big-busted girls sometimes have to deal with. My favorite feature of the bra, besides the Velcro, is the array of colors the bra comes in. It’s a color palette that reminds me of something out of Candyland. Sizes/Types: Fits women in cup sizes AA to I. Comes in 17 different colors.


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We’ve all been there—struggling to keep “the girls” under control while working out. SheFit bras offer an easy solution, with maximum support and eye-catching colors.  The brand’s slogan is “we’ve got your back and your front”—because they provide you with the support and mitigate all that back pain.

After years of dealing with ill-fitting bras as a collegiate athlete and professional fitness competitor, SheFit founder Sara Moylan decided to create her own bra company. In 2016, she brought her bras to Shark Tank, and amazed the panel with her product’s customizable options, compression, and resilience—without the need for a painful underwire.

So is the hype worth it? I decided to find out.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

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